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Monday, 31 July 2017

Episode 32 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest

writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 32
Location: Boston, USA.
Letty woke with a banging head, itching foot and a body temperature she presumed was above normal.
It was far beyond dawn, the outside world attested to it. Fresh morning rays sneaked in through slightly parted window curtains. The room was getting brighter! She sat up, her back leaning on the bedpost. The lady whispered some words to her creator, wrapping up with an ‘amen’ and a big hope that he listened.
She yawned, stretched herself and slipped her foot in the waiting blue pair of slippers. Two fingers moved to her eyes, she rubbed them gently, taking off the accumulated eye-booger’. She was stepping out when her straying eyes darted to a beautiful piece of jewel. She smiled. She’d missed her bracelet….oops not hers, how did it get there anyway? She looked at the bed again, she was sure she slept alone.
The lady reached for the bracelet, perhaps to kiss it goodbye. The bracelet weighed down a neatly folded piece of paper. She picked and unfolded it , consumed by curiousity.
She read its content over and over again, smiling each time.
“blissful morning, sleeping beauty.
I know you slept well ’cause i sent twelve angels to watch over you and heal you.
The bullet recociated back to mother gun.
The arrow an amazon once shot is back to her.
The bracelet you lost has found you”
letty held her chest, heaving a sigh. The handwritting was nothing close to that of jenny. Rather, it was a male’s. How did he know? Was he aware all this while? She found no answer to these riddles.
The door creaked open, shaking her off the land of reverie. Steel tray came into view. Oh! No! Nathan’s mum. She hadn’t gone downstairs to greet the woman. What sort of Nigerian lady is she? Has the ‘oyibo’ culture eaten up her decorum? Her mum would nag her mad!
She hid the paper behind her, waiting for the woman. In sharp contrast to her thoughts, Nathan walked in. Clad in creamy pjms, it was too early but his hair was already dressed and glistening. She opened the door wide enough to take in the tray and its holder.
“did you enjoy your night?”
“yes i did. Courtesy of your imaginary angels” letty smiled.
Nathan placed the tray on a small wooden stool.
“i made my mum coffee, thats yours” he muttered and turned to leave. Letty stood agape. She watched him walk to the door before calling out.
he turned to face her. “ye?”
“thank you” she forced out. He nodded.
“you forgot something” she said, showing him tge bracelet and note.
Nathan sat on the bed with a faint thud. “someone told me about the bracelet and you. I kind of believe her, how about we hear it from the horse’ mouth?”
Letty rubbed her palm together, as she recounted the events of the fateful day….
It was a sunny monday afternoon. Many persons went about their daily activities, some wearing hats over their heads. The rich enough were in cars or under shades of umbrellas. It was her 6th day in the U.S she’d decided to take a walk so she’d be abreast with the beautiful city. A young lad was at the helm of being knocked by fast moving train. Letty saved the kid by whiskers. The boy’s mum was on the other side of the road, already soaked in panick. The fairly old woman looked like one who teleported from the 90’s. She was shabbily dressed in old fashioned-already-worn-out gown. She smiled heartily, a reflection of the waves of joy flowing in her, upon seeing her son alive.
Letty took the boy to his mother, in response to his request.
“thanks for saving my son” the wrinkles that appeared on her face were weired enough to scare a rat.
“you’ar welcome ma’am”
letty meant to leave, the woman halted her.
“you know i was once a fraudster. A very rich one until the long arms of law caught up with me. This is all i have left of my riches. You’ar too kind hearted to have it. Please see it as a token of appreciation from a pauper” the woman detached a bracelet from her hand. And gave it to letty. Letty collected it, after much persuations from her…..
“woow” Nathan screamed, clapping his hands.
“you deserve it more than i do, it reminds you of your dad….”
“sss, you can have it, so you’d continue being a good lady” Nathan cut her short with a tease and both laughed.
Sometimes life is like a fairy tale, be mindful of your actions. ’cause they replicate in different forms.
What next?


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