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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Episode 9 | All For You (Episodic Love Story)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part
of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Gabriel stepped out of a black armoured SUV with a glistter of smile. He hadn’t drove in an SUV before. Michael was indeed living high in the hog. His masculine figure was hugged by black t-shirt and trouser, his elegant outfit was crowned with a hazel versace sunglass all selectively picked from his twin’s wardrobe.
Fitting into Michael’s shoes was the toughest decision he’d made. The scary fact that refusing to replace Michael would cost him the death of the only family he had left- his mother and step brother- pushed him into capitulating to Jayden’s demand. He however had a mission at heart- avenge his brother’s death, sell out the syndicate and withdraw back to his niché.
It hurt him to know his brother vanished like summer wind without atleast a spark of ash from his body. He sniffed back the incoming mucor, wiped off the trail of tears on his succulent face and resumed his voyage to the glass house before him.
Jayden sent him a pdf containing all there was to know about the syndicate so he wouldn’t appear a rat in company of cats. Jayden promised to help in fishing out Michael’s murderer, come rain come sunshine.
Crystal was a mansion erected with state of the art materials, it looked so very beautiful and magnificient. Its surroundings alone was enough to make the best architect give up his carreer. Michael’s voice was slightly more baritone than Gabriel’s. The latter had to thicken his voice while replying the maid’s greeting. He was having his day in the sun. Upon request a maid led him to the base room where the agents usually gather. The maid was gobsmacked with his request, she dare not ask why.
The room looked neater than neat, spacious and eye-appealing. Jayden who was seated next to a cctv monitor winked at him. “welcome Michael” he hailed with a tender smile. A chocolate skinned young lady, moderate in size and fair in height threw herself on him, almost sending him to the ceremic tiled floor. He winced in pain the instant her arm touched his bandaged arm. He silently cursed the bastård in Jayden. The latter shot his arm impromptu last night with the flimsy excuse that he needed to appear as one who survived an explosion.
He’d felt like squeezing Jayden to death. Jayden retrieved the orb silver bullet buried in his muscles and treated his arm using Michael’s first aid.
“aww sorry” katarina appologised realising the effect of her rough hug. She just couldn’t hide the exciting fact that she was basked in the euphoria of seeing her one and only Michael, the only person capable of lightening her mood in the darkest of times. She’d almost fainted when she watched the video clip. “i was scared i’d loose you forever, Mike” she voiced out her excitement with a glistening smile. Gabriel replied with a nod.
“you made it alive!” exclaimed Abubakar after displaying a devilish grin.
“would you prefer it if i had died? Gabriel asked, his seriousness masked in a tease. He shoke hands with Abu. Leaving the latter in trails of confusing. The michael he knew was down to earth rude. He’d hardly greet someone politely let alone shaking hands.
The boss called on Michael. Gabriel’s searching eyes roamed the room he didn’t see the owner of the voice. Do they speak through walls around here?
Jayden saved his confusion, pointing snappily to an adjorning room. Gabriel who got the message excused himself.
He almost ran out on seeing the scary face of a man on wheel chair. His facial expression could serve as antidote of peace. The Adewale, the boss suffered from flesh eating bactaria which consumed the tendons linking his femur to his knee cap. Making him permanently cripple.
“hi” Gabriel sounded sarcastic.
“Michael! What happened?” came the beast like voice.
“i’m yet to figure it out, i need a little vacation to sort somethings out”
“your presence is needed more than ever” the boss opposed.
Gabriel cleared his throat. ” a week break wouldn’t be that bad”
the boss nodded.”granted!”. Gabriel turned and left.
The free week would save him time to mourn his brother and to practice basic skills. A sheep must grow claws and fangs before wearing a lion’s fur.
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