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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Episode 27 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog
guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Gabriel was learning the ropes real fast. He was getting used to his brother’s life; having multiple identities, sneaking in and out of places utterly unscathed, leaving no shadow of evidence. “you can’t live someone else’ life” he felt that saying didn’t apply to him. He’d call it quits with his job back in the united states. His girlfriend was pesterish, he’d give her the cold shoulder, its high time she move on.
The gentleman was enjoying his wild life, especially with Katarina in the picture. The lady was wild in everything, even on bed. He found it interesting. They’d made out a couple of times in his house, crystal and night clubs.
There was yet no lead to Michael’s murder. Who ever did it really played his cards well. Gabriel was determined not to let sleeping dogs lie, he’d do everything till hell freezes over him to fish out the culprit. The dude had counted his chicks long before they were hatched ; He’d drafted how best to punish Michael’s murderer. The most appealing to him was cutting the person into pieces, bit-by-bit. His heart went cold right from the day he found out Michael was murdered. They weren’t the best of twins but they were love bound. No one ever dared touch them. Michael had sacrificed much for their stormy family to have its stand. That was reason enough to make a pope commit murder in revenge.
The living twin didn’t feel like dressing in all-black. He was dressed like a rockstar with white italian Jacket, slim fitting jean trouser and shiny designer sneakers. His curly hair sparkled under the luminiousity of neon lights. He cashed out some naira notes from the atm. Money wasn’t a problem. His bank account was pumping like the gush of blue waters. He was worth two million dollars, his accessories and flashy cars could attest to it.
The day was far spent it was 8PM already albeit Garki street preached an opposite gospel. Solar street lights chased away intruding darkness.
He turned to leave and out of the blues a lady bumped into him. “oh sorry” came her appology. The long ‘brazilian-hair” weaved on her head made her almost impossible to identify.
He hopped in his car, drove to a suya spot where he got five streaks and a yoghurt.
His ride to crystal was hitch-free. He parked his ferrari. And strolled upstairs. He took the elevator, it stoped mild air, in the second floor. Waiting for command. A secret password was required for the elevator to go further. He’d inputed the password.
“loading….initializing…processing password. Access denied” flowed on the electronic screen. Gabriel was perturbed. This wasn’t the first time he’d used the elevator, whats this shît?! He was sure he made no mistake with the password. The confused man inputed it again. Making sure every word was correct.
“access denied. Foreign material detected. Defense mood activated” blinked in red. A small countdown timer appeared on the screen.
The elevator had an in-built security mecganisim. It emits highly focused energy, transfering the energy to its target. The technology was one of the numerous saftety measures in crystal.
The countdown dropped to ’25’ seconds. Gabriel must do something else the aftermath would be disheartening. The heat would melt him to death.
He searched his body for alternative keycard, he couldn’t find it. The countdown was now ’15’ he tried calming himself but he couldn’t. He was restless, his whole body boiled in a steam of sweats. The countdown decreased to ’10’ very threathening! He closed his eyes, waiting for the worst.
Seconds later he opened them slowly. The countdown showed ’03’. Time seemed to move faster than normal. He’d thought an hour had passed. In the interim of his shivers, his cell phone beeped. It was Jayden. “whats happening? Did you change the access code?” he yelled angrily.
“rid off your wristwatch and input the password again. I repeat remove your wristwatch.” Jayden replied from the other end.
“do as i said. You don’t have the luxury of time!”
Gabriel obliged. He reluctantly removed his writwatch. Like magic the exit sliced open.
Jayden was already at the entrance. He used a hanky to pick up Gabriel’s wristwatch. While Gabriel stared in utter confusion. The duo walked to Jayden’s room. The cloud of silence around them was enraging. Jayden placed the wristwatch under a UV lampstand.
“the security system detected a bug on your wristwatch. That explains why it automatically assumed defense mood” Jayden explained.
“a bug? How on earth is that possible?”
Jayden showed him the bug, it was very tiny, smaller than a mustered seed. Then dragged him forcefully to the adjorning room. “it seems someone is after Michael” Jayden suggested.
“who could it be?” Gabriel asked with squeezed face.
“i’ve got no idea. I think this can lead us to his murderer” Jayden suggested.
“can you trace its cradle?”
“nope. You’d have to wear it back, pretend you don’t know about it”
Jayden suggested.
What next?


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