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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Episode 11 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced 

in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
officer Bankole sat under the shade of a leafy tree. He opened the document it contained a letter, a picture and a band of clean thousand naira notes. He was asked to find a ring. Colonel Kassim was in the car with his body guard. Bankole wondered why the colonel didn’t care to step down and see the progress they were making. The ring must mean alot to Col. Kassim. The officer though. It’ll undoubtedly cost arms and legs to get such a jewel.
The officer tucked the money under his belt, pulled his black shirt over it and made back to the hallway.
Investigations were on top gear! The forensic team had found some DNA specimen, few bullets and tons of dead men.
Some of them were taking shots of spots struck by strand bullets.
Nothing was taken out of the hallway, not even the dead bodies, they were acting under orders.
“Ebuka! Joel!”
bankole called out. The echo of his voice hadn’t died down when two men walked up to him.
“whats the latest development?” Bankole asked scratching his nose.
“we found some bullets, a few blood samples and the special team are scanning for finger prints” Ebuka explained.
Bankole smiled satisfactorily. “what about you? Joel”
Joel coughed. “sir?”
“forget. Did you encounter any ring? A signet ring”
Bankole inquired.
“whats a s…see…signet ring?” Joel struggled to pronounce the word.
Bankole sighed. He handed the a picture displaying a golden ring with a tiny oval signet.
Joel nodded was familiar with the ring. Did rings have subdivisional name? Na wao!
Bankole mistook Joel’s nod for a yes.
“where is it?” he asked eagerly.
“we haven’t seen any rings” Ebuka came to the rescue.
Bankole was disappointed the little hope he had lingering was vanished.
“why were you smiling?” he asked referring to Joe.
“sir?” joe replied.
Bankole’s annoyance threatened to shoot up, he however knew best to segregate work from emotions.
“whats sir? Do you have listening issues?” he ranted.
“if you find it, report to me asap”
he concluded.
“whats the ring for sir?” Ebuka wondered what a ring got to do with their job.
“it belong to the colonel” bankole replied and walked away, shading off opportunities for further questions.
Leturah was done ironing a white blouse. She prepared her suit skirt for ironing when suddenly there was power outage. The lady hissed noