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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Episode 14 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part
of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
“wow! This game is very hilarious and tough. I love tough games” Elvis lauded in great ecstasy. He was seated on a neat and tiled floor, inches away from a large play screen. He held firmly a game pad. He was mulching every bit of the EA gangstar game he was playing. He loved PS games, that alone fuelled his regular visits to Nathan’s. He could easily purchase one but preferred playing it in company of others. He was the only male in his father’s house and yuck! All his sisters ‘waste’ their free time watching opera. The house was always boring, he hate operas, they are nothing but bunch of lies, having Nathan as a friend was blessing of some sort, even though the latter could be pretty zany atimes.
Nathan rested his back on a sofa, his right leg was crossed on the other. White transparent eye-wear perched on his fairly flat nose. He flipped through the pages of the book he was holding. The book made absolutely no sense, it was all greek to him. He threw the textbook on the other sofa in utter frustration.
Coincidentally, the book touched the edge of ‘his’ priceless bracelet. It jumped some inches before falling and rolling on the floor. The bracelet was an epitome of memories. It was the very last and yet most precious gift he ever got from his dad.
The bracelet brushed Elvis bare shin; he was wearing a knee length well ironed paco chinos.
Elvis jerked off the blues, he was frightened!
He quickly went back to his sitting position upon realising it wasn’t a cold bodied viper but a bracelet!
A devastating look appeared on his face, not because he was tricked by a bracelet but because he fell so cheaply. Dammit! He failed the game he was playing, worst still he was in a crucial level and the game would start all over again. Aaaaarrrh.
Like a flash he picked the ‘cursed’ bracelet and flung it away, not minding where it’ll land.
The unfortunate bracelet struck the portrait hanging on the wall, beside a quartz clock, the portrait was Michael’s!
The clanging sound attracted Nathan’s attention.
Michael’s portrait hung in every room that made the house, except the toilet. The one in the kitchen was very tiny, more of a digital passport enclosed in thick glass. The house actually belonged to Michael. He bought it to serve as a quick blendable hideout.
Their father’s unfortunate demise opened up a can of worms, their family was pushed to the extreem end of the drawing board.
Their house was taken from them as a collateral for the loan Sherwood, the late father recieved from the bank. Some unknown forces freezed sherwood’s bank account, the bank claimed it was complicated data loss which affected only his account ; someone hacked into it and his identity was still a mystery.
Madison and her kids were forced out of the house. They had to move from the city to a small village where livelihood was a bit more favourable.
It was during this hard time Michael joined local street gangs where he got to do illigal jobs to make both ends meet. He however acted under the camouflage of a delivery job to keep his nagging mum at bay.
He was slowly drifting into full crime life, he started getting assassination jobs, big time drug deals and all.
Only Nathan knew the other face of his brother, Nathan was closer toMichael than his twin, Gabriel. They shared darkest of secrets.
His gang was busted during on of his drug deals. He was shot in the chest while making an escape attempt. He almost hit the dust, he begun living on borrowed life. He needed an urgent yet costly surgery. And his family were as poor as rat in alien holes.
In his tender age, Nathan had to choose between his brother and his bracelet, as emotion would have it, he chose his brother. He placed his bracelet on lease in a local leasing company, it wasn’t an easy decision on his path but drastic times call for drastic measures. The cash from his bracelet in addition to the peanuts his mum could raise were all poured to the hospital’s account. They weren’t pursuing the wind, Michael underwent the surgery and made it alive. Soon he bounced back to his feet. The CIA in ‘operation sweep the hoodlums’ they’d decided to recruit him since he had a knowledge of how the system works; a farmer knows best how to rid weeds from his farm.
Soon their family begun picking pieces of their shattered glass. Michael bought them a nice house, sent Nathan back to school and also gave him cash to retrieve his bracelet. It was however too late, the company wound up already. No need crying over spilt milk, Nathan moved on and realised he could live without the bracelet.
Michael’s portrait swing left, right, left, right, centre and halt.
“what was that for? Nathan snarled.
Elvis frowned and paused the play station. It was time to talk some sense into this stubborn friend of his.
“tell me, why are you still keeping that thing?” he replaid, pointing to the bracelet.


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