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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Episode 5 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No pa
rt of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Time: 8:06 PM
The room was gloomy but bright enough for everyone to see its magnificience. No wonder it was called crystal; everything seemed to be made of glass from the roof to the ceremic tiles to the state of the art computers to the seatees. There was enough elbow room to contain the forementioned.
Katarina and bronswort occupied two seats while Jayden sat next to the computerised wall as usual.
His fingers were racing from one keypad to the other. He was already used to it!
The large cctv monitor had clips of various places showing on it. However, Jayden poured all his attention on the section displaying Michael. He was on an important mission and communication was vital!
Jayden couldn’t bring himself to believe what he saw, a bomb was resting majestically in Michael’s ski-jet.
He warned Michael about it but it was rather too late, the bomb exploded, causing the screen to take the hazy path. Everything went cloudy as smokes and flames filled the air.
No! This can’t be happening, it must be a fragment of hallucination. He reversed the footage to be sure.
Jayden was the computer guru in an underground syndicate nick named “THE DARK HORSES” they involve in various illegal activities ranging from kidnaps to assassination of prominent persons. The top four agents in the syndicate were known as dark horses, they radiate nothing less of modern gladiators. Their works were always as clean as crystals, to say they are the best is gross hypobole.
“boss there is a situation here” Jayden interrupted Katarina and bronswort who were killing time. Katarina swerved her chair to face Jayden.
“everything alright? She asked in a mixture of african and american accent. She was a british born Nigerian. Her dad was the boss, he shows himself in a month of sundays his daughter was his mirror as he’ll seat inside and give orders while she directs its execution.
“Michael was involved in an explosion” Jayden tipped.
The name Michael alone triggered fibres of shocks in her, he was the love of her life. She knew he loved her though he’d never admitted it. Katarina stood to her feet, she took a few steps towards Jayden who reversed the footage for her to watch. Tears threatened to gush down her cheeks as her eyes embraced the terrifying scene. She took comfort in the fact that she was the boss around her, emotions shouldn’t intervene in matters related to dark horses.
“trace the last number he called” Bronswort commanded.
Jayden shoke his head in disappointment. “i tried doing that, no tracks were left, the caller identity wasn’t traceable”.
“could be that we have enemies? Asked Abubakar who just walked in.
Katarina heaved. “this must have been planned before hand. We need to be very careful, you’ve been making lots of noise lately”
she warned and walked away to her father’s wing.
LOCATION: Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport, Abuja.
TIMD: 10:56AM
The far and tiny objects observed from above began to magnify as the plane came closer to mother earth. It landed with a bounce, rolled a few more metres, bounced again before finally coming to a halt. The aisle flung open as if it was waiting to smell the Nigerian ground. People of different callibre alighted gently, the sweet aura of expensive body sprays fought defensively against the natural air gas lurking round the airport.
Gabriel took his final step off the aisle. He heaved a big sigh, feels good to be in Nigeria again! He was given three months vacation and decided to spend it with his twin bro, its been ages since they last saw eyeball-to-eyeball. In the heat of the moment Gabriel had tried contacting Michael to tell him about his coming sadly none of his lines were reachable, much to his, (Gabriel’s) distress.
He was clad in all black, he noticed Michael loved black wears especially when in Nigeria. He’d claded his frame in black to impress the tough nut out of his brother Michael.
TIME: 11:05 AM
The incidence of yesterday left Katarina confused and emotionally unstable. She’d been seating next to Jayden for over three hours now. They’d been trying to trace Michael’s last caller but luck ran away from them. Just when she was about giving up, she saw Michael at the airport. The Dark horses had hacked the surveillance systems in all international airports round the nation that way they could monitor what goes in and out of Nigeria.
“Michael!” she screamed excitedly.
Jayden however wasn’t excited he knew Michael couldn’t have made it out of the fire absolutely spotless. Only him in the syndicate knew Michael was a twin ’cause the latter had kept his real identity a secret.
D--n it! Gabriel shouldn’t have come into the country at that time! Jayden swallowed had as he thought how best to tell Katarina it was Gabriel and not Michael.
Whd next AYNIERs?


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