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Friday, 21 April 2017

Episode 12- Painful Pleasure(Episode Story)

The story titled "Painful Pleasure" is a true life story written for your great pleasures.

The greater part of the

significant characters will be
included with their own side of the story to make it all the more intriguing to take in a considerable measure from the story. I urge you to always put down your comments to impress Aynaijablog CEO for more updates.

Episode 12
It was 10am already, and I was still on my bed, sleeping. As
the guys were laughing so loud, I had to wake up. Mayowa
had been giving them the ‘party gist’. I pretended I was still
sleeping as I listened to the conversation. . .
Mayowa: That girl for slap my face true true o, as d blackout
happen, omo na so I tear race o.
Olu: It fit be say na you she go kiss na, anything fit happen o
Emeka: If I hear say dat girl kiss am, make God con help you
make that girl hand strong well well, your face for tear reach
back. . .
Emeka is a very funny guy, so when I heard what he said, I
laughed loud, and they all knew I had been pretending all
the while. Mayowa told the guys how scared he was when he
thought he would be slapped. Then I narrated the part
Mayowa didn’t get to see; how she tried to kiss me, and how
I refused. When Emeka heard this, matters took another
turn, as he took the issue personal. “Guy, you dey craze o,
how girl go wan kiss you, you come dey form holy holy, your
father well well, your father yaga yaga. Girl wey you for do
strong thing, make she know say you be man, you con dey
do like p---y. Guy, you don fall my hand. If to say na me, I
for show her say Jesus no get tribal marks”. Emeka made me
feel I did something bad, and he really succeeded with the
help of Olu and Mayowa. I told them more about Sandra,
how we met and how she was just behaving. “Abeg, shey u
go gimme dat girl?” Olu asked, and Emeka replied him “Guy
free that part 1 girl for our guy o, make him flex, make him
dey alright”.
Seriously, the whole conversation we had that day made me
regret just rejecting Sandra that day, I wished I had done
more. “There will surely be another chance, and if the
chance is not forth-coming, I will create it.” I said to myself. I
had gotten her number already, so things won’t be difficult.
That day, there was an orientation programme for freshers,
but Mayowa and I didn’t bother to go, since Emeka and Olu
told us it wasn’t really important. They told us they were
always saying ‘ase’ (irrelevant stuffs).
We continued our registration, going from library to the
health center to the department to the faculty submitting
one document or the other. It was really stressful. We were
asked to pay dues to the faculty and departments and we
did. After like 2 weeks, lectures were going to start. So many
materials were introduced to us, and we bought the ones we
could. Lectures were going to commence, my university life
was about to start in full.
What next?
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