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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Episode 18 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part
of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Location: Boston, USA
Letty placed a white chop board on a table in the living room. She had carrots soaked in a bowl full of water. The kitchen was spacious enough but she opted for the living room instead ’cause it was time for favorite tv series. She wouldn’t miss it for anything. She threw a slice of carrot in her mouth it was fresh and tasty. She continued grating at piece meal while stealing glances at the television.
The door opened ajar without warning.
The first person that came to her mind was Jenny. They hardly had visitors let alone those who would barge in unannounced.
Jenny jogged in happily she looked like one swimming in euphoria. He smiles were uncontrolable. She was waving a brown magazine.
Leturah quickly chewe the piece of carrot in her mouth. “you look happy, whats the secret?”
Jenny fell heavily on the nearest sofa. She was in the mood to play games. She wouldn’t break the good news just yet. “guess it girl”
Letty frowned, she wasn’t good at guessing everybody new that. Seeing her friend with a mag raise more confusion in her. Jenny hate mags produced by students. They were always ‘time wasting and boring’
“you were nominated for grammy awards'” letty asked sarcastically.
“poo!” jenny lamented and stretched her hand to give Leturah the magazine. She should see things for herself!
“check out page 35”
Letty raised her brows, she was so curious to know what page 35 was hiding. She however hoped it was some sort of joke else Jenny would get it hard from her. She flipped through the pages three times before arriving the required page.
The magazine was colorful and attractive it had funny pictures and best articles to kill time with.
Page 35 had “celebrity tangents—mystery bracelet” printed in gold.
Curiousity surged through her veins the more when she saw a snap shot of Nathan wearing a bracelet.
She took her time to study the bracelet in question. She was very sure it was her lost treasure.
Waoh! She can’t wait to digest the whole of this article.
She scanned through it with a mixture of surprise and suspense.
She was smiling all through her read. A quoted text from Nathan almost swept her off her feet. “if this bracelet belongs to you, please don’t hesitate to meet me at fun haven by 7pm. Thanks”
“wow!” was the first to escape her gut. Jenny who had been watching her intently stood up and pinched her in a friendly way. “didn’t i tell you the bracelet was in his house?”
Letty smiled. She felt the pain but the heat of the moment was enough to make her resistence to pains. Her mental eyes scanned through her wardrobe searching for what was best to wear.
Elvis drove in the school premises with full blown annoyance. He didn’t take his hand off the car hoot as he kept hooting all the way. Some students can be very annoying they were standing on the main road that leads out of the school. Elvis didn’t like bringing his car to school, he needed it today to make sure his plans go down well with absolutely no interferance of nosy persons.
He was the head of editors in the weekly magazine. He single handedly wrote the article about Nathan and his bracelet. His friend was dying to find the owner of the bracelet. He didn’t fancy that idea. He however did it, seeing how important the bracelet meant to Nathan.
They finaly arrived Nathan’s home. They both alighted from the car. Elvis leaned on his car he didn’t want to go in, he had other things to take care of before 7pm.
“hey bro! Hope you wouldn’t mind meeting me at fun plaza by 6:30pm today?” Elvis didn’t want to go direct, it was meant to be a surprise!
Nathan removed the ear piece in his ears he had been listening to pop music all through the ride. “what was that?”
Elvis threw him a friendly punch “don’t tell me you didn’t hear what i just said?”
“of course i did. Why fun plaza? 6:30pm is too early for drinking”
“nah. Its something very special, make sure you aint behind times”
Elvis hopped into his car before his stubborn friend changes his mind.
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