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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Nigerian Big Boys Whose Always Flaunts Their Wealths Via Their Social Media Wall Has Been Arrested For Dr*g Trafficking​ In UK

Some guys had been intimated with what they are seeing online. Some has even accelerated faster becoming an online fraudsters. Even some ladies can't survives without flaunting their fakes Ass online to gain their attentions. Fake Life!

Well if you want to go far in life and make "good success" you have no business with such ladies. There are many good ladies, take your time and get a decent one.

Don't be fooled by frivolities. Two Nigerian brothers Kenechi and Oluchi Ochereobia, who are secret drug dealers, were arrested by Police in the United Kingdom after flaunting huge cash, wrist watches, cars and expensive jewelry.

Both were discovered to be trafficking Cocaine and Heroin.

Kenechi Ochereobia controlled the drugs operation using a central mobile, but ran a network of drug couriers around Cardiff with his brother Oluchi.

According to Mirror Online; officers searching his home found around £23,000 in cash at Kenechi’s home in Cardiff, along with pictures of him posing with wads of notes.

He tried to hide his involvement by pretending to be a legitimate clothes distributor, whilst in reality he was getting younger gang members to run drugs across the country.


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