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Monday, 31 July 2017

Episode 38 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest

writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 39
“finally got the bítch! Blaze is on the same lane as you. She’s right behind you” Jayden ranted. Gabriel smiled with a nod.
The road was relatively free compared to what it used to be on week days. He continued driving at a normal pace. Blaze would drive past him and he’d be in control. He smiled at his well laid plan.
Bright headlamps shone behind him. The car honked loudly. Blaze topped up her speed she was now driving on the same level with him. The road was triple-laned. She swerved the car to his direction, slamming her SUV against his car. Gabriel gasped he almost ran his head on the window. He readjusted himself, shove the throttle and continued driving.
Blaze drived at same pace with him, hitting him at intervals. The frame of his car wasn’t strong enough to stand her advances! He must act fast before he’s wrenched inside a car. Whats it with her anyway? Why did she want his life? Somebody should tell her he is not Michael!
Gabriel managed to reverse, he changed his course.
Blaze missed her attack, her bonnet struck a barricade of bricks. He was escaping. She wouldn’t let him slip off her fingers. Blaze was an expert at night street racing, she knew all the stunts. She reversed In a swift move that lasted only 5 seconds. The air was filled with smell of burnt tyre. The lady dipped a hand in her purse, retrieving a revolver with small silverballs in place of bullets. She wound down, tilted her head outwards, with a near perfect aim she sent two bullets into Gabriel’s car tyres.
His car slowed down a bit. He inserted a finger in his ears. “hostile situation turning red. I need back up, i repeat i need back up” he snared. Gabriel waited for few seconds there was no reply. “you copy!” the frustrated man yelled. The silence was more defeaning.
He inserted an index finger properly, it was then he realised he’d lost his ear wig. “shìt” he cursed under his breath.
“pooorrrhhh” an incoming trunk blared loudly, it was too late! Gabriel couldn’t do anything his car collided with the truck.
Katarina drove over the bridge she was waiting for Gabriel and Blaze, from the description Jayden relayed, they should show up by now. She corked her gun and smiled. She wouldn’t kill Blaze or whatever she call herself. She would torture her to the point of death till she reveal everyone involved in Michael’s death.
Katarina had a strong conviction Michael’s death involved more than one person.
The lady waited impatiently for two more minutes, yet no sign of Gabriel.
“whats Gabriel’s status? Report!”
“i lost connection with him. I was about telling you” Jayden replied instantly with a sense of worry.
“where was his last location?” Katarina sounded worried.
“uhm…lets see…ok.ok.. Mines avenue, ”
“roger that”
katarina drove to a roundabout and started towards her 4 o’clock.
blaze stared intently at her Michael, lying unconscious on the passenger seat. She’d shot him on the neck with a tranquilizer.
He’d be up in twenty-five minutes. Her phone buzzed it was jones, she pressed the answer button after two seconds of vibration.
“evacuation is ready” he didn’t finish when silk white honda drove to a halt beside her. The driver alighted and left.
Blaze dragged Gabriel from the SUV “aaww you’ar so weightless” she grinned as she got him on the passenger seat of her new car.
She drove some distance then decided to call General dominic. The man picked on the last ring.
“i’m very busy right now. Do you have any good news?” he voiced out arrogantly.
“well, i have Michael, i want my brother before proceeding. I know you see before believing. In five minutes, you would get a mms containing my latest selfie” she replied with a smirk.
“take him to my warehouse. I’d be waiting” the General ended the call as if he started it.
What next?


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