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Monday, 31 July 2017

Episode 34 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest

writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 34
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Gabriel heard footsteps behind him, he knew he had a visitor even before she sneaked in! Very rare and tiny diode-like surveilance system we scattered all over the roof tops from outside, the mechanism was wirelessly connected to his writwatch. His wrist watch had shown an orange indication which meant the intruder had no weapons. However, in his line of job, no one was to be trusted. That was the first lesson he learnt from Mike’s diary.
Gabriel exchanged glances with Jayden. At the drop of a hat, he pointed a 9mm black pistol to the intruder. “freeeezzzee”
katarina raised her hands above her head. She smiled, gabriel frowned. He brought the gun down slowly.
“i knew i’d find you here” she smiled joyfully. She’d searched for him in crystal, no luck was on her side. Her guess was never wrong she knew he’d be in his private residence. The lady was in a bubbly mood, she’d sneaked in after opening the door with the access card he gave her years ago. It was meant to be a surprise visit, seems her little bubbles were bursted.
She sat on a couch, Gabriel was still staring at her. She couldn’t make any meaning out of his stares. She walked to the fridge and retrieved a can of yoghurt. She unsealed its ‘cap’ inserted the tiny spoon, fetched some quantity and started licking, it felt good on her tongue especially its chilling effect.
Her eyes caught some gadgets on the floor, much to her surprise they were spy gadgets. Yes! She knew these guys got something up their sleeves but decided to keep her in the dark about it. “spying on someone?” she asked sarcastically. Jayden followed her eyes. Yikes! He’d thought he completely hid the gadgets under a seatee.
“nope, its called experimenting new devices” defended Gabriel.
Katarina wasn’t satisfied with his reply. It showed on her face, an expression capable of melting his ice of secrets, making them flow to her waiting arms. It was time to let the cat out of the bag, he would have done it long ago, but he needed to be sure she had no hand in Michael’s death. He’d secretly spied on her. He found nothing implicating, her only fault was she was to sexy to resist.
“i’m not who you think i am ” the bombshell finally landed.
Katarina raised her brows. “i don’t understand”
Gabriel sighed. “michael and i are twin, a very identical set. Its a long story; the bottom line is i’m Gabriel, i replaced Michael in the syndicate to serve as the umbrella upon which i revenge my brother’s death”
katarina couldn’t speak, her lips vibrated as his words sinked into her. Incredible! She’d been sleeping, dining and wining with an imposter. She’d observed the changes in his character but took it as a normal transition. How could she be so stupid! To believe he’d survived the explosion? Was Michael, her mike really gone forever? Tears smarted her eyes, she sniffed countless times. Jayden was held spellbound he only nodded to Gabriel’s explanation. Somehow he always felt intimidated around Katarina, for reasons he himself counldn’t explain.
Katarina gathered the knots together, she now understood what Gabriel and Jayden were up to.
“what leads do you have to the murderer? I’d revenge Mike’s death to the very last drop of my blood”
Location: Boston, USA.
“dad, Mirabel’s birthday is tomorrow, could you please compose a poem for me?”
sherwood looked at his son and smiled. The kid previously requested for love poem which he blantantly refused. He ran his fingers through his son’s hair.
“how do you want it?”
nathan smiled, glad his dad didn’t refuse. “i don’t know, anything sweet would do”
“dad would do justice to that”
they were already at the door, Nathan turned open the door knob.
Sherwood staggered in. “oh jesus christ” he lamented softly, the man was exhausted. He fell on a two capacity cushion. He removed his tie and tux. “help me please”
Nathan recieved the materials and walked to the inner room. He carefully placed the tux in a way his dad would love. He was walking back to the living room when he heard inaudible voices. The young lad sneak peeked through the curtains. He quickly regret he never did. His eyes fed him with the most terrifying scene he could ever imagine! Two men, wearing black masks over their faces were exchanging words with his dad. He couldn’t hear clearly but something told him thing weren’t good, the men were armed.
The young lad covered his eyes with both palms after seeing his father stabbed in the chest.“no one plays with dark horses” the men ran out after stabbing him. “daddy! Daddy!!” Nathan cried, running to his half dead father. He wanted to remove the knife buried in the man’s chest but his dad stopped him.
“tell your mum and brothers i love them”
“noooo you won’t die dad, nothing would happen to you” Nathan picked his phone and called the ambulance.
Sherwood grunted. “Robert maystream, he…find him…he….” the man took the next part of his sentence to the world beyond–he died….
That was years ago, this chapter in Nathan’s life had long been closed. The notepad in his hand, made the memories fresher, flipping through to pages of his life and arriving at a disheartening past.
Hot tears flowed down his cheek.
He found the notepad among his dad’s belongings he’d brought it along with him to his residence, and decided to glance through it after Letty and Jenny left for their dorm.
Being a teenager then, he didn’t value the magnitude of his father’s last words, the name ‘Robert maystream ‘ in the notepad rang an alarm. Why did his father mention the man’s name at the point of death?
the man’s home address was on the notepad, he resolved to visit the man, hoping he hadn’t relocated.
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