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Friday, 30 June 2017

Good hearted man acquires a branded new car for man who walks more than three miles to work daily in Texas (Photos)

Korva (pictured) is in shock after being presented with his new ride and smiles brightly at the efforts his community made to get him to his dream of car ownership

Justin Korva, 20, from Texas, treks more than three miles to his work daily with holding back. That is currently past tense has he now has another ride on account of a gathering of "good samaritans". On June 21, Andy Mitchell went over Justin Korva, 20, strolling and chosen to give him a ride to his occupation at Taco Casa in Rockwall, Texas. And after that something occured...
ABC reports that, during the trip, Mitchell learned that Korva walked the route daily in the heat and in his uniform as he saved up for a car. Mitchell posted a picture of the two of them on social media, sharing Korva's story.
 The 2004 Toyota Camry's price was reduced from Toyota of Rockwall which allowed there to be left over money for the insurance, oil changes and gas card
"I usually don't post stuff on [Facebook] like that. For whatever reason I just felt compelled to do it. The situation of this young man inspired me," Mitchell told ABC News today. "To have the ability to get to and from work is a huge thing."
New friends. Andy Mitchell and wife (far right), Justin Korva (center) and owner of Samiee's pizza, Samee Dowlatshahi (left)
He said a friend who saw the post then asked to share it, saying, "Let's get this kid a car!"
The fundraising effort to get Korva a car took off from there. Mitchell and his friends began to secretly collect funds through a donation box they left in a local diner. Within 30 hours, the group had raised $5,500. 
 Korva (pictured) in an interview with local Fox 4 in front of his new car
"We had a lot of people in the community of Rockwall that donated," Mitchell said. "Too many names to count really."
The money not only purchased Korva a 2004 Toyota Camry for Korva, but also a $500 gas card, two years of free oil changes and one year of car insurance. 

Mitchell's wife, Mandi Morton Mitchell, captured the moment Friday as the group surprised Korva at his job with the Camry as well as cheers and hugs.

Mitchell today encouraged others to follow the group's lead. 

"It doesn't have to be a car. It can just be any small thing that you want to do to help somebody on the side. You never know how it's going to change their life," he said.
Hugs all around! Korva (left) hugs the owner of Samee's Pizza Ghetti Italian Lounge, Samee Dowlatshahi (right) who placed a donation box in his pizza place which helped raise the funds
 Source: ABCnews


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