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Monday, 31 July 2017

Episode 36 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest

writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 36
Location: Boston, USA.
Days flew like wind. The bond between Nathan and letty waxed stronger. The duo were always together in canteens, lecture halls, library or relaxation centres round the school. Their friendship was hot potatoe on the lips of gossips, the news spread like wild fire. Some suggest their bond was rooted on platonic grounds. Others were of the opinion that there were strings attached, another group had their ideas completely outside the box.
Nathan himself wasn’t sure what he felt. The feeling was strange and unique. Only a word could describe his feelings–love!
He’d never really loved anyone. He’d limped from being a player to one who’s allergic to the female species.
Letty, however was erasing his convictions. He’d cherish every minute they’d spent together. He found it amazing that he didn’t her for séx, she was a princess in his world and deserved to be treated as such!
The hall ran into streams of noise. The rattlings of papers and chattering of differs pitches got the aura covered. Prof. Bruno just left the hall after minutes of lecturing.
Nathan closed his notepad. He’d jotted a few points from the lecture. He spent half the period contemplating why Letty didn’t show up in class. Unusual it was! Letty wasn’t the type to miss lectures. He inserted the notepad in a backpack and exited the hall, in search of her.
today was a memorable day. A day marking the begining of joy at the same time the cradle of doom. It was her birthday annivesary! As the firstborn, her birthdays were always celebrated. She’d stopped celebrating it after devil decided to curse her special day.
Her dad died on her birthday. The man was involved in a ghasty motor crash on his way home to celebrate with his family.
Of all 366 days! It was on her birthday he chose to die!
Over the past few years, her mum adviced her to no avail, letty wished she could rub off febuaray 18 from the calender. A day meant to be celebrated had turned dark to a day of mourning.
Letty realised sulking annually would do her no good, she wouldn’t party on her birthday either. She’d dedicated feb. 18 to praying for unfortunate folks like her.
The lady eased herself of the kneeling position she’d observed for over 30minutes. She raised her head, using a handkerchief to wipe off the sweat she’d accumulated on her face and neck.
Nathan heard her standing up. “in Jesus name. Amen!” he concluded his fake prayer in a loud tone.
“Nathan?” letty was stunned she didn’t envisage the man praying beside her to be Nathan.
“happy birthday leturah” Nathan wished with a smile.
He’d disturbed Jenny to a fault, the latter had no option than to tell him about letty’s annual tradition.
“thanks…how did….”
“Jenny told me about it. Are you done praying? Shall we go?”
“yes” letty bluntly replied.
They both walked out of the church and hopped in the car Nathan lent from Elvis. It was dusk, Nathan drove past the female hostel. Letty raised her brows. “i’m okay here”
Nathan smiled.
“i have a birthday present for you”
he stepped on the accelerator, driving at top speed. Letty safely wore her seat belt. What was he up to? What happened to her dad must not repeat itself ooo!!!
“you’ar over speeding!”
Nathan looked at her and smiled. “are you scared?” he slowed down the speed. Letty sighed. She gasped when he stepped on the accelerator again. This time with a swifter speed. She didn’t say anything, hoping her silent prayers can save the day.
Nathan pulled over before a dark building. He switched on a torch and urged her down. What a birthday present! A dark building? the guy was out to paint what feb. 18 meant meant to her. That explains his crazy driving. Geez what was he hiding in the building?
More puzzling was the fact that the house wasn’t his or his mum’s. She however followed him sheepishly. He’d succeeded in hypnotising her! Letty’s thoughts were proved wrong when the lights came to live immediately the stepped in.
“happy birthday!!!” chorused different voices from behind. Letty was dumbfounded. The only face she could recognize was Nathan’ and Elvis’.
“happy birthday Ada” a feminine voice sang from behind. Jenny walked in, holding a three-stepped cake.
She smiled at Letty. Just then music started playing from the home theatre.
“enjoy your day”
“woaa! Thank you so much. I feel loved”
letty screamed.
“yeeaah lets party” Jenny ranted.
What next?


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