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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Episode 11 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part
of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Location: The Nwabodo residence, Nigeria.
It was 8PM the environment was serene and quiet. even the humming of the power generating set operating outside failed to penetrate the brick walls.
The A.C was performing its duty religiously, that, however didn’t deter the couple on the bed from sweating. Beads of sweat tripped down their half clad body glistening their skins under the gloomy flourescent bulb.
The mates were panting none stop like zoologist being chased by lions. Charlse fell exhaustedly on the bed, with his eyes glued to the ceiling. He was indeed having swell time, Cynthia was the fifth girl he had s-x with for the week!
He’d started living in luxury after his dad was appointed inspector general of police, the old man didn’t deserve it but even broken clocks are right twice a day! Girls were swarming round him like bees to trees. He had all the charms; his good looks and fat pocket.
Charlse was a student of a private university in the state, he came home last week after an impromptu three weeks break. The reason wasn’t a far cry from the fierce riot that evolved in the school, many school properties were burnt while others looted. The cause of the riot was still being investigated, three weeks would also help the university get back on her feet.
Charlse was enjoying every bit of his stay at home, he’d brought different girls to his fathers house, his dad wasn’t always at home, his poor mother was tired of complaining. She’d caught her naughty son sneaking girls in on several occations. She’d try stopping him but he had a method to his madness, he’d always had his way of wrappimg her round his tiny fingers.
Cynthia stole a glance at Charlse, he was lost in whatever he was viewing up in the ceiling.
She grabbed her phone and sent a text she’d saved earlier on. It reads:
“security pretty tight, the IGP is coast clear. Easiest entrance is 30-degrees north. two fairly armed policemen on the look out”
Adjacent the IGP’s residence in Ajimao estate is a black peugeot 406, neatly parked by the walkway. Katarina and Gabriel were in the back seat while Abu sat in the front. Abu’s phone beeped, it was a text message from the hired girl. He grinned widely, kissed the butt of his .45 revolver and fixed a silencer to its mouth.
“time for the nights business” he cheered out.
“swap the documents and get out ASAP. You have to beat time” katarina commanded.
Abu drew up his facial mask, he was clad in black jacket and sweat pants, leather hand gloves hugged his big palms. He stepped out of the car and tucked a brown document between his bear waist and his trouser’s belt region. He walked to the northern region of the beautiful duplet, climbed the fence and landed with a thud. He attracted the attention of a guard on patrol. Exactly what he wanted! He rolled into a nearby flower and watched the guard walk towards him. The oblivious guard stood with his back agaisnt the flowers, his searchlight shone bright enough to expose whatever might have fallen from the sky. Im a dab, Abu circled his strong arms round the guard. He enjoyed watching people die silently. The guard was chocked, he shook his legs and arms in a bid to save his life. He stopped moving after 25 seconds. Abu dragged his body, hiding it in the flowers.
Charlse was putting on his pjs when suddenly the lights went dead. Darkness engolfed the room, except for the diffraction of the moon rays. Power outage was totally unusual especially since his father purchased two powerful generators.
He stumbled on his way out of the room. He laid on the floor in pains. Suddenly power was restored, accompanied with a loud wail from the living room. It appeard faintly but he was sure the voice was his mother’s. He walked down the flight of curvy caramel stairs in a haste. Cynthia tagged along, with a broad smile flavouring her beauty.
“i need you all down here! The masked man commanded in a rich fierce voice. Charlse was trembling with fear, his mum laid on the cold floor shivering like the whole world would come on her
Abu felt cold metal behind his head. He needed no prophet of ba’al to tell him it was a gun. Judging by the magnitude of its effect, he could guess it was russian long pistol, very easy to disarm. He was an expert at disarming and killing all dark primes knew that about him.
“your hands on your head” the voice commanded authoritatively. Abu took some inches forward before putting both hands on his head. He threw his gun to a retrievable distance. He already had a plan Zee maped out.
The tiny device in his boot, under his foot vibrated. He tapped the micro chip in his ears.
“whats the situation over there?” katarina asked from the other end.
He tapped the earphone twice.
“switch to plan B. No one must die, i repeat, no one must die!”
katarina ordered.
Katarina ended a phone conversation with her dad. He’d blamed her for everything. Michael was the duke of stealth he was to do the job and not Abu.
