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Saturday, 8 July 2017

You need to read how the cries of twins saved a family from Badoo assaults- Victims residing in Ikorodu shared the story!

This couple were known to be the first surviving casualties of the feared assaults (Badoo) who have held inhabitants of Ikorodu and environs hostages for quite a while now. 

In spite of the fact that Mr. Olawale Anthony, his significant other, Edith and their three kids including twins are alive to tell the story, memories of the terrifying nocturnal visit by the criminal cult gang that would have snuffed life out of them, will linger for a long time.

In about 20 cases of attacks which had taken place in the area, Badoo victims were said to have been caught sleeping, allegedly due to a sleep inducing substance cast on them by their attackers.
But, the couple owes their lives and that of the entire family to their twins, whose cries woke the wife in time to behold the intruder and raise the timely alarm that drew the attention of neighbours to their rescue.   
Olawale, a tiller lives with his poor family close to Orija bus stop.
Narrating the events of the night to Saturday Sun, Edith said: “It was on Friday night of the second week in June. I was asleep, but woke up when I heard the cries of my twins. I have never heard them cry at the same time like that. When I rose, I saw someone close to me with a grinding stone. He hit me on my head with it and picked it up to do it again. I started screaming for help. The second time he hit me on my hand, but I dodged the blow the third time. Then I ran outside.
“On my way, I called my husband, but he did not answer, I made for the door seeing that he had been hit. After the man left, I thought my husband had died, but my daughter went inside, checked him and said he was alive, before the students and neighbours ran and took him to the hospital.”
Her husband, Olawale, still being treated at the Lagos Island Hospital, picked the thread of the narration: He said: “On that day, I just finished a job I got on Power Line. When I got home I told my wife that I was going to rest, planning to stay home for a week. I can’t recollect the time I ate. I don’t even know the time she brought the children to me, because I was very tired. It was when I regained consciousness at Lagos Island Hospital that I asked my wife how I got there. I cannot give accurate narration of what happened during the period. I knew I was being moved around, but I had no idea why.”
He added: “I remember when I was in the hospital, some policemen came and said their boss wanted to know if I was still alive, because nobody had survived Badoo attack.”
The Anthonys feed from hand to mouth. This is evident in the squalid state of their yet-to-be completed apartment and their own personal situation. The twins, dressed in torn clothes lay on the bare floor. When one of them cried, their sister gave her water.
Although it was supposed to be a four -bedroom apartment, the wall has absorbed the natural colour of the cement blocks used in building the house. Bamboo littered the house. The room is linked to the kitchen without a door, while the window has enough space to allow a grown up access into the apartment.
Olawale said he started building the house, after he quit his former job with Julius Berger and established his own business. “I did but problems did not allow me to sustain it and it folded up. It was during that period that I started to build this house when the problem started, I moved in here, but I have not been able to finish the building. I am not in contention with anybody over my property. I bought the land in 2003 and started building the following year. This is the 13th year I have been building it. I put one block at a time and fixed the windows and doors myself, I know that if I have a secured place to stay, I would not be attacked,” he said.
The lucky couple glorified God and thanked the people who rallied round and contributed money for their medical treatment. Edith said: “When we rushed him(Olawale) to the hospital, we didn’t have anything in the house. he hadn’t even paid the boys who worked for him on the last job he did. I was mocking him that he didn’t bring anything home. When we got to the hospital, the doctors told us that he was going to do more brain scan, they took us to Ikorodu General hospital and we were also referred to Ikeja General Hospital. During this period, it was the community that was paying the bills. At General Hospital they paid the N50, 000 that allowed him to have the second scan. I am grateful to all who made it possible, but we are calling for help so that it won’t happen again.”


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