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Friday, 28 April 2017


Specially writen for my Fan's!
Over the span of this article, in the event that I happen to
venture on your toe, I apologize ahead of time. nobody is impeccable however. Ayomide(Aynaijablog Ceo) isn't. 

Discussing how to draw in the correct man, these are a portion of the things you definitely know yet most ladies disregard them, not knowing these are significant traits they require when attempting to pull in a long lasting

Talking about how to attract the right man, these are some of the things you already know but most women ignore them, not knowing these are major attributes they need when trying to attract a life long partner; but today we shall bluntly pick them out and see how they can boost a woman's personality. Before I continue, let us look into THE LAW OF ATTRACTION; it says ''like attracts like. And what are the basic things to consider when trying to figure out a woman's personality? (the kind of person she is)
first is her dressing code or  mode of dressing. Second is the way she relates with people. Third is how much she values and respects herself; this also has a major part to play in how much she respects other people. I believe someone who doesn't respect herself often finds it difficult to respect others.
These three major qualities are what makes a woman either interesting to be with, attractive to men, difficult to relate with and what makes her appear differently from other women, not the so called outward beauty.
women who are insecure, needy, harbour past pain attract similar men, while women who love and value themselves, think positively, open to learning, ready to give and receive love and kind to others also attract similar men.
One of the phrase men always use to classify women is ''All women are the same. That is to say, men think all women behave alike and want same thing but in reality, this is not true. But as a woman, if only you can appear and behave differently, in other words, set your priorities differently, then men will crave for your attention. NOW LETS SEE HOW A WOMAN CAN ATTRACT A REAL MAN...The fact is, every woman CAN ATTRACT a man. Even dirty mad women on the streets atimes are been layed by sane men. So attracting a man is not really the issue here, rather attracting a real man is our focus.
1. YOUR MODE OF DRESSING: when it comes to dressing code, what most women see is, fashion, style or design but what men see is simply the uniqueness in what you are wearing; which is why real men go for women that show less skin. Imagine a scenario where a girl is walking inside a social gathering dressed half naked (sexy) no doubt, she will draw lots of attention to herself but which right thinking man wants to be with a woman who has shown it all to the public? He assumes she's just one of those attention seeking girls (notice me) so no big deal. Your dressing pattern has a lot to say about you. Learn to dress simple.
2. HOW DO YOU RELATE WITH PEOPLE?: are you the bad mouth kind of girl, impatient type, proud type, hot tempered or arrogant? Stop it from today. It doesn't leave any good remark on you. Perhaps you've been into lots of relationships in the past but none worked out well, I think it's time to change your attitude towards people. Learn to smile, it makes you look more attractive.
3: HOW MUCH DO YOU RESPECT AND VALUE YOURSELF?: This is where most women are making huge mistakes. They think by appearing too published and flashy, they can attract the right man but this is a big misconception. Nothing attracts a real man to a woman like a woman who always appear real. It makes her look innocent. It means she values what she has, it means she respects where she is coming from notwithstanding the circumstance. It means she doesn't care about what people think of her. Stop borrowing cloths just  so that you can attract men. Don't go posing in someone's car so that you can appear classic and polished. Don't bleach your skin just so you can look like one china woman, it makes you look fake. Perhaps you don't know yet that whites respects our natural dark skin. Don't be an unnecessary attention seeker. Be real. Be yourself.
God bless you as you are putting down your comments!


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