Jayden had convince her into assigning Abu. He was scared Gabriel would ruin the mission.
The IGP was in possession of some custom papers, the syndicate knew this and made a duplicate of it, the duplicate contained data of the incoming drug cargo from Evgeni. The swapping would enable his drug cargo arrive before the one containing soaps which belonged to a certain business corp.
“Mike, i need you to infiltrate the building, you would do the job. Abu is in the code red” Katarina finally spoke up.
Gabriel heaved, he was burning withing, this would be his first mission after secretly training with Jayden for six days. He’d master how to break and fix guns, manipulate people into buying your ideas, a few taekwondo moves and how to smarten instincts. He was scared. What would happen in there? What would be his fate? He asked questions he had no answer for.
“copy that” he replied with a frown.
“good, we don’t have much time, Abu can hold on only for minutes” katarina replied and gave him a copy of the document.
“Jayden! You gotta watch my back man” he spoke into his collar.
“i can only watch your movements on the screen. Goodluck”
Gabriel got in via the back door, he’d used a master key in unlocking it. He stood on the corridor in confusion not knowing the room belonging to the IGP.
“3’0 clock direction” Jayden helped.
Gabriel got in and shut the door behind him.
Jayden sat alone in the baseroom of crystal. He don’t usually go with others. He watches and directs their moves. A large earphone, the size of an MP3 was attached to his ears.
“Gabriel! The IGP is headed to his room, you have twenty seconds to find cover!….Gabriel!….GABRIEL?!!!” Jayden yelled

****5 Minutes earlier****
Abu was the most brutal of all DHCs (dark horse corps). He’d learnt to defeat his fears, believe his instincts and device deadly ideas in split seconds. He’d been a DHC for six years, he was now the master of the robes.
The plan B was to make the whole saga appear like cheap robbery. No loophole was to be left, the coperation had a repute of clean and perfect jobs.
“Now i need both hands on your dirty åss” the IGP commanded. He was in nick of time to be home at such a crucial moment.
Abu’s face was expressionless, he hardly smile in situations like this, albeit he knew how best to comport himself defying the gun resting behind his skull.
In a fragment of seconds, he rolled forward, on the floor, grabbing the gun he threw off earlier. He pointed the gun to the IGP’s wife, his left hand gripped her neck tightly as he dragged her up.
“drop your weapon!” he commanded, feeling on the ball. The fastest, smartest and most logical thing to do in situations like this was to threaten the assailant’s most important person. Abu knew this secret like the tongue in his mouth.
Bullshìt! The IGP disarmed himself, his family was more important.
Abu grinned inside his mask. “good”
“what is it you want?” charlse’ voice sounded shaky, trails of urine were visible on his trouser. What a mess! He blocked his nose from percieving the crushing odour. His father was the Inspector general here, a security icon, how could he succumb so easily? Charles hissed and moved away from his flowing pee. Poo!
With a force, Abu rested his black boot the poor lad’s head. Charles failed to retrieve his screaming mode.
“a hundred thousand naira or her blood!” Abu increased his grip on the 41years old woman.
The atmosphere was tensed.
“money? I have some cash inside” the IGP countered.
Abu motioned him to get the money.
“just don’t hurt her…” the man’s voice was fading ’cause he’d left the living room.
Abu pushed the woman to a seatee and dashed out.
Mr. Nwabodo, the IGP walked to his wardrobe, retrieved two bundles of one thousand naira notes, a 1948 counter pistol which he tucked in his trouser and dashed out to face the son-of-a-gun. Nwabodo didn’t suspect a thing, how would he when the room appeared as tidy as an eagle’s nest.
Gabriel sighed and withdraw from the blind. He’d glued himself to the wall, masked under the purple window curtains.
“that was close” Jayden chuckled.
“what am i looking for? Gabriel was impatient.
Jayden smiled, typed some keypads for two minutes and spoke up. “the drawer at the northern bed post. Code is 5628”
Gabriel inputed the code on the wireless security locker.
The button on the locker materialised into green. With the flowing command. “access granted” the drawer pulled open, piles of documents raced down. He scan for the one having the header “Russion soap import 806” he swaped the documents, locked the drawer, and stepped out having made sure he left no traces.
He left the building via the back door.
“mission accomplished, agent Gabriel” he smiled, praising himself.
A lizard learns to nod to her achievements if no one is there to do so
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