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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Episode 7 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part
of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Time: 5:06PM
Jenny had three lectures to deal with today. She’d returned to the hostel roughly thirty minutes ago and resolved to wipe off the day’s sweat with a cold bath. She’d taken her bath and covered her beautiful frame in blue tank top and black bum short. She stood at the doorpost adjoining the living room. She’d been standing in awe for atleast two minutes, watching her silly friend Leturah. Letty lay on her back with her head resting on a white-black striped pillow. The pillow was glued to the wall as against its ideal position.
Letty was playing with her rosery at the same time smiling. Jenny was used to her friend’s strange attitude, the latter was a day dreamer right from her teen, she’ll seize every loneliness to imagine things.
Jenny made to tap her friend off her reverie, in nick of time, the oblivious letty let go of a loud fart which sounded like the thud of a horse and smelt like the embrayo of a rotten egg. Jenny quickly withdrew her hand, placing it on her nose as the army of smell permeated the room.
“mmmm….mmmm” Jenny muttered through her air tight nose. The lady who released the bomb of smell didn’t seem to notice, she looked so drown in whatever she was doing, perhaps speaking to her ancestors!
Jenny grew pale, she struck her friend roughly.
Letty was startled.
“what is it? She asked disappointedly. She’d imagine herself together with her crush in a romantic setting, she was swallowed by those angelic eyes of his. His magical words originated directly from heaven. He was about kissing her with those inviting lips. Just then some evil possessed being dragged her off her trance.
Letty inhaled the foul smell that pervaded the room she reached for a hand towel to protect her olfactory organ from the invading terror.
Jenny who had flung the windows open laughed hysterically. “the manufacturer is now running from her product” she continued laughing much to Letty’s chagrin.
This Nathan dude was really something else, thinking about him had always cost her her senses, the worst happened on the corridor to their numerous lecture halls. The lecturer called it a day after uselessing their time with bunch of boring lessons. She’d stepped out of the class heading back to her room when she caught a glimpse of her distraction, he passed by her, with a backpack which hugged his back as a toddler would his mother.
The fragrance that cradled from his body was enough to sweep her off her feet, she kept staring at him lostly until she had a head on collision with a concrete piller. Some girls laughed annoyingly at her as if they were waiting for her downfall.
Nathan was the hottest guy on campus, his abs were a killer, his handsomely round face, fair skin and perky nose were a plus to his impeccability. What made girls flock around him the most was his expertise in taekwondo, he was a star high in the hog!
“a penny of your thoughts? Jenny asked after her laughs had faded along with the smell, thanks to the room spray she applied.
Letty smiled “Nathan of course”
“Nathan this nathan that….ah ah! The prince charming don’t even know if your silouette exist, stop drooling would you? Jenny asked sarcastically, she was also having some feelings for him, albeit she had a boyfriend.
Letty frowned. “the harder i try, the more i find myself in his world”
“that one na you sabi” Jenny replied absent mindedly, she was already chatting on whatsapp.
“any idea why he wasn’t in school today? Tittered Letty.
“yes because he know eyes like yours would flock around him” Jenny chuckled.
The two have been best of friends right from childhood. Their parents were family friends. Everything was going well as though they were predestined. Until Letty’s family was sent to the dashing board. Her late dad, of blessed memories was involved in a ghasty motor crash accident which claimed many lives including his. This paved a great set back in their family, the once happy family was broken with one fragment taken away for eternity. They began living the hand-to-mouth kind of life. They’d depend on the proceeds from their bewidowed mother’s shop. Just when they thought they’d kicked out the last straw, the worst happened. Their mother’s shop was broken into and all her goods more stories on Life became a living hell for them, people they’d considered as friends turned out to be their banes, to add insult to injury, he uncles took all her father’s property from them, from frying pan to fire!
Leturah had no option than to start hawking to make both ends meet. It was on one of her voyage that she met Jenny’s father, Mr. Nwabodo.
Nwabodo was beyond shocked to see his friend’s daughter hawking, wearing nothing but rags. He had a big heart, a heart of pure gold. He’d helped her family get back to their feet, he shouldered Letty’s education, leaving her mum with only one child to cater for. He also gave her mum some cash to start up a new business.


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