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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Episode 10 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.

“have you see INEC’s result?” Alhaji Ismail asked.
The president nodded. “of course. I did before it got to the public” he replied.
The president in the presidential villa with Ismail, his uncle.
Ismail was closest to him than even his late father. This may be attributed to their seemingly compatible ages. The duo were like brothers, Ismail was the last born in the family, he wasn’t much older than Alex.
He was the only one who stood by Alex in his decision to renounce Islam.
Ismail was also the secret skeleton behind Alex running for the presidential seat.
“the opposition party is gaining grounds. What are you doing about it?” his uncle asked without as much as a smile.
Alex was confused. What was his uncle drilling it? It was the people’s choice, besides there wasn’t much difference in the votes. Luck just decided to brighten her rays on APC.
“the bayelsa APC governorship aspirant defeated PDP with only a fraction of 0.5%” president Alex defended.
“bayelsa is a PDP state….”
“yes but…” Alex spoke interruptedly.
Ismail gave a killing look, if looks were hot, his would burn down mount everest.
The president mellowed he swallowed his words.
Ismail continued.
“two senetorial aspirants in the same state lost to APC. The fraction doesn’t count, even 0.1% is a lost, lost is lost! I want you to do something about it”
Alex contemplated for a while. He hadn’t thought about that. Indeed APC was waxing stronger in opposition. Something must be done to tell the mice that cats rule the kingdom.
“i’ll take it to heart” the president replied.
Ismail heaved a noisy sigh, he wore a forelorn face.
Sean stood erect upside down. His clenched fists were the only support he had. His legs were straight up, his head was between his hands inches away from the floor.
It was his best exercise position.
“23….24….25” he counted as he pushed his weight up and down. The sleeves of his shirt was already drenched in sweat.
His breathing pace double.
Sean casted his mind to the events at the conference tower. Important about being a spy is to have a great memory, he’d trained for that.
He recalled having the ring while shooting. He ran through a flight of stairs….
The images became blurry he opened his eyes and closed it back.
the ring wasn’t completely inserted in his finger. It got entangled with flowers in a vase while he was jumping.
he heaved a sigh and eased himself. He was now breathing faster.
“it fell around the parking lot”
Ciara dropped her glass of bailays upon hearing him speak. She moved to the wall. Computers were arranged in rows.
She sat on a stool the keypad released soft melody as she clicked them.
“what are you doing?” Sean inquired though he could easily guess it.
“checking for setellite Images and hoping to hack into the tower’s close circuit system” she replied.
The forensic team led by Officer Bankole were at the crime scene in the conference tower.
Police barricade was used to block meaningful amount of the premises.
Reporters lingered about the barricades they were desperately struggling to get shots and short stories. They weren’t allowed beyond the barricades so they were crowded outside the crime scene.
Bankole stepped out from the hall, sweating profusely.
He looked at them and hissed reporters! Always making it impossible for people to do their job. Were they taught stubborness in school?
If you try sending them away you would end up being a hot cake on social media.
“arrogant policeman” he smiled at the caption he imagined. His eyes spotted a flashy SUV it looked like one of those convoys that take governors on tours. A male figure leaned beside the car, the person motioned to bankole.
Bankole pointed a finger to his chest. The man affirmed with a nod. The officer removed his rubber hangloves, he lifted bent under the barricade and got to the car.
The man in question was already in his car by the time bankole got there.
Bankole smiled at the fellows in the car.
A man handed him a brown envelope even before bankole could open his mouth to greet.
Bankole raised his brows. He collected it, not sure what it contained for all he knew it could be a letter bomb.
“what is this for?” he asked.
“details inside” the man in the car replied and wound up the window. The car drove off, almost hitting bankole the latter was in time to step aside
*To be continued*


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