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Monday, 31 July 2017

Episode 31 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it
should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 31
Letty lay on a bed in a guest room at Nathan’s family house. Her leg was stitched, she was fast recovering from a broken ankle even though the pain was still fresh. She could now walk without aides, she was learning to walk all over again like a toddler.
The school bus transporting them from the rehab centre had a head on collision with an incoming vehicle, the bus fell into a ditch. Almost half the persons in the vehicle sustained various degrees of injuries. Broken glass pierced Nathan in the head.
They were rushed to a nearby hospital, nathan’s wound was dressed. He’d searched for letty in various wards. He’d panicked over her unconscious state. He’d asked for her phone, which he got in reluctance. He’d dailed Jenny’s number owing to the fact that it was saved as ‘bestie’ moreso, the contact showed she lives in USA.
Jenny arrived the hospital as soon as she could. She was on edge, the caller didn’t tell her exactly what happened. She’d met Nathan in the hospital. They’d waited for six futile hours, letty remained unconscious. They’d spent the night in Nathan’s family house, situated blocks away.
Letty woke the following day, the doctor examined her, being satisfied she was okay, he discharged her in the evening of same day.
Nathan insisted the ladies hit the sack in his mum’s house. Madison welcomed them cheerfully but deep down under the mask, she chagrined the idea of having two strangers in the house.
The now ageing woman didn’t tell her son about it, he could be temperamental atimes, she wasn’t out for that. She’d missed him so much.
Indeed nothing last for oblivion, years ago she’d nag over having three stubborn boys, years flew by, they seem to flow away with passing ages. She’d rarely set her eyes on them this days, even Nathan who was relatively close visited in a month of sundays!
The woman was running a bakery. Her business was encroaching at a slow pace, she gloated over the fact that she was a master of her own and wouldn’t have to be bossed around by any tom dìck and harry.
Letty staired on the bed. She winced in response to the sharp pain she got in the attempt to get on her feet. The poor girl fell back on the bed. Her weaved hair scattered on the sheet. She really had no course to get up, she’d eaten dinner, and had taken her bath.
Nathan and his mum are a kind set of people, they reminded her of Nwabodo. She closed her eyes slowly, writhing in pain.
Nathan marvelled at the glamour of his mum’s house. He knew the woman had a taste for quality and a quest for creativity. She’d beautified the house with attractively trimmed flowers, rectangular swimming pool and new furniture. He chuckled at the swimming pool part, was she swimming for real?
He was glad she was getting over the death of her husband, last he visited, she’d sobbed profusely in his arm.
He’d anticipated the same thing but the woman chosed to surprise him instead. She’d gladly flaunted the bank notifications she’d got from the thousands Michael transfered to her. Michael?! Nathan was taken aback. Michael was alive somewhere! The young man limped for joy, still basking in euphoria, he’d dailed Mike’s number, the line was dead. The glint of hope in him was totally quenched after he’d contacting Gabriel, the latter was the brain behind the cash transfer. He’d sternly instructed Nathan not to tell their mum about it. Nathan grithed in pain. Was death this rock hearted?
He took one quick gulp, draining off the liquid in a wine glass. He was seated in the garden, with Jenny. The garden was lite up by orange electric bulbs. The lady had a humorous side, he was enjoying every bit of their conversation. Jenny’s gaze feasted on the bracelet on his left wrist. It reminded her of the futile ordeals her friend went through, just for some strange bìtch to steal her thunder.
Its only fair that she tell Nathan the truth, whole nine yards, Letty would frown at it but she couldn’t help it.
She cracked a left knucke. Breath down slowly, then spoke up. “Nathan?” the young man raised his head, they were locked in a gazd. Goodness gracious! He was drop dead gorgeous. A type every lady would go acrowd for. Now she realise why someone else lied to get close to him. He still wore a leftover grin from her last joke.
“remember that fateful day you were involved in a brawl at the school party?”
nathan nodded slowly, he wondered why she was beating a dead horse.
“two ladies took you home. That was Letty and I” she paused, inhaled deeply and continued.
“letty spent the night but left before the crack of dawn. She forgot her bracelet in your room, its the one you are wearing.”
nathan frowned. He vividly recalled that night albeit he couldn’t make out the faces. He was confused! The bracelet belonged to Grace and her was Jenny, telling a different story. He didn’t know which to believe.
“how….how is that possible? He asked in a soft voice.
Jenny drew closer, she gave him her phone, on the screen was a picture of letty, with the bracelet on her wrist. Jenny zoomed the picture. It was visible enough to see limns of ‘sixt..’ a part of the ‘sixteen’ crafted on the bracelet. Nathan smiled. “how did she get it?”
Jenny smiled in satisfaction. “she is in best position to answer you”
Nathan sighed.
‘all truths are easy to understand, once they are discovered; the point is to discover them’
What next?


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