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Monday, 31 July 2017

Episode 33 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest

writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 33
Location: Brick city estate, Abuja, Nigeria.
It was mid-day, the sun as expected was at its peak. The feared global warming was taking its toll on the city.
Two well built men dressed in body hug black t-shirt which had the inscription ‘GUARD’ and grey combat trousers stood at the gate post. They were suffering from the descending heat albeit they dare not ease their duty post. Except they were ready to get their walking papers.
“guy, where went you yesterday?” taiwo asked his colleague with a stern look.
“you won’t understand. I was knocked out” his friend replied.
“knocked out ke? Killed ni” Taiwo muttered sarcastically.
A car honked, distracting their conversation. It was a black toyota camry with dark windscreens.
Taiwo lifted the bar, the car drove in but was halted by a wave from Taiwo.
“who are you?” he said, banging the windscreen.
The man wound down, removed his black hat. Behold! It was the famous general dominic, the general was known for military dictatorship. It was heard on the grapevine that he killed his father in-law so he wouldn’t pay dowry. Why on earth would a general disguise himself? Taiwo felt it was none of his business. “ah! Ogah, you can pass sir”
general dominic saved him no attention, he drove in with high speed, pulled over in front of a duplex and alighted.
Lady blaze as she was popularly called sat on an ox-blood couch in an exquisitely designed and furnished room. The room was exotically spacious. The lady was of average size and height with a body capable of tempting devil himself.
The general walked in without as little as a knock notification. He was the only one who gets away with that.
He peeled off his mafia suit and hat, leaving him with green, milk stripey shirt.
The aura in the room was cold. The two humans only stared at each other, there was no connection between them. It was business, strictly business!
“do i have any good news” the general asked, after several minutes of defeaning silence.
Blaze crossed her right leg on the other. Took a gulp of wine.
“none yet, general”
“you want the assassination stealthy. And you know who am up against, i need time mr Dominic!” Blaze screamed, cutting him short.
“the more time you waste, the more your kid bro draws near to death” dominic replied with a devilish grin. He got up, walked to where she was sitting, punched his iphone and showed her a video of her brother crying in pains. Blaze gasped, she muffled some groans.
General dominic stood up, wore his camouflage, smiled devilishly and exited the room.
Lady blaze was a top officer in the nigeria intelligence burea. She resigned few years ago, though still in her late thirties. She wasn’t married, having made many enemies in her acive years, she went into hiding in a rural area somewhere in the outskirts of Ibadan. Seven days ago, her only brother was kidnapped, the general claimed responsibility. He’d threatened to kill him if she don’t do his dirty job. Her brother was important to her. The lady agreed, after reading a documentation on Michael, her target.
It was afternoon, albeit the room was gloomy. The lights were dim. Visible LED, square shaped motion pictures was displaying on the wall. They were in Michael’s house to prevent their ever nosy boss from suspecting a thing. They watched as a man in black walked into the house, he was backing the camera, they couldn’t see his face. The footage stopped just when he entered a room. Jayden pressed a button, switching off the reflector. The room became bright again. Gabriel was puzzled, he’d planted the bugs such that the room would also be captured.
“do you think the bug was breached? ”
Jayden placed a finger on his check. “yes, the left the other bugs to relay the impression they knew about us” jayden reasoned widely.
Just then, they heard the door open. A female figure walked in….
What next?


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