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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Episode 16 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part
of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Location: Boston, USA.
Leturah flipped through the pages of her huge psychology text book. She was bored, worn out and pale from reading.
She’d been studying for two hours now. She wasn’t a fan of day reading, she prefered burning the midnight candle. The night was too short to cover up; a new course was recently introduced to their syllabus. The lecturer was pushed to rush them ’cause they were in their final year, drastic time calls for drastic action!
Leturah found herself craming rather than actually studying. She was seated on the bed with her legs folded in each other like someone in yoga position.
She flung the book to the left, it landed on the floor with a thud! How heavy it was.
Jenny was used to the untidy aura her friend commands. She was always the one to do the fix up. Sometimes she wonder what would become of letty when she finally get married, having the whole house to herself.
“you might wanna pick up the book? ” Jenny asked sarcastically.
“wouldn’t be that bad if you help out. That reminds me, i’ve searched hell for my bracelet, any idea where it is?” Letty asked with a serious face.
The bracelet meant alot to her, she’d built good and bad memories with it. She’d always wear it on her wrist, it so much adorned her, her dressing would remain incomplete till the ‘bracelet vacuum’ is filled.
“perhaps it fell off the lorry?” Jenny suggested.
Letty shoke her head in the negative. “i don’t think so. I can’t remember keeping it carelessly”
“well, maybe you left it in the club, Nathan’s house or one of those irksome lectures”
Letty closed her eyes, trying to retrieve an image of where she left her bracelet. She really hoped it wasn’t in a lecture hall else any hope of getting it back would vanish in the hopeless region. Many have made efforts to either buy or steal it from her, she’d refused all advances. Dammit! How could she be so stupid to let go of the pearl?
“i don’t know. I can’t recall any such incidence” Letty muttered.
Jenny smiled, she’ve got a new plan. “why don’t you ask Nathan about it? Its a best opportunity”
Letty didn’t fancy that idea, she was alway dumbstruck before him. His presence alone was enough to sweep her off her feet. She’d left his house days ago without notification ’cause she didn’t want him thinking she was a s--t, or some sort of cheap girl.
“i don’t think thats possible, Jenny”
Jenny was disappointed. Whats wrong with this friend of hers? Here was an opportunity on a platter of gold to meet Nathan again yet she was kicking it with the back of her foot. “what is that suppose to mean?”
“it can’t possibly be there, i only spent the night there. Guess i just have to accept it, the bracelet disappeared just like it appeared, let by gone be by gone. No need crying over spilt milk”
The cool night breeze impeccably caressed their faces. Making them dive in the comfy and refreshing atmosphere. Orange lights hung from various parts of the house, driving out the invading darkeness.
Two fellows who would inevitably be mistaken for a couple were seated on the swimming pool top floor, with their legs partially immersed in the ocean blue water. Both were panting heavily, they just finished a swim contest. Of course the lady won! She rested her head on his laps, the stroking magic of his fingers sent electric messages rallying down her body.
He bent his head and gave her a quick peck on the lips oh how she loved it when he do that. Michael was getting romantic each passing day, much to her delight. Circumstances really changed people, the near death bomb explosion polished his loving side. Katarina raised her head, she was still smiling, that enchanting smile that had a way of making him drool!
If there was any good thing he’d gain from the syndicate thus far, it most definitely the love of Katarina. Gabriel hadn’t found any links to his brother’s death. At some point he thought of withdrawing from the syndicate. But can he ever live without Katarina? He’d fallen head over heals in love with her, she was an epitome of what he ever desired in a woman; beautiful, intelligent, skill full, bingo! The list goes on.
His girlfriend broke up with him three weeks to his unfortunate visit to Nigeria, Katarina had taught him to get over her and learn to move on.
“Mikey, you promised to tell me how you escaped the explosion absolutely unscathed. This is the right time to do so”
Jeez! He had been evading this question for days now. He can’t hold it any longer. But what would he tell her? He wasn’t good at birthing lies or pulling wools over people’s face, thats one thing he’d practiced in futility.
Is this how his cover gets blown? What would be her reaction when she finally learns the truth? Would she still love him? questions bombarded his head.
What next?


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