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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Episode 10 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part
of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Location: Boston, MA, USA.
The clouds paved way for the broad, blue sky, intensifying the sun’s radiance. The entire city of boston was hell-heated. Careful observers could see limns of rapidly evaporating water.
Nathan cracked his sweaty knuckles. His eyes were red and swollen. He’d cried all night long. Gabriel had broke the bombshell about Michael’s death. How disheartening it felt to lose two important persons in just a fragment of time! The demonic agent called death seem to be aiming the bread winners of his family. Michael had shouldered the responsibility of both brother and father to him following the painful demise of their father. The insatiably tyrannic hand of death had seized his step-brother! Oh God he felt the pains surging through his veins, his heart was slowly tearing in peace meal. Tears were far from his blood shot eyes, he’d emptied his tear banks on his ill-fated pillow.
The twenty-two years old fell devastatedly on a sofa. Why was death evading him? Why was it beating round the bush? Was death scared of him? Why couldn’t it just take his life like it had done countless times so he’d also be free from the tussles of life and share in the after life peace?
The room was radio silent. The only audible sound was the unconscious sniffing of his wet nose.
In the interim, an unusual cloud of smell invaded the room, he percieved something was burning. Oh no! He’d forgot he left a cooking pot of noodles on the mini oven. He’d opted for noodles- the fastest homemade meal he could think of- ’cause he hadn’t tasted anything since yesterday. The horrible news evacuated every iota of hunger in him.
He took quick foot steps, practically racing to the kitchen. The aura of smoke lurking round the small room serving as his kitchen made the place hazy. He started coughing, an aftermath of inhaling chocking smoke. He ran out to the lobby in frustration. How he miss his mum! She’d always did the cooking while he did the eating. He started living alone, in the house Michael gave him at the age of eighten. The year he secured admission into the university. The house was situated a couple of kilometres to their family house though on the same street as his school.
Much to his delight. He’d craved to live alone, free from his mum who wouldn’t waste time in trying to dictate his life. He was however missing her best sides, he realised he really can’t do without her. You wouldn’t know the worth of what you’ve got until its thrown to the wind!
He retrieved a blue, white dotted hankie from his trouser pocket, tied it across his nose and mouth as in Japan Ninja. He strode quickly to the kitchen and turned off the oven. Too late! His noodles were as good as black charcoal. He flung away the pot in agony, he’d burnt a finger for nothing. Worst of both sides!
He heard hysteric laughter from behind. Filled with the rage of missing yet another launch, he turned abruptly to face the god damned intruder.
Elvis stood five feet seven inches above the floor, he was hungrily lapping a cone of strawberry ice cream.
The last thing Nathan needed was company, he couldn’t bring himself to send Elvis away. He was the only true he’d got. Being a rick kid, Elvis was extravagant, and rude. He’d spend alot in clubbing, driving the most luxurious of cars and all. A gang of three waylaid him on one fateful evening. They robbed him of all his possessions, they were determined to beat him up too except for the timely vindication of Nathan who was the university’s leading taekwondo champion. The two became friends from that very day. Their friendship had grown and blossom like water lilies, more because they shared alot in common, their friendship however wasn’t all straight line, they’d had little misunderstandings here and there, and had learnt to settle their differences.
Nathan was pissed with his friend’s silly laughter. “what?!!”
Elvis used a free hand to muffle his laughter.
“sorry man, never knew you were a good cook….by the way, good to know you’ar back on your feet”
Nathan wiped off the heat improvised sweat off his fingers. “i’m not back on my feet, am still mourning and…”
he paused for fraction of seconds, thinking against what he’d intended to say.
“……never mind” he concluded.
“whatever” replied Elvis who couldn’t stop licking his ice cream even while walking to the living room.
The duo had keys to each other’s houses, Elvis had used his to open Nathan’s door. He’d heard clanging sounds from the kitchen before deciding to check it out.
To be continued!


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