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Thursday, 27 July 2017

What's the meaning of heartbreak from your past experiences?

Well, everyone has their definitions for this topic called 'heartbreak'through their past experiences in life.

Some would attach it to their past love with their exes, bitter experiences and more.
Now! Let's make this a topic and allow others to learn from us.
What's your own meaning for heart break from your past?
Drop your comments to keep the topic moving!


  1. Heartbreak is very great sadness and emotional suffering, especially after the end of a love affair or close relationship. ..

  2. Today I see my wife enter the door with her curly streaked mane and I can’t help but think about Her. Her hair was plaited shut so tight on the day she found out about my girlfriend, just like her, it had closed itself to me. I wish I had taken her out of the shadows, because if I had, my life wouldn’t be as dark as it is today.

    1. Life Sha! I learnt from your past.
      Heart is a swollen wound that can not easily be heal.
      I could remember what my only first love does to me. I met her on nak*d position screaming louder while av been waiting for that precious day on our wedding night to deflower the only person I love. Never knew she's a cheap liar, always claimed to be a Virgin.
      Women Sha!

  3. Afolayan Kehinde27 July 2017 at 07:24

    Yours na small issue!
    I red handedly caught my so called fiance making love with her Dad while our wedding is fast approved.
    What about that?



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