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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Episode 20 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part

of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Katarina walked out of the ladies. She had ripped off the abaya and hijab she was wearing. She was now clad in red flowing gown which hugged her athletic body tightly. Agent Abu was pushing a laundry trolley she dumped her clothes in it and continued her walk through the narrow corridor. She was on the second floor, hotel rooms with their respective numbers faced each other.
The walkway divided into two. She took a left turn she’d mastered the blueprint.
“control room” was written atop an automatic slide glassy door. Two hefty and angry looking men were guarding the entrance. She had to halt the cctv function to prevent Michael from being detected she must achieve this feat come rain come sunshine. Time was against her, she really need to act fast.
She staggered to the men. He eyes roamed the environment like a lost stranger.
“hey hey! Stop right there. This is a no go area” a guard implored in a husky tone.
“what do you mean no go area? I’m heading to the ladies”
“sorry ma’am you’ve lost track”
“no! I know my way around here” she advanced towards them. The guards exchanged glances. Katarina approached further. They closed in on her.
“for the last time. You are in the wrong place!!!” a guard yelled angrily.
Katarina shoke her head right, left and right. She turned 180, swerving past the guards. The pressure sensory door was about opening for her.
The guard who had been quiet all this while swept her off her feet. Her head resting on his shoulder blade and her legs dangling in the air. She threw a pin to the other guard’s throat. He fell down unconsciously. The guard holding her turned to verify what cause the thud. She spinned in his hand. He almost lost balance. She punched his carotid artery he slumped.
The girl dragged their bodies aside. She checked her wrist stop watch she had five minutes left.
The automatic door gave up on her. She stepped in with a smile. The IT expert in the control room was startled. He rose and made to punch her. She held his hand in the air, twisting it backwards. The female fighter matarialised a portable silver syringe from her breas.t pad. Emptying the content in his neck, his heavy body fell off.
Katarina overloaded the control sensors and detectors with a powerful high-tech laser pen. She grinned broadly as the cctv footages grew blurry and hazy.
The 8th annual investors conference was being observed within the wall of the exquisitely designed conference hall. It was organized annually to appreciate and braze up the spirits of local of foreign investors.
The president was in Taiwan on official duties, he was ably represented by his vice, Steven Oluwafemi.
Steven smiled happily, Al-Quida, asian richest man was seated next to him. The thought of having such a big investor sent his heart dancing. It meant his bank account would fatten sooner or later. He sipped his drink slowly whilst listening to the guest speaker. Gabriel checked his stop watch it was 0:25:01 Katarina should be done by now.
He thickened his accent “sa’akun ‘ila alk Mister Vp”
steven wore a straight face, all what Al-quida said were greek to him.
Gabriel smiled wryly.
“i’d be right back” he interpreted and rose to his feet.
Steven shoke his head for the fifth time. He couldn’t decipher why he was getting sleepy all of a sudden. It was so embarrassing he almost smashed his head on the table. Good thing Al-quida wasn’t around.
He knew fully how the press work, the news of him sleeping and more exaggeration would make the headline tomorrow. The news would spread like wild fire, he didn’t want that.
He excused himself and took the elevator to the fifth floor, the VVIP floor.
He alighted from it. He walked to his room while his highly trained body guard stood at the door.
The vice president dragged himself to the bed. His fought to keep his eyes open.
Suddenly the lights went off. He heard footsteps approaching from the inner room. Was this for real or a fragment of hallucination? How did someone get in? His imaginations were really playing tricks on him.
Fear gripped him more when the sounds increased in magnitude. He couldn’t see through pitch darkness albeit he was sure the intruder was inches away.
“anybody there?” his heart was pounding fast. His palms wet and slippery.
“yes steven. You have a visitor” the intruder replied coldly.
Oh god! He felt his bare body roasting in furnance of fear. Streams of fear inflicted swearts gushed down his skin pores. Should he shout? Cry for help or remain mute? The whole second citizen of the nation, a global political icon was shaking vigorously like a toddler who just experienced what cold water felt.
