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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Episode 22 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part

of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Abu tapped his ear. “whats your status, katarina?”
she heaved. “roll in jeopardy, elite detected, assistance required”
“whats your position?” Abu asked with straight face.
“second floor, far south”
“roger that”
he exerted more pressure on the trolley. He smiled broadly. He hadn’t killed for days. His silver barrel bullets are gonna have a taste of blood.
He pushed the trolley through spiral stairs.
Katarina took cover under a huge desk. Heavily armed men patrolled the room in search of her. She’d soon be busted she wasn’t happy neither was she sad about it. He escape was guaranteed. She was a dark horse! Her prowess are displayed in the most unpleasant of times.
Her face was covered with a shawl she made sure her breath were in unison to the footsteps, thats one way to monitor an enemy!
She was breathing slowly, patiently waiting for the ill-fated soldier who’d meet his end in her hands.
Seconds drift by, nothing significant happened except for rattlings of various pitches.
She saw the stilhoutte of a hand trying to take off the table clothes. She pulled the hand aggressively, the man slammed his mouth against the desk. His gun fell freely. The other men were alerted.
Katarina rolled from the opposite end of the desk.
She was out of armour. She had only two bullets left in her asian black pistol.
A metal frame was shielding her from the assailants.
“get your sorry åss out else i shoot” the team leader threatened.
He was walking towards her, she remain mute, kissed her gun and placed a finger on its trigger.
She popped out her head with a perfect deadly headshot she brought down the team leader.
It all happened in seconds! She brought her head down snappily. Two men standing, one more bullet left!
Suddenly the sounds of gunshots pervaded the room. The men were firing the metal frame.
It dawned on her they were amateurs, no trained op would waist his bullet like that.
A wandering bullet drilled her shoulder. She winced softly, tore her shawl using the piece to tie her arm.
Abu was accousted by a security guard.
“there is an emergency, retrace your steps!”
the security didn’t sound friendly. Abu retrieved a loaded rifle from the clothes, he shot the man on the chest. “b-----d”
The piece she used in tieing her arm was damp, she was loosing too much blood. Her strength was slowly draining like grains in a sieve. She was stuck between two stools, any move she thought about rang the tone of danger.
A voice jolted her to reality. It was then she realised the sounds of gunshots had faded.
Abu hugged her tightly. She pulled back almost immediately. Too much blood littered the floor. They walked out of the room slowly. Abu turned and pressed a control pad. IED he placed in the room went off an aura of smoke consumed the atmosphere.
“get Michael, i’d clear the road for us” Abu muttered slowly.
Gabriel’s heart pounded heavily, never had he been in company of a soldier let alone two!. The long arm of law was partial to have caught him instead of his brother’s murder.
The armed ops were by his left and right respectively. The silence was deafening. Where are they taking him to? They should at least say something! Were they that dumb?
A gun shot was heard. The men fell with their backs! Waoh! The bible never lie! “a thousand my fall by your left, ten thousand by your right but they shall by no means hurt you” was God really fighting for him? What a favor! He can’t recall the last he prayed.
“lets get out of here Mike” Katarina pried into his flood of thoughts.
They hopped into the elevator very quickly. Two minutes afterwards they alighted on the first floor. People were running helter skelter. An alarm had been raised. The dissolved into the people, got into a prado jeep and drove away.
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