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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Episode 19 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part
of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
The cave was dark and gloomy. Each bold step he took raised a meaningful amount of dust. His breath alone swept off grims of dust.
Candelebras of various size and shapes hung on the wall helping to scare away thick darkness. The faint fire didn’t have good success, a greater part of the cave was dead dark and scary.
Gabriel took silent steps so as not to raise an aiota of suspicion. The narrow path he was plying gave up to a large room. Filled with human skulls and hard bones. Katarina was seated amidst the bones she was tied to a woodened chair. Two men ferocious looking men were guarding her.
Gabriel leaned on the bare dust wall, calculating his next move.
He withdrew a long shiny medieval sword from his leather belt. The sword was very sharp with double edged blade.
His two hands gripped tightly the hilt of the sword. The sword stood erect running from his chest through to his forehead and above.
In a swift move he ran out of the shadow that shielded him.
He slammed one of the guards in the process. The guard groaned and fell face down. The other guard advanced towards him, he rolled from the ground. He was in time to dodge a sword strike from his assailant.
In a counter attack he sent his sword running through the guard’s belly.
Gabriel heaved a sigh of relieve.
A voice came from behind. Gabriel took off his data suit and gloves. He was panting real fast. He kept his sword in its rack before walking out of the simulation room.
He was welcomed with smiles and noisy applauses.
“debriefing: twelve kills, two injured, minor injury sustained. Thats a good result Mikey”
Jayden complimented.
Katarina hugged him tightly like she wouldn’t let go. She broke off after planting a soft peck on his chin.
“well done Mike” she whispered.
“thank you” he replied whilst panting.
Gabriel had been playing the simulation game more frequently this days. The fact that he was making remarkable progress kept him going.
He picked his ipad from the glassy table and made for his room in crystal.
He laid on the bed with both hands behind his head. His frequent panting was fading away with the blowing breeze.
“email recieved” his ipad vibrated.
He inputed his password, unlocking the automatic lock ipad.
The email was sent from their secret website.
He clicked the link on the mail. He couldn’t access the info. The website was protected by an encrypted code. A code he was yet to master.
He reached for the little passport like diary resting on a mahogany desk. Flipping through its pages he retrieved the password.
“CxY1647zR2” he inputed the code in a designated box.
The screen turned green. “access granted” was blinking in white.
The text contained a full page info about a mission to be executed later in the day at Nicon Luxury hotel.
Gabriel was blasted with annoyance. D--n it! He wasn’t here to play errand boy. He flung his ipad on the bed angrily. He was fumming great anger. He made mental notes of how he would escape to the united states and move his family to a safe place. He wasn’t a criminal and never would he! A leopard can’t and shouldn’t change its spots!
The door creaked open, distracting his streams of thoughts.
He felt like grabbing Jayden and squeezing hell out of him but remained cool about it.
Jayden silently closed the door behind him. He descended gently on a huge mahogany desk, folding his arms in the process.
“i understand what you feel Gabriel. I know what it mean to find yourself in an entirely strange and difficult world. A world you’ve always dreaded. A world you’ve heard bad stuffs about. I want you to understand that all would be fine”
Gabriel scoffed and shot him a glare full of pains. “no you don’t” he shoke his head slowly.
“yes i do” Jayden sniffed. He didn’t want to recall his painful past. He had buried that long ago. Seeing Gabriel in such a condition injured his heart the more.
Michael had proved to be a good friend, a loving colleague and caring brother to him. Michael helped him place his past in its right position and taught him how to move on. That strong, vibrant and courageous Mike had returned to mother earth. How wicked the world can be!
Jayden tilted his head downwards. Streams of tears flooded his eyes. The tears he’d fought hard to retain bursted out in great magnitude
cold breeze brushed through the room. The duo were experiencing similar emotional break down.
Gabriel looked at Jayden he saw raw sincerity oozing from every pore of his skin.
He tapped him gently.
“its okay, we are in this together”
Jayden smiled. “i’d stop at nothing to fish out Michaels murderer.
By the way, i came to give you a tip on your mission”
To be continue soon!


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