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Friday, 21 July 2017

How I Lost My Womb Because Of Love And Peradventure Got Pregnant Again;True Life Story

How I  Lost My Womb Because Of Love And Peradventure Got Pregnant  Again;True Life Story
How I  Lost My Womb Because Of Love And Peradventure Got Pregnant  Again;True Life Story 

The Ceo of Am utilizing this great opportunity  to thank you for your words of courage and every of your posts, I truly value all of them. Your last update on one of your page "Love Stories" Prompt me to choose inside me to share my own particular story, which I sent to your email for a superior guidance to all our ladies.

I never believed in true love since i was used and dumped during my 100 level days, which was my matriculation day. I truly loved a person named Kunmi , he was my first love, and I believe him with my whole heart that I couldn't avoid to lose him. As time goes on, I was so insane in adoration, I always pay him visits at his hostel since he was staying alone. I generally let him know am keeping my virginity until my wedding day. One day, I was not able to go back to my hostel, while I chose to rest over night, I could recollect clearly around 12 a m, he woke me up and began some affectionate expression you ought to get it. Be that as it may, later, I saw he was seriously in  mood, instantly I alerted him to stop. What's more, he was so angry and we later slept off. Around 1 a.m in the midnight I saw some strange fingers inside me, quickly I woke up, and saw he was him again, I instructed you to stop all these in light of the fact that I will never acknowledge these until our wedding day. Immediately he pushed me on the bed and molest me like am not her girlfriend at all, thou, he apologize the next day and i pardoned him.

Few months Later, I saw a few changes in my body, feeling weak sometimes and splitting. Before we both agreed to go for check up at the hospital. My dear friend, it was a two pregnant result that was given to me. After we returned home at night, he told me that I should go for abortion the following day. I disagreed continually experiencing passionate feelings for him quickly that I will never do such in my life. however, after a month after he persuades me with some lies. We terminated the pregnant and through the process, I lost my womb. To cut the story short, he broke up with me for no good reason  after he went for NYSC service. Now am hopeless, no one knew about these even my parents.

Later after my graduation, I found a God fearing man and I clarified everything about my past to him. Later, after a year of marriage, I got pregnant, I would never accept that me that doesn't have a womb can be pregnant. However, I thank my darling husband for been there for me. Even whenever am depressed, his always there to console me. I intentionally share my true life story to let everyone knows that because someone hurt you doesn't mean you would never found true love again. There is true love when you truly deserved to be in love with.

Hope you all learn something Fan's?


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