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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Episode 13 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part
of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
The early rays from the sun penetrated Nathan’s room through the half opened window. He dazzled for minutes before his eyes adjusted. He opened them slowly whilst stretching his arms and legs.
He lazily dragged himself off the bed, strode to the toilet eased himself and returned back to his room. His head ached badly. He sat on a wooden stool facing a long erect silver mirror. A weal was on his left cheek. He stared at the standing mirror in confusion. He tried recollecting the events of last night. They came in piece meal. He recalled two ladies brought him home, one of which slept on the same bed with him.
He shifted his gaze to his bed. Ridiculous! She wasn’t there. It was really awkward and mysterious, he’d woke up before the crack of dawn. She was still lying there, he’d decided to sleep some more since it was 4am then. And now she disappeared just like that! He scratched his head and fell back on the bed.
Not long afterwards, a soft knock came on the door. He welcomed it with a smile. The mystery lady hadn’t gone, she was waiting in the living room all this while. He was elated with the little explanation he could device.
He rose, took a few steps, breath in deeply before turning the door knob.
His smile faded away with the morning breeze when he saw the person he least expected.
He frowned. “you?!”
“were you expecting someone? Elvis threw back.
“not really” Nathan smirked, opening the door wide enough for Elvis.
Elvis was off for lectures but decided to drob by, more because he left Nathan all alone in the club yesterday. He squeezed his face, and clenched his teeth upon seeing the red mark on his friend’s chin.
“don’t tell me you got yourself a brawl after i left? Elvis asked with straight face.
“isn’t it obvious?
“seriously?! What happened?” Elvis loved early morning gists, they had a way of brightening his day, against annoying lecturers.
“long story bro…..i got off my rocker and you know, pretty nasty things happen once in a while”
Elvis shoke his head in disaproval, but kept mute about it. “i know you were expecting someone, who is it?”
“a lady helped me home last night, she spent the night here but vanished before woke up” Nathan explained in a croaky voice.
Elvis was alarmed. “what! You mean a lady slept here? On your bed! You haven’t learnt your lessons have you?”
Nathan cracked his knuckles, he was getting scared the lady could be a demon of some sort.
The friends had agreed never to go intimate with any lady. No! Not after their horrible experiences. Nathan being a popular dude had girls flocking round him left, right and centre. He’d change girls like the jeans he wore until one cursed night when he came home with a stripper. They had a little arguement and the girl angrily transformed into a terrifying viper, with bulgy eyes, long sticky tongue and boiling venum. Nathan escaped her grip by sheer luck, he ran out half naked. His heart almost stopped for pumping too much blood. This news spread like wild fire, it was a hot potatoe in the school for the least of three months. It however hadn’t died in the tongue of busy bodies.
Elvis could also relate to his friend’s story. Albeit his was more embarrassing. His phallus got stucked in the girl he was passionately making out with. Worst still, it happened in his father’s house! He had to evade his fear and shame to scream for help. He felt the ground should swallow him up when his eleven years old kid sis almost laughed herself out. He had to undergo and unprepared surgery to get the damñ thing out. His hatred for sèx materialised from that very day.
“she only slept here, nothing bad happened” Nathan defended.
Elvis stared intently at Nathan. “nothing happened? How best can you explain why she left you before dawn?”
Nathan broke the gaze contest, now staring at his slipper which all of a sudden became beautiful.
“maybe she don’t want me to see her”
Elvis reached for Nathan’s neck, feeling his temprature with his bare skin. “you alright? Seems you’ar running temperature”
Nathan grunted and hit Elvis hand. “am fine thank you”
Elvis smiled but quickly hid it when his gaze fell on a shiny bracelet, lying on the bed amidst ruffled bed cloth. “who ones that?” he pointed to the bracelet.
“own what….” Nathan bit his tongue after seeing for himself. He picked the bracelet. It was round and golden. With the inscription “sixteen” spelt out in italics. Tears flowed down his eyes, the bracelet was exactly the type his late dad gave him as a birthday gift.
“this was specially designed for you son….by my blacksmith friend” one of his dad’s last words rang in his ear.
He lost the bracelet years ago, he was conviced this was it. How did the mystery girl get it? Why did she leave it behind? Was she his father’s ghost? Many questions rallied his head. He was determind to find her come hell come high water.
” the mystry girl left it…but its mine ”
“you must be crazy”
What next AYNIERs?


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