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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Episode 12 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part
of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Location: Boston, MA, USA.
Jenny had to force her friend to attend the monthly party. Leturah was allergic to clubbing, she grew up in a very religious catholic family, her parents raised them with iron hands. She and her brother were always indoors they only leave the house for school, church or a few errands. The seed her parents planted in her had germinated and blossomed. It was now part and parcel of her. She have spent almost four years in the united states and had never for one day attend any sort of club.
Jenny convinced her into attending the monthly party organised by the university.
Before now, there was liberty for ever Tom, díck and harry who craved to throw parties. This liberty was however brought to an unexpected halt after a finalist died in one of the wild parties held within the walls of the institution.
The unfortunate university was sued and had to pay handsome fine, the school authorities crossed the bridge in tears. They’d banned any form of parties but the students protested against that, forcing the university into a compromise — general parties would be observed monthly.
Leturah clad her sexy frame in a magenta flowing gown with tiny silver stripes. Platinium designer necklace hung amazingly on her neck, she wore silver eyeliner. Her black curly weave-on permeated the sweetness of her hair spray. Her elegantic outfit was crowned with versace palazzo stiletto. Who would ever believe a mere bannana hawker would find herself studying in the U.S. Not just any university, a world class university!
She would forever remain indepted to Mr. Nwabodo and his family, they really had big hearts.
She heard he was appointed as Inspector general he deserved it, his kindness alone was enough to catapult him there.
Leturah dropped her iphone 6 on the square table before her. She was tired of killing time by playing ‘zuma’. She looked around, everyone was engrossed in either dancing, humming, flirting or drinking. Even Jenny was in the ball room performing salsa dance with her boyfriend. Letty was the only one getting the wrong vibes. She felt like cat among pigeons.
She felt no qualms ’cause she’d been toying with her phone, she just realised how boring that niche oozed.
She sipped a glass of red wine to cool her nerves. She would get out of here real soon, it didn’t match her realm, she should be reading or sleeping by now and not watching real life tv.
Grace stared at her friend with a mixture of disgust and desires. Her prince charming… dream prince was a precious gem. She’d fell head over heels in love with him at first sight. Those charming green eyes of his were capable of resurrecting Juliet to continue her romance with Romeo.
Hook line and sinker! She put a wool across his face against who she really was, her likes and dislikes. Just so they could become friends. She accomplished her mission, Nathan however was adamant on taking their friendship beyound the platonic path. She’ve learnt to savour that.
But lately he was dislodging from the caring friend he used to be, he was now more of a snob, only Elvis and his laptop succeeded in gaining his talk time.
“Nathan! You alright?
Grace sqeezed her beautiful face as if she wanted to get rid of her artificial eye lashes in a coded way.
“please speak to me, we are friends right?
Cloud of silence thicken.
“Nathan! I…….
Nathan frowned. “let me be! go away please” he snarled at her.
“its me….Gracey….”
“Gracey or no gracey, i want to be alone. Is that too much to ask?
“no its not….sorry” grace shook her head disappointedly, rose from her seat and left.
Nathan rested his head on his right palm, his elbow was glued to the table, supporting his weight. He shouldn’t have yelled at her, she didn’t deserve it, he don’t know what came over him.
He came to the club with Elvis. The latter left, proceeding a phone call from his mum.
Nathan came to the club with the big hope of clearing his mind, getting rid of his painful past. Flashes of Michael and his late dad kept visiting him. He’d resorted to drinking alcohol, all fruitless! He took the seventh gulp of pub baileys. The old memories returned like the drink invited them. In his trance, Nathan threw the remaing glass of baileys into the air. Its contents accidentally poured on a huge, angry looking macho. The man’s white t-shirt was dabbed. In a flashe he gave Nathan two resounding slaps
Nathan rose up agressively. He held the macho’s hand mid-air, the man was about sending the third slap message.
“what was that for? Nathan asked rudely.
“you still have the guts to ask stupid questions huh? The man snarled. He was way taller than Nathan, his build up was enough to end John cena’s carreer. He was to big for a student, perhaps a professional wrestler would match his profile.
The man got pissed and punched Nathan just above his g---n. Nathan groaned. He remain in the bending positing, feigning defeat. The macho smiled and advanced further.
In seconds Nathan gave the man an upper cut sending him to the floor. Two guys who plausibly were the man’s friends materialised from nowhere. They succeeded in subdueing Nathan ’cause he wasn’t alarmed. The scene before him made him remember the way his father died, alcohol had also replaced his strength with partial weakness. The duo punched him mercilessly, helped their friend up and left the place. The weak Nathan leaned helplessly on the floor, a few number of students crowded round him, some in sympathy and others in mockery. Leturah joined the sympathy league. She almost shed tears, seeing her biggest crush in such a state. She, Jenny and three others led him outside the hall.
He managed to mutter his home address.
“thanks guys, we’d take over from here” leturah muttered. Jenny shot her a killing look but bit her tongue.
The two friends led him to his house which was a stone throw away.
Letty smiled. “i think i’d spend the night here….catcha tomorrow”
“are you kidding me??” Jenny asked after Nathan was laid on a sofa.
“i don’t think i am” came the blunt reply from letty.
“take care….i’m out”
leturah located the fridge, retrieved a block of ice, placed it in a bowl and divided it into parts.
She placed each part expertly on her small towel-hankie. Using it to massage Nathans wealed face.
What next?


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