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Friday, 21 July 2017

True Life Story; My First Love

True Life Story; My First Love

True Life Story; My First Love
I was not blind when my  mom gave birth to me. I lost my
Dad through a vital accident and also loosed my two eyes. Some days later after my daddy’s death,my Dad family came up with their problems that we should vacate  our house, which belongs
to my Dad, furthermore they inherited every of his properties and left nothing for us. From that point, life appears to be excessively tough for me and my Mom. I was exceptionally youthful then, only 6 years old and was not allowed to further my study because of my disability. My mom really tried through hard labor so that we could survive . I had a friend named Ayo, but I mostly called him Ayomi, he always been there in time of struggles since I couldn't see anything, however, he generally been there to hold me at whatever point I wish to go out to feel the beautiful world. He always holds me wherever I suggested we should go together, he always tutor me whatever they thought them at school. Which really assisted me in term of my outspoken. I never feel moody at whatever point is around. We are both companions for a considerable length of time without permitting any intruders in the middle of us. Our parent also recognized us together. When I was 15 years old likewise him, some area ladies always laugh at us, saying that it  seems my mother had enchanted my valuable companion, Ayomi. That a handsome guy like him had no taste and too degrading to start dating someone like me that doesn't have eyes. Indeed, even they generally convince him with a few tricks to win his heart for themselves. Yet at the same time Ayomi  stood by me . Would always remember a day my mother need to go for a sister wedding and was not comfortable to leave me alone at home, Ayomi spoke with is parents that he would be absent in school for two days. He's always available to cook for me, fetch water from the well and guide me to the bathroom. whenever am finished with my shower would summon him to come over and take me to the living room. Before it will escape my mind, we are staying in our deserted family's house, since we couldn't avoid house rent payment. Gradually I started falling in love with Ayomi, yet I was confused on how to let him know. I can likewise feel that he felt the same way yet been timid to approach me. A long time later after he finished from secondary school, his uncle spoke with his parent that he should relocate down to Ibadan to further his education. however, he disagreed to accept the offer as a result of me. He came to our home later at night and disclosed everything to me, which I instructed him to comply with his guardian, education implies a considerable measure in human's life, that how I wished I can go to school. Immediately tears started running out from my eyes. He was depressed immediately and confused likewise. Thou, to be honest, I was thinking inside me that "would I be able to live without Ayomi on the off chance that if he eventually accepted to relocate to Ibadan. Some days later he noticed that am moody and promised to always be here with me.

After some days, he came to our house and I noticed that he was moody, and gave me a gift which truly amazed me. he said something that day which make that day an amazing day for me. He said " I love you ife" and ki*ssed me immediately.  I was over joyous to the extent that tears was running out from my eyes. Immediately I called his name and everywhere went quite.

  Me- Ayomi, hope you are there…. are you there...please answer me now?

Seriously great fans of everywhere was silent, then I knew he had left. I cried profusely. Later my mom returned from market and disclosed everything to me that he explained to her that his family forced him , and he had no way out than to acknowledge to further his education at, university of Ibadan. She said, she was the one that told him not to disclose anything to me, because she knew anything can happen if he does. Since that day, I wasn't myself,  I almost run mad. Crying at whatever point I flashed back.  For almost 2 years, my mom  rarely feels my happiness any longer.

could recollect a song we always sang together under a tree in our area, which says;

                                                    we can see the sky staring at us
                                                  Kindly brightening up our day
                                                  Put joy in our cheeks, because we need to enjoy the
                                                 Beautiful world together  and more……..

genuinely, tears never elude me at whatever time I remember the song.

One day, a guy came up and let me know his prepared to wed me because he loved me since the day he set his eyes on me. he was a united state of America based. As per his words, he asserted he cherish me in light of the fact that am unique and adore every little thing about me, and he can perceive it that am his housewife. Be that as it may, I denied him, and said my Ayomi, will definitely come back to me one day . To cut the story short. My mother began pestering my life, that she needs my happiness once more, that Ayomi, that even left me for a considerable length of time without looking back would have continued his life with some else. Still yet I remained on my feet which nobody can change my mind. After some months, my mother never allowed me to rest and the person always came to our house. later he told my mother to fly me out of the country for medical surgery  if possibly I can recollect my eyes, and I agreed to go with him. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and now I can see clearly. We came to back to Nigeria. but I insisted and never accept such. Thou, I appreciated him for what he did, but not for marriage. Be that as it may, later I acknowledged in light of the fact that my mother was never at peace with me from that point forward.

We are about making arrangements for our wedding . One day, while in the living room. Somebody slammed the entryway opened. only greeted  my mom and was quiet throughout staring at me, not saying anything immediately I feel something strange inside me, I drew nearer to him, touch his face with the days of yore recollections when I was still visually impaired, and the other person was sitting down. At that point, I knew Ayomi is back for me.

I was extremely blissful with tears in my eyes, i hugged him tight. What's more, the other person aggressively left our home. great fans of, he clarified while he has been far from me, that even he always post a letter and money to me, yet my mother could never convey it.

After a few months, we wedded as a couple.

Truly I believed true love never die no matter what it might come up along the way.
Hope you all enjoyed the story written by CEO?
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