“i promised to visit you didn’t i?” the voice continued.
Gabriel took heavy steps, making sure he infested raw fear on his victim. Deep down his heart it was wrong, he didn’t like it but it was an order, a mission! He had sunk his finger in the blood, no going back till he sees the end
*episode 20 continued*
“who….wh…what do you want?” steven forced his heavy tongue to speak.
Gabriel was hitting a 9mm pistol against his palm. “you know what i want”
steven kept mute for seconds, he was reminscing what transpired the day he went to visit general dominic.
“i would pay everything with an extra…please save my like” he pleaded with clenched teeth. The soft music playing from Gabriel’s bluetooth earpiece was intercepted by Jayden.
“we have a situation. The hotel’s control room was two in one unknown to us. Katarina was spotted she is in danger. An army of 15 are on their way to the V.P’s room. You must act fast”
s--t! Gabriel cursed silently. “don’t toy with me old man. keep your promise!” he warned the V.P and made for the door. He knocked from inside. “help” he muttered faintly. The V.P guard was alarmed. He swung the door ajar. The room was pitch dark “you all right sir?”
Gabriel allowed him to walk in fully before striking. He used his elbow to strike the guard hard in his back bone. The guard groaned.
Gabriel stepped to the walkway. He hid in the toilet Minutes later the toilet door opened ajar. A fully armed soldier walked in. Pointing a heavy duty gun to him. Gabriel raised his hands in utter surrender. The soldier led him out of the toilet. One other soldier joined them.
LOCATION: boston, USA.
Nathan tied the final lace of his sneakers. It was 6:25pm he was all dressed up. Elvis can be tricky sometimes. Why did he ask that they meet at his (Nathan’s) eatery? He was very eager to know albeit if it happen to be a stupid stunt he’d ‘kill’ Elvis!
Nathan owned fun haven eatery, Michael bought it for him years ago though it was being handled by someone else. He checks on the eatery on lecture free days which usually fell on saturdays. he gets a meaningful percentage of the total profit and was contented with it. Atleast he wouldn’t have to depend on people for his feeding, body wears and academic materials.
He locked the solder door and flagged down a cab. The eatery was a bit far, he didn’t want to waste time trekking.
the young lady sat before an oval mirror at the mercy of her friend who was the make-up artiste of the moment.
Letty closed her eyes as Jenny applied silver eyeliner on it. Jenny was the architect of the make-up plan. She want her friend to appear charming at first sight. She was achieving that feat ’cause Letty looked very adorable and elegant. She could stand for miss universe with those killer looks of hers. Her eyes were cat-like, her face was oval and inviting not to talk of the charming, shiny and amazing lip gloss or the captivating sweetness of her body spray. He stiletto towered to the sky. She looked at the mirror and smiled.
“i’m nervous Jenny”
Jenny frowned in a way that tells she didn’t mean it. ” there you go again. Its so simple. Just be yourself, think about it like you are meeting prince of wonderland”
Letty shrugged and smiled.
“don’t keep him waiting go on ahead and show him what you gat” Jenny was all smiles.
Nathan was elated seeing the handiwork of Elvis. He was proud of him. He was a friend indeed. The reservation hall was flavored with dim red lights and red and white roses. Elvis didn’t make a romantic setting ’cause he approved of the mysterious bracelet. He made it ’cause he knew the owner would surely be a lady, the aura should command some fake romance. He didn’t believe any girl would show up. He kept his fingers crossed.
He was the acting bouncer for the night he made sure he asked every stupid imposter girl serious questions about the bracelet. He’d sent 13 girls away for improper description.
Nathan read the article for the 6th time. He smiled each time he read it. He was killing time, waiting for the mystery lady.
Suddenly the aura in the room changed. Strong female perfume pervaded the room. He needed no seer to tell him the lady was there. I was pondering what to say and how best to approach her. His heart was beating drums.
He gaze traveled from her waist upwards, it finally landed on her beautiful face.
He was familiar with that face.
“you! Unbelievable!” was the first sentence to escape his gut.
To be continued!


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