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Monday, 31 July 2017

Episode 40 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest

writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 40
Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Katarina brought the car to a halt. She walked to where people were gathered. She fought her way through the swarms of onlookers, ignoring the abusive words she got for pushing them.
The lady was gobsmacked seeing Gabriel’s car almost wretched.
She verified it was his car from its plate number.
She tapped the tall dark complexioned man standing beside her.
“what happened?”
she asked with all humility she could muster.
The man looked at her and smiled, exposing a richly brown set of dentition, the odour that preceeded was capable of melting mount kilimanjaro.
“we no know oo, na so we meet am, infanct the driver don disappear”
katarina looked away, she took a step further, she could now peep into the car. Gabriel wasn’t inside. She shoke her head slowly as tears gathered and flowed from her eyes. She turned and withdrew from the crowd.
“see shakara i talk you no answer you con dey cry. Fine girls na wa for una. Shegiya kowei” the man ranted.
Katarina ignored him, on a normal day he could have gotten a taste of his medicine. Idîot!
A super bike rode noisily and stopped just beside katarina who was already on the street; about to open her car.
Jayden eased himself of the black heavy helmet threatening to suffocate him.
Katarina piqued, realising it was Jayden.
The youngman hopped off his yamaha super bike.
“Gabriel was taken by Blaze” he muttered to Katarina’s waiting ears.
“where was he taken?”
she asked in a voice chocked with sobs.
Jayden was taken aback. Unbelievable! Did he just see tears in her eyes?
he’d painted katarina as a human without emotions!
“Gabriel wig fell somewhere around here. I was able to a get a hazy footage of Blaze dragging him into a car. Not her SUV.”
katarina was mute and expressionless. Jayden interpreted it as she wanted to hear something good. He bit his lips. He really don’t know more than he had said.
“lets search her car, we may find some leads to where she is”
Katarina smiled faintly.
They walked to the opposite end of the road where Blaze’ SUV was parked.
Blaze drove swiftly. Overtaking most cars ahead of her. She wound down the window to half its length. She enjoyed the sweet breeze caressing her face and threatening to pull off her top. Music blared from the stereo, her tyres were practically flying.
Some hawkers and road safety officials paved way to avoid going home with broken bones.
Lady blaze smiled at the amount of fright she dished out.
She drove to ‘dominic warehouse’
it was a warehouse to the public; only a fraction of persons knew the depth of activities undertaken in the inner rooms which was out of bounds for workers.
She showed the chief security a plastic -like card. At the drop of a hat he commanded the obstructing bar be lifted.
Blaze dragged the car to an inner parking lot, two other cars were parked tgere.
She killed the engine, inserted a revolver between her waist and the jean trouser she wore.
She took Gabriel with little hitch, he was dead unconscious. She lay him on her shoulders, staggaring to a dark room.
Blaze knew her onions. She’ve been here before. Her fingers roamed the wall, finally tracing a switch. She clicked it, the room became gloomy with glow from an electric bulb.
The car wasn’t locked, Blaze must have been in a rush. Well, much to his delight! They got in and searched the car for five futile minuter. Katarina’s phone rang, she ignored it when Jayden screamed excitedly.
“found anything?” she asked with a glint of hope.
Jayden pointed to a smart computer on the dash board.
“this is a very rare device….”
“straight to the point”
Jayden sighed. I’ve got a strong conviction Gabriel is being held in a warehouse called ‘dominic warehouse’
“time is not by us, do you know the location?”
Jayden nodded.
They got on the super bike, he drove crazily. Soon they were metres away from the building.
It was 8pm already. The place was heavily guarded at night.
Jayden checked his device. “she is 50M from here”
“gabriel should be with her. Got gloves? Mask?” katarina inquired.
Jayden searched his backpack and gave her what she asked for.
She wore them instantly.
“keep communication flowing” she whispered, then started towards the fence
What next?


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