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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Episode 6 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it
should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

sheep in lion fur
Gabriel lay on a sofa in the sitting room, playing game on his laptop. He changed lying position as his stomach ached badly, his whole weight had been resting on his stomach for over two hours.
He was tired of the boredorm he was encaged in. Everything appear to be paved with the boriness of the house. He had tried killing time by watching tv but it only added to his predicament, he deemed no program attractive.
He knew Michael is got an itchy feet but this was utterly beyond normal. He had been waiting on his twin for over eight hours, yet not a shadow of him had showed up. To hike it all his contacts were all dead.
Gabriel shot an annoying look at the television, it was airing nothing but rubbish! He wondered how Michael could put up with this trash. He let out a loud his after switching of the tv. Even his laptop was trashy at that moment.
He wasn’t familiar with Nigeria he would have found himself some cool chilling spot. He’d been to Nigeria only once, this was his second visit and it was already terrible.
His stomach churned for food, he hadn’t tasted anything since his arrival, he hated kitchens and wouldn’t cook even if the sword of hunger threaten to slit his throat.
Gabriel slumped back to the sofa, reminiscing the most terrible hours he’ve ever experienced. He made up his mind to depart in the crack of down. He was still tripping down his reverie when a soft knock landed on the door. Inches of smile graced his thing lips as he made mental pictures of how best he’d slap Michael for being an åss. The gentle knock came again, this time it was louder. Wait a sec, michael wouldn’t be knocking before entering his own house! Gabriel’s smile was displaced by a wrinkling frown. He stuttered to the door and dragged open its knob.
Waoh! Excactly what he envisaged. It was an intruder! He thought of slaming the door on the poor fella but quickly thought against it, every parrot deserves a listening ear. He stood inches away from the ‘intruder’ his well toned body obstruct the way, his right hand held firmly to the door while the free hand was glued to the wall.
“yes how may i help you? He asked rudely.
“Michael? The intruder soundes excited. Gabriel was pissed, here he was waiting for Michael and someone else is calling him that. He felt like emptying his well of annoyance on the fellow.
“may i come in please? The visitor inquired, Seeing his host gave him the cold feet.
“no get your god damñed as outta here!” Gabriel felt like replying, instead he found himself ushering in ‘his’ visitor. More because the dude’s face stroke an alarm in his clauster of memories. The face looked so very familiar to him.
He repulsed the thought of asking the familiar face if they’ve met before since the persom mistook him for Michael.
“Gabriel! Its you isn’t it? Jayden asked after resting his åss on a sofa.
He’d snuck out of crystal to secretly meet Gabriel. He needed to warn him about the dam of danger he was unknowingly swimming in. The former felt guilty that Michael passed away like rams used for annual festivals. He’d introduced Michael to the syndicate to help him shake off the storm of poverty blowing in his family, little did he know he pushed mike to the path of death. He needed to correct his mistakes there is no time like the present!
Gabriel was gobsmacked someone, a stranger for that matter could tell between Michael and him. He squeezed his face, wrenching his handsomeness.
“sorry, it seem we’ve met before, i can’t place my hands on how and when”
Jayden smiled. “does Jayden Clair stir something?
“ahah! Gabriel exclaimed. He wasn’t barking up the wrong oak all along.
Jayden was their classmate in grade-12, back there in the united states. They lost contact after graduating high school, Mike however met Jayden again, although not to Gabriel’s knowledge.
Gabriel giggled. “long time bro, i almost didn’t recognize you” the duo shoke hands like behind the time friends. Gabriel seemed happy to see him, giving Jayden a second thought whether or not to accomplish his mission drastic times call for drastic actions, he made up his mind to break the bombshell knowing fully well it wouldn’t go down well on his old friend.
He budged closer to Gabriel, he then withdrew his iphone from his side pocket.
He was about playing the video clip when Gabriel spoke up.
“pardon my manners, i was too engolfed in the euphoria of seeing you….what may i offer you?
Jayden became a bit uneasy. “water would do” he replied.

*Episode 6 continued*
Jayden took large gulps of water hoping it’ll quench the fire burning from within.
He cleared his throat roughly like a patient of flu. His breathe increased his body developed the stiffness of a wood. Yes death wasn’t alien to his vocabulary, as a matter of fact he’d killed many before but he had never been faced with the only option of announcing obituary. Not just any death, his best friend’s!
“there is something you must know Gabriel” he fought his heavy tongue into articulation.
‘Something he must know? Was his brother on a trip? Oh he should have told him in their last phone conversation, that way he wouldn’t have had his hopes raised.
“Mike is on a trip right? Gabriel asked innocently.
“yes, on a trip to…..” Jayden paused for a fragment of seconds.
“you see, uh……i don’t know how best to put this….i’m sorry Michael is dead. Jayden stammered out the truth.
Impossible! He had a phone conversation with his twin just a few days ago, and he sounded as fit as a fiddle. This must be some sort of expensive joke.
Jayden watched as Gabriels lips part away, his upper lip was now living in a world of its own, likewise the lower lip.
Jayden understood what it feels like to get terrible news such as this, he himself had wept out his sympathy yesterday.
He played for Gabriel the clip from the cctv, involving how Michael was blown in his ski-jet.
Gabriel rose to his feet, in a swift move he grabbed Jayden by the coller, dragging him to the wall where he pinned him mercilessly, Jayden was weak and at the same time surprised.
“why did you kill my brother?!! Gabriel yelled, tightening his grip on his victim, the resultant was choking Jayden.
Jayden coughed, his voice was seizing.
“you are barking up the wrong tree man, i can explain” he managed to mutter in a depressed tone.
‘explain? Gabriel scoffed mockingly. “explain what? That you set my brother, killed him and even had the guts to show me the footage huh? The raging Gabriel replied. Beads of sweat pricked his forehead.
“no….” Jayden tried to defend but his voice seized when Gabriel’s bare hands sqeezed his neck.
Gabriel gave Jayden a killing look ” he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword”


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