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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Episode 30 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
location: Abuja, Nigeria.
It was a cold silent night. The most audible sounds were the interval drop of rain. 35 minutes ago there was a heavy downpour, goats and her likes ran for safety. The rain had reduced drastically to a drizzle. The state disco seized rainfall as a yardstick to deprive her cosumers of power. Brick city estate was in sharp contrast to this scenario. Its diesel power generating sets were operating with full deck. Outside the estate was pitch darkness, capable of engulfing the moon which was hidden behind dark clouds. A loud thunder accompanied by trails of lightening pried into the dark, swiftly revealing a neatly parked black hilux. The hilux van was situated adjacent an entrance to the estate.
Gabriel rested his head on the car seat, his eyes closed. Jayden was busy with an ipad, drone and little surveilance camera. He was able to trace the bug transmitter to brick city estate. The estate was known for its high in the hog calibre. Only rich politicians, business moguls or those who stick out their nose, claiming to be rich occupy the estate. Its still a hazy puzzle to Jayden as to why someone living in such a place would bug Michael. His computer never lie, something fishy is surely under the rug. The youngman finished stitching a little camera to a drone. “surprise me baby” he whispered, letting it out via the window.
Jayden could watch and control the drone from the control panel he was holding. 50 seconds drifted away, he heard high pitch sound in his ear plugs, he instantly removed it, before he goes deaf over night.
Clicking the pause option on an ipad like device, the drone paused, capturing an image of the house.
“house number 118. Thats where our bugger is!” he whispered loud enough for Gabriel to hear. “time to get the hair of the dog that bit them” Gabriel replied with a grin. He drew a mask over his face, alighted from the van.
The estate was evenly fenced, security men guarding every nook and cranny of it. Its fence was barbed with pressure sensitive steel. Touching it triggers a central alarm system, in a matter of seconds security men would flood the area. The security had been tightened following a previous kidnap of an ambassador. It was now a red zone for robbers and hoodlums.
Gabriel sighed. They’d watched the estate day and night for three consecutive days. Entry through the gate wasn’t an option, he knew trained ops were always at the five gates. He walked westward. The fence was above six feet. His hand fiddled in the sling bag hung on his shoulder. He retrieved a tube, peeled out its paste on the steel. The steel made hush sounds as drops of rain fell on it. Gabriel counted 10 seconds inwardly. His hand was stocked in black gloves.
He Climbed the fence after 10 secs. He landed with a soft thud. Unfortunately, two german rottweilers were encaged beside him. Their barks were fierce and angry. Gabriel hushed, their barks grew louder.
Gabriel’s left ear vibrated, he inserted a finger in it.
“patrol van, 90 minutes away from your 2 o’clock”
“copy that” he replied. Headlamps shone brightly as the van approached. Gabriel squated behind a royal palm. The van dragged slowly, guards got off it, moving towards the dog cage with their guns. They had dazzling touchlights. The royal palm wouldn’t hid him for long, Gabriel crawled beside the shadows of the slow moving van.
He tagged along for several minutes. After which he ran swiftly behind a building.
“hey hey hey! Who dey there?” he guard roared, shining his bright torchlight at Gabriel.
“who be you?” He took a few steps closer. In a jab Gabriel snatched twisted the guard’s hand, sweeping him off balance with a kick. The guard fell, still holding his hand, Gabriel injected him with liquid tranquilizer. He’d remain sedated for three hours. Gabriel switched off the torch. The house was number ‘115’ he walked in shadows past two more houses. Finally i arrived his destination. He squated, few drops of rain moistened his palms. He took an infrared binocular from his bag. Viewing the building through the wall, he could see two human figures. He couldn’t tell their sexes. Gabriel bugged the house in three strategic locations. He was about leaving when he felt a strong arm round his neck. He was chocking! The arm was fat and rigid. Gabriel muster the whole energy in him to strike his boot against his attacker. The man groaned softly. His grip on Gabriel was softened. Gabriel turned, punched and kicked him, all which he dogded effortlessly. The man wasn’t wearing the security uniform. ‘He might be useful in the investigation’ Gabriel thought silently. He pointed a gun to the man. “thank your idols i’m in no mood to kill. Now get in your house else i change my mind” Gabriel threatened. The man obeyed and walked in.
Jones stopped at the varenda, placed his phone on his ear and said. “target just left the building”
“let him go, for now” the lady inside replied.
To be continued!


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