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Monday, 31 July 2017

Episode 39 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest

writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 39
Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
The room was well spaced, its ventilation was high in the fog. The old man sat legs crossed on a reclining chair. His visible companions were a shelve well stocked with books, other chairs and desks.
President Alex was reading a romantic thriller, he loved reading for leisure. He cherised all sorts of books from history to legends of great world leaders, romance and mysteries. He however didn’t fancy motivationals, they were stock of boring write-ups filled with pages of lies.
Alex raised his head, smiled and continued reading.
A soft knock permeated from the door. The man was quiet, the knock persisted. This time he was certain someone was out to disturb.
“who is there?” his voice was baritone.
“wind-A sir” came the reply from a masculine voice.
Wind-A was a code name for the presidential secret agents saddled to perform internal and external espionage. The secret service had existed for over 50years. No one except presidents knew about their activities. Thats why they were called winds.
Lately the group had been spying on top politicians, business moguls, rich folks in general.
President Alex was informed about their operations the day after he sworn in. I embraced the idea more because his sole aim was to make Nigeria a better place before his tenure runs out.
“proceed” Alex replied.
The door creaked open. A young man clad in black tux and white spiral earpiece running from his neck to his left ear walked in.
“afternoon Mr. President” he hailed with a cheerful smile.
“sit please” Alex implored, pointing to a seat.
“that wouldn’t be necessary. Here is our latest report, i want you to keep it safe.” the youngman dropped a laminated file on the desk. Alex meant to speak but the man was faster.
“i’d be on my way sir” he replied and exited the room.
The president pondered why these guys were always in black tux, more puzzling was the fact that he never saw the same person twice, moreso, they wouldn’t spare him time for some conversation. The man shrugged and flipped through the document. The tittle alone made him raise brows; “verified case of illegal drug smuggling”
he read for a while but was distracted when he heard the door open.
Who dare comes in unannounced! The president flared up, he kept cool, realising the intruder was his vice.
The men shared pleasantries.
Steven sat opposite the president.
The two became compulsory friends during the campaigne period; the party chosed steven, a former governor as Alex’ running mate. It was heard on the grapevine that Steven’s influence was the bane behind their tremendous victory in the western region.
Steven reached for the document Alex just dropped. Its header rang an alarm, the VP tried hard to camouflage his surprise.
“how did you get this”
Alex squeezed his face. The rule of wind-As didn’t allow him to discuss their activities.
” someone sent it to me, you know how these journalists are”
steven sighed. “don’t pay them any attention, you never can tell, this article may have been fabricated”
the man immediately regretted what he said, he wished he could swallow his words.
Alex smiled and nodded.
Location: Boston, USA.
The birthday girl was having her day in thd sun. It wasn’t a grand party albeit she was greatly satisfied. She held the small knife partly pierced into the cake.
Elvis, a good photographer stood some distance away, squinting through a digital camera, he was set for the umpteenth shot.
Nathan and Jenny softly pressed letty’s hand on thd knive.
“okay…ready…Nathan stop smiling to much, it makes you ugly” Elvis teased.
He took three consecutive snapshots.
Nathan broke out, reached for a remote control, reducing the music.
He walked back to letty, still smiling.
He held both of her hands. The lady couldn’t help but smile. Jenny and Elvis exchanged glances and laughed softly. Letty felt his touch in another dimension. Bolts of electricity sparked through her body. The two stared into each other’s eyes. Letty couldn’t decipher what he felt or what he was up to. Time shall dictate, shd was willing to wait!
“this may not be the perfect time, i can’t wait any longer. I love you Leturah, please be my girlfriend, be my girl”
letty smiled, her lips vibrated with excitement. The ecstasy was too much for her.
“i…i love you too Nathan, i would be your girlfriend.”
“thank you, you have no idea how happy i am”
Nathan drew her closer, they hugged tightly, letty felt every inch of his mascular frame, it was a place to be! She leaned her head on his shoulder.
The house was filled with screams and claps from Elvis and Jenny.What next?


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