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Monday, 31 July 2017

Episode 43 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest

writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 43
Location: Boston, USA
The four-dimension room was wool white. Everything in it imbibed the same path. Even the woman on the bed was clad in white.
Except for the drip fixed to her hand, you could easily mistake the hospital ward for a room in heaven.
Nathan got up from beside the bed. His nose and neckling was soaking wet with sweat. He’d prayed earnestly for the past fourteen minutes, the downcasted dude sat beside the sleeping figure of his mum. He raised his head, his sight was fed with drops of liquid, trickling down a panel and running into his mum’s vein.
Nathan blinked his eyes, paving way for a free flow of tears. A feeling of regret, raw regret! coursed through his pores. Inasmuch as he craved to kick the events of thursday behind the clouds, the evil images had a way of sneaking into his mind.
Nathan bent his head as tears travelled down his cheek, entering his mouth and beyond. What use is there in wiping the tears? Would it make his mum full of beans once again?
His exam was fast approaching, he wouldn’t have elbow time to visit his mum in the wake of this period. Nathan deemed it fit to see his mother before exam commence. Madison had been glad to see her son. They had swell time together.
Soon it was dusk, Madison was done preparing dinner. She urged her son to the dinning table. They both were enjoying the meal, more because mother and son shared same likes in terms of food. Suddenly a clang was heard as Madison dropped her cutlery, she placed her elbows on the table, rubbing both palms together. “you know, Mike never took this long to visit. His lines aren’t going through either. Have you heard from him lately?”
Nathan closed his eyes slowly. Of all time, his mum chose dinner period to ask chocking question. Maybe it was time for her to know the truth. no! No! How would she react to it? Surely it wouldn’t descend easily on her…but it was her right to know. For crying out loud Michael was her son!
” Nathan!” Madison snapped his flow of thoughts.
“…mum?” Nathan’s countenance was that of confusion.
“is there something i should know?”
Nathan shoke in the negative. His mum frowned. She knew her son more than he even knew himself.
“i know you’ar hiding something. And its about Mike. Tell me the truth”
Nathan had dropped the fork hanging in his hand all the while.
“mum. I really don’t know how best to put this…er…er.. ” he stopped and took a gulp of water.
“whats ‘er’?” Madison chuckled mildly at her son’s new form of speech.
“mum, Michael is dead”
unknown to him, Madison was silently dealing with high blood pressure, her blood pressure tends to rise in shocking situations. She’d kept her family in dark about this, so they wouldn’t have course to worry. She was however, taking drugs to this effect.
Nathan’s words came to her as a doubled edged dagger, striking her heart like the foot of an elephant against a poor ant.
The old woman slumped, she’d fell sideways, pouring some drinks in the process.
Nathan was jerked from his painful, subconscious recount by a gentle tap. It was doctor smith. A family friend, who stopped visiting shortly after their father’s death. The doctor also, was in white coat, nathan was easily spotted as ‘odd.’; he was the only one in red and black wear.
“Nathan, son, its time to go. Your mum needs all the rest she can get”
“okay” Nathan’s voice came like a whispere.
He rose and walked to the door. He then turned as if he forgot something “doc, please save my mum” doctor smith smiled and nodded. “we would do our best. Take care of yourself”
“i will” he muttered and exited the ward.
The young lady sat on a shallow stool. Seemed the stool wasn’t convinient enough, she got up, staggered to the bed and sat on it. She stretched her long ebony legs, almost beyond the bedpost.
That position still didn’t suit her, she edged further to the wall, folding her legs
like muslims in prayer.
Jenny stopped reading, looked at her friend and shoke her head in disappointment.
Letty had been unstable for the past three days. She’d snubbed eating let alone study for the upcoming exams. Leturah wasn’t that kind of student. Love is a bästard! Infact curse its ancestors!!! Was it really impossible to love without loads of hitches??
Jenny was about about speaking when she heard the door echo a soft knock. She was farther from the entrance than Letty, however she knew better not to ask letty to get the door. The latter would only frown, worst still stone her with a rock of snub.
Jenny got off her reading stool. She was wearing bumshot, it could be a male visitor since the day was in its prime.
She tied a scarf round her waist, it didn’t cover much but half bread was better than none!!
The lady opened the door slowly, she was gobsmacked to see who it was she felt like raining curses on him or better still, make it more embarassing by pushing him out. She did none of these, instead she stepped backward, standing akimbo.
“what do you want?” Jenny was more arrogant than friendly.
Nathan smiled but quickly hid it. Was this some sort of joke? Jenny was a joker, however, it wasn’t business as usual.
“excuse me?”
jenny frowned and looked away. Nathan continued “uhmm i came to see Leturah, is in?”
Jenny didn’t reply, she stepped aside. as if planned, letty confronted him. “go away! I don’t wanna ever see you again!”
nathan was confused, especially with Letty’s countenance. Was this about his missing her class presentation?
“i’m sorry i missed your presentation. Something came up. I….”
“oh please! I already know the truth”
“truth? What truth?”
letty reached for a picture from the table, flashing it across his face. Nathan grabbed it almost immediately. He was shocked! How the heck did the picture get to her? It was a picture of Grace and him. He was shirtless while Grace was clad in a stripper thong.
He’d snapped the picture for fun. That was long ago, even before he knew Letty existed.
“so what? I was right all along!” Letty muttered amidst tears.
“its not what it seem. I…i can explain”
Letty scoffed. “Pictures paint a thousand words. Beside i got this from the slút you were with on thursday”
Nathan clasped his hands together, in a pleading posture.
“this picture belong to my past. A past i’d thrown away just for you. I love you and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you or mar our relationship…”
a part of her was willing to believe him, but the evidence were crystal clear!
“i’ve heard enough, go away ” she pushed his slightly. Nathan stared at Jenny who chose to be quite all along. He stepped out to avoid creating a scene.
Tears flowed down his cheek one again.
He’d came to explain why he didn’t make it to her presentation, only to get things turn out in undesirable ways!
What a shattered world! His mum was in the hospital and his girlfriend was on the verge of jilting him.
thanks to everyone; those that commented, the ghost readers and those yet to read. You guys made the story a success *wink*
¤who is behind the mask?
¤are Gabriel & Jayden dead yet?
¤President Alex got news of drug smuggling, his vice is a culprit, what next?
¤what would be the fate of Nathan and Leturah?
Hope you're eager to read?
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