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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Episode 25- The President's Daughter And I(Episode Story)

The story titled "The President's Daughter and I"story was written for your great pleasures by
"Aynaijablog writer"
.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO: +2348063811193

Episode 25
In this kind of situation, I dunno how to react. Because, this is quite a good news,,,, buh it could be a bad news as well.
Dating the President’s Daughter? Am I supposed to be mad at her?
Besides, she was right, I didn’t ask her about her family background and the topic didn’t came up until now.
Mirabel: C’mon love,,,, please understand the situation. We love each other thats all that matters Don’t get mad at me plea…
Me: What are U talking about love?! This is awesome!! Its super cool!!
Mirabel: You’re Ok with this?
Me: Of course love! Its far better than what I was thinking
Mirabel: Huh? What were U thinking??
Me: Its not important now dear
Mirabel: No, please tell me I want to hear it
Me: Uhmmm…. dear please don’t get mad at me if I tell U
Mirabel: Ok I promise! Tell me already!!
Me: Alright,,,, I couldn’t stop imagine that maybe U were a runs girl, like maybe U do sugar daddies.
Mirabel: But why imagining such about me?
Me: Because, I’ve been wondering how U get your money and everything U got. U even have guards,,,, but those imaginations were a long time ago dear, its not of recent
Mirabel: **Laughs** Now U understand everything right?
Me: Absolutely and I’m very cool with it ‘coz…. I dunno buh I just love U
Mirabel: Awwww! Sweetheart!! I so much love U too,,,,,, we got to go now its quite late aready
Me: Oh! Yeh Its late. I lost track of time ‘coz i’m with U and I enjoy every single second of your company
Mirabel: Oh my love,,, please not now. Lets get home first then U can blow up my brain there with your sweet words… C’mon lets go
Me: Uhmmm… waiter?!
Mirabel: There’d be no need for that. I’ve settled her already
Me: Hhmmm… my girl is just so amazing
Mirabel: Anything for my boo.
We left there for her place, I drove actually.
Mirabel: Thanks love, I had a great night
Me: Thank U too…. it was indeed a great night
Mirabel: Do U need a drink?
Me: No, I’ve had enough. Even if its yoghurt, I wouldn’t want it as I am now
Mirabel: I see… U must be really full
Me: Yea,,, So where am I sleeping?
Mirabel: U sleep where I sleep
Me: Great! Lets go then,,, I need to wake early and go to my place so I’d get myself ready for school
Mirabel: Buh lectures starts from 10:00am tomorrow, why the hurry?
Me: U see,,, I kinda read before I went to school
Mirabel: Woah… what a secret, no wonder U answer more questions in the class and impressed the lecturers.
Me: Yea something like that…
Mirabel: Now, I’ve learnt something good from my boyfriend
Me: Hhmmm
Mirabel: Don’t worry, my notes are up to date… we shall study together tomorrow morning Ok?
Me: Alright
Mirabel: That reminds me
Me: What?
Mirabel: I’d love to learn Accounting from U dear, its my worst problem… hope its Ok by U?
Me: Of course its fine. We’d start after school tomorrow
Mirabel: No no no, too early besides its the second to the last exam we’d write in the time table
Me: Ok, I’m ready when you’re ready
Mirabel: Thanks baby…
Me: Uhmmm Mirabel?
Mirabel: Yes?
Me: Never mind
I wanted to tell her to stop referring me as baby, I really don’t like it.
Mirabel: What? Tell me
Me: Its nothing…. lets go in
Mirabel: Okay,,, U can tell me anything whenever U want U know that
Me: I will put that in mind love
Mirabel: Now lets go…
We got into her room,so pinky. She must be a big fan of pink ‘coz 80% of the things inside her room was pink.
Me: Pink girl huh
Mirabel: Yea,,,, its my fancy colour
Me: Cool… its undeniably beautify your room
Mirabel: Thanks honey. Would U take a shower?
Me: No, I’m good
Mirabel: Alright, lemme take a quick shower, won’t take long
She gave me a quick kiss then rushed to the shower room after changing her dress in front me. Of course I didn’t take my eyes off, she’s my girlfriend!.
I adjusted myself ‘coz I don’t normally sleep with my trousers and I’m not gonna start it today with someone who happens to be my girlfriend! Lol,,, I’m so proud of her jare. Woah,,, I’m now dating the President’s daughter whom I love,,, great! My change of behavior isn’t in vain afterall. I won the heart of a great girl, yeh yeh my name is also working for me. Y’all know what Victor means right? Lol.
My thoughts was cut abruptly when Mirabel showed up from the bathroom. Woah,,,, She’s more sexier than I thought. She’s got all the internal and external attributes I needed in a lady. She’s just perfect to my taste, I’m luckier than I thought as well.
Mirabel: Hey dear
Me: Hi babe
I watched her lotioned her body, so soft and tender. DamΠ! I need to touch that as well **winkz**
Still on her towel, she stood up to her ward rope to get herself a dress.
I stood up and get closed to her behind, I kissed her neck, she paused putting on the dress and turned around.
I used my right hand to grab her waist closer, we kissed slowly but passionately for many minutes, I placed my hands on her a$$ and massaged it while kissing.
I raised my hands upwards on her body and rubbed her soft body for many minutes until she pulled back. She let the dress she was about to wear to fall off her body remaining her towel. Her face turned wild, she pushed me to the bed, then slowly stepped on me….
Why every episode is always about me and mirabel?
Check the story title again! Lol.
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