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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Episode 29 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

Location: Boston, USA.
Letty brainstormed for hours over what best to teach such a delicate set of humans. What they needed wasn’t condemnation or some sort of academic teachings. Words of inspiration, advice and encouragement would unfloatably sink in their memories. She took a trip down the memory lane; to her teenage years. To eat bone conviniently, you must be carnivorous! She recalled the avoidable mistakes she’d made behind time due to her juvenile way of reasoning. The lady came up with a gist she tittled ‘REALITY’.
Her audience were well carried along, she was glad they found meriment in her teachings; their facial expression spelt it out.
She felt some remorse, they were still very young and vibrant with bright indecipherable futures. She took consolation in the fact that they faced no capital punishments. In due course, they’d all leave the rehab.
Letty loved creating illustrations while teaching. Diagrames paint a thousand words!. She learnt it from secondary school; she was good at geography and would most times tutor her colleagues in map reading. The lady was interrupted by a bold masculine voice. Letty seized drawing, facing her audience.
“i have a question, miss” tittered Nathan who’d been a part of the audience from initial.
Letty looked at him for seconds, a gaze he could easily interprete as ‘hey mister! You are here to answer questions not create some’ he smiled, letty frowned.
“yes?” she stressed the word, urging him on. With sheer will.
“miss, you said our emotions don’t always paint fact. We shouldn’t yeild simply ’cause our body sayr so” he paused. Letty nodded in affirmation.
“my question, how about when i feel unusually attracted to someone? What do i do?”
gbam! His question struck her like a nail, penetrating all through her body. The question was directed to her, its answer had always been a black-eyed myth to her; a replica of what her feelings for him which she did nothing about, other than watch and drool. “uhm….i’d answer you after the session” came her blunt reply, eased with a fake smile.
A teen girl raised her hand. “may i?” Letty smiled. “of course. Go ahead”
the girl stood to her feet, cleared her throat and began. “i’m Debby. Well i think what you feel is love, the fair thing to do is to profess it to her. Thank you”
debby resumed her seating position honarably, she recieved standing ovation for being smart.
“i wish i can tell you, whole nine yards, Nathan.” letty whispered softly into the air, oblivious of the fact that her words sank in Nathan, who wasn’t aware either. “thanks Debby, for interpreting my feelings. I think i love her” the youngman whispered to his heart. They smiled in synchrony. A smile non of them prepared for, none even knew the other smiled. The distance between the was matched up with tons of teenagers; letty was on stage while Nathan, at the back audience seat.
The session ended smoothly with Nathan delivering a short impromtu speech.
a pack of pop corn darted from one palm to the other, her eyes feasted hungrily on every strand of its design. It was portably beautiful.
Small artistic red rose was a plus to its elegantic view. Letty drooled over the pack….no not the pack, its rose. She had a softspot for red roses, it was a messanger of love. Love! What was she thinking? The pop corn was from Nathan, it can’t possibly be love, afterall he didn’t draw the rose, it was factory made.
Letty smiled and pinched herself silly at the fleet of contrasting thouggts she’d been harbouring lately.
She had lunch with Nathan in the course of their interstice. It was his idea, she enjoyed it. They’d gone to an expensive eatery, nathan refused to set her free they also went to a fun-villa. Where they’d bought toys and kid trending wears for the teenagers, ice cream and pop corn for them both. The cash flowed out of Nathan’s purse, it wasn’t part of the outreach plan. The teens loved their gifts, Nathan and letty were highly appraised. Letty had her day in the sun, Nathan was just so bublee, bublee enough to wipe off her worries.
To be continued!


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