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Monday, 31 July 2017

Episode 35 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest

writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 35
“what the fúck!!! Are you crazy? Do you have any idea the gravity of your decision?” Elvis ranted with all genuity he could muster. The car was visibly vibrating to his high-pitch sonorous voice. Fear and undecisive are a short description of what he felt. Nathan told him they were visiting a friend. He’d happily fueled the car, albeit he didn’t know who in particular they were visiting. They’d arrived their destination after several minutes, Nathan brought the car to a halt meters away from a house fitting into the address on the notepad.
He’d deemed it wise to let Elvis in, so he wouldn’t be cat among pigeons.
Elvis instantly went cold, his eyes pale and palms sweaty upon listening to Nathan’s story. Someone as bubbly as Nathan went through such a disheartening experience? Unbelievable!
The latter chose to keep the actual cause of his dad’s death a secret, not even his mum knew the truth whole nine yards. He was courageous about meeting Mr. Robert, fear was rattling deep down but he wouldn’t let it come afloat, he wanted to know the truth, nothing but the whole truth! His renewed depression and anger was the cradle of his strength. He looked at his friend. ” i understand its risky following me in there, thanks for your company thus far” Elvis looked away, drips of tears pricked his eyes, he felt remorse for his friend, he wished he could help albeit he wouldn’t be caught dead meeting a murderer! He opened his mouth to speak but quickly swallowed his words, Nathan was already out of the car. He reclined on a passenger seat, tapped his phone and music revived in the earpiece he was wearing.
Nathan stood akimbo, ravishing the huge bungalow with his hazel sunglass claded eyes. Would a criminal reside in such a popular street? The young dude sighed heavily. He clenched his hand into a fist, knocking the mighty gate. The huge, black iron structure resonated no meaningful sound, rather his knuckles hurt a bunch.
There should be an alternative entrance. Nathan took few steps backward, still studying the well fence building. He caught the sight of an electric bell, plastered on the wall, inches away from the gate.
Nathan pressed the button, at the drop of a hat the gate flung open like it was waiting for him. A youngman with unkempt beard, braided hair and protruded abdomen stepped out. “what you want?” he asked in a funny indian accent. Nathan couldn’t hold his laughter.
” is Mr. Robert in?”
“Mr. Robert? Is he expecting you” the man toyed with his head like a renowned footballer.
“ye…yes. Yes he is” came the blunt reply from Nathan.
“nobody is permitted to see him, bye” he closed the gate before Nathan could reply.
Disappointment surged through his skin, he’d never anticipated what happened. He stood there for several minutes then turned to leave. He ran into Elvis who stood there watching all this while.
“i don’t think this is proper but, i’d find a way to get you in”
Nathan smiled sarcastically.
Elvis punched the button, as expected the gatekeeper rushed out, this time he looked furious. “how may i help you?”
elvis frowned, he approached the partly opened entrance. The gateman was furious, he pushed the latter out, Elvis held his hand, dragging him outside. In the heat of the moment, nathan sneaked in. ‘yes’! He chanted, punching the air.
The house looked beautiful, it had fleet of cars and few flowers. The man wasn’t in the balcony. Nathan was urged in after several knocks on the oak door.
The same grey haired man sat legs crossed in the living room.
“good day sir” he greeted with a slight smile. The man motioned him to seat.
“young man….”
“sir i’m here to see Mr. Robert.” Nathan quickly countered. The old man opened his mouth, smoke poured out of his nose, mouth and ears. Geez! An old man smoking in the room? Where is decorum?
“i am he”
Nathan gasped. The man wasn’t menancing to the eye, however you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Nathan was mute for a while, brainstorming how best to present his question.
“erm…sir…do you know any leone sherwood?”
The man was taken aback, he instantly his cigar in a white plate.
“what about him?” the old man produced a shortgun from his belt region, pointing it to Nathan. “who are you?”
Nathan swallowed hard.
“start speaking or i kill you!”
Nathan was shaking, he was utterly defenseless, the distance between Robert and him was quite much. Seizing the gun wasn’t an option. He whispered silence prayers, albeit his eyes weren’t closed. The old man smiled in a terrifying way.
“i…i’m Nathan sherwood, his son”
Robert jerked, his brows were raised. “did you just say his son?”
“yes sir” Nathan wondered where Roberts questions were leading to.
“you think i’m gonna believe that? Where’s your evidence?”
“i don’t understand” nathan felt like replying but showed Robert his I.D card instead.
twenty seconds were time enough for Robert to verify the authenticity of Nathan’s identity card. It wasn’t a flash in the pan fluke. He’d learnt and had practiced it for over 15 years. Robert worked with the FBI as an investigator.
He dropped his gun, Nathan’s facials was familiar, late Sherwood always sang his praises. He had a passport picture of his family in his wallet. When on field work, he’d always look at it and smile. Robert dropped the gun slowly.
Nathan swam in pools of relieve. His knot tight frown eased to a graceful smile. Atleast he wouldn’t die soon.
“let me guess, you’ar digging your father’s murder?”
nathan could only nod. Oh god! He silently prayed the old man wouldn’t turn out to be a bad guy. What if Robert was his dad’s killer? How was he to act? He heaved a sigh he’d cross that bridge when he gets there.
Robert readjusted his sitting position. The lad may end up barking up the wrong tree. He’d prove his innocence while he can.
Robert maystream won multiple awards for his expertise at resolving crimes. He was also good at dissolving crises. He didn’t achieve this feat alone, his best friend and colleague–sherwood was a nice companion. They’d did everything together until the unfortunate murder of sherwood. It all happened years ago, at the time the president of USA was kidnapped. He was released after a huge ransome was paid. The men saddldd themselves to investigate the culprits and bring them to book. It was herculean, sheer luck glowed on their path, there made significant success. The culprits found out and killed Sherwood as a warning.
“after your father’s death, i investigated some more” Robert added to his narration.
Nathan had some reasons to believe Robert. He knew his dad worked with FBI he’d also suspected his death was connected to his job.
“who killed my father?!”
robert shook his head. “i’ve dealt with your kind of cases. The next thing on your mind now is revenge, which i sternly frown at. I’m afraid the info is a top secret.”
“please sir, i really crave to know” Nathan persisted. Robert coughed. I opened his laptop, and read from it.”the terrorist group was destroyed. One of them escaped to form a syndicate he called ‘dark horse’ his name is Adewale, a nigerian. He killed sherwood.”
“where is he?”
Robert scoffed. “Somewhere in Nigeria. Don’t search for him because you won’t find him ”
Nathan smiled. “thanks for your help”
“my pleasure”
Robert transfered a pdf of the full article to Nathan’s phone.
What next?


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