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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Episode 17 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part

of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Location: General Dominic’ residence, Abuja.
The room was exquisitely designed and furnished, its interior deco were international best.
All corners of the room reeked great affluence.
General dominic sat on a sofa opposite his friends; retired colonel Kassim, Ifeanyi the business mogul and vice president Steven Olufemi.
Ifeanyi was the fifth richest man in the country and 20th in the whole of Africa.
He was clad in white slim fit ankara wear adorned with a red cap that suite his big head perfectly. His outfit was rounded with black shiny Italian shoe.
The four were the bone behind the drug smuggling. They’d stolen huge amounts of money from the National treasury during the course of the presidential election which almost threw in entire nation in a state of comatose.
They’d shared big chunk of the money and decided to invest the remaining part of it. Dominic happened to know about the existence of DHC he’d contacted the syndicate, they were to spearhead the smuggling and from the look of things there were making good progress.
“how many days do we have to the importation?” Kassim pried into the cloud of silence that erupted after their pleasantries. They never planned this meeting, it was coincidental that they all gathered together. Kassim came to visit his friend, ifeanyi was there on business grounds, the vice president was returning from kano state where he commissioned a project and decided to drop by at Dominic’s house. The friends were all surprised to see each other, it had been a while since they meet like this, except on conference phone calls.
The general scratched his head, his friends have been asking similar questions for days now. Why can’t they understand he had never met facet-to-face with any of the men from the other side?
“be patient Kassim,….”
in the interim, the clanging of heels against the ceremic tiles attracted their attention. It was a lady in black tux and white inner longsleeve shirt. She looked quite tall for a woman.
“pardon sir, someone left a message…he said it was important” the lady had polished accent. She was the general’s home secretary and closest bodyguard.
She took few steps forward and placed a parcel on a round glassy table.
The general nodded and she made her exit.
“you’ve got a secret lover?” steven teased.
The general failed to reply. He picked the parcel and started unwrapping it. He wasn’t the least scared he knew dangerous devices can’t exceed his fence let alone get to his room.
He had lead scanners placed in strategic points of the mansion.
He took off the wrap sheet, an FPV video transmitter showed forth.
“good day general” a male voice evolved the transmitter. Waoh! Dominic quickly kept it back on the table.
All men had their gaze fixed on the speaking device.
“your goods arrived safely” the voice urged on.
Just then a clip appeared on the transmitter screen. It showed a room filled with processed cocain.
Steven grinned widely. “send us the location ASAP”
“not so fast Mister V.P, My balance is twenty million naira, pay the cash get your delivery”
“we gave you ten million already. Five mil. Would be added to that, take it or leave it” steven replied. The drugs already scaled the tussles, with a snap of his fingers he’d know where the drugs are hidden. No need for much dialogue. He could eat his cake and have it!
The voice laughed hysterically.
“don’t kid around, Olufemi, twenty million is it”
“deal!” Ifeanyi who had been silence replied.
Steven shot him a killing look. “is that how you do business?” he asked ifeanyi.
The voice came to the rescue before Ifeanyi could say a word. “don’t play stubborn, VP…we shall meet tomorrow at your conference meeting”
“its strictly by invitation, remember that!”
the voice laughed again. “winds don’t need invitation”
the transmitter gave a shh sound. It exploded with a pop. It was made with explosive diodes and an inner tiny galvonometer to make its explosion very minimal.
The pop sound placed everybody on edge, ifeanyi almost fell backwardr.
Adewale the syndicate’ boss was seated in his room in crystal. With a super computer on his lap. “time to scare the birds” he whispered and switched off the computer.
Location: crystal, Abuja
Gabriel was silent for seconds. He really need to think fast. He came up with a lie, he just hope Katarina would buy it.
“i…well you see…..
Suddenly someone cleared his throat from behind. Gabriel sighed inwardly. Just in time.
In a synchronised move they turned to see who possessed the coarse voice.
Their gaze fell on Abubakar. He’d been watching them for minutes, he was filled with envy, regret and jealousy. Katarina was supposed to be his, she was to be with him and not some unknown stranger. Sometimes he blame himself for not being confident enough to profess his love before hand.
He had been hiding under the conopy of colleague and platonic friendshim. Damñ if only he could turn the hands of time, he wouldn’t hesitate to blow her head with love poems. He hate to accept that Michael outsmarted him.
The love birds were astonished to see him. They had been too deep in their romance to register an intruder. “abu, how long have you been standing there? Katarina asked in utter surprise.
Abu smiled. “just now. I see you both are enjoying yourselves. I’d go ahead. I gotta hit the sack”
“sleep tight” Gabriel echoed.
Abu strolled out of their presence.
They smiled at each other. Katarina put her arms round Gabriel’s neck, drawing him closer.
The engaged in another session of super kiss. Raw Lust and passion was burning inside of them. Their heart beats changed rythme.
Gabriel pushed her to the floor, she laid with her back. He continued his series of kisses. Their hands were doing the magic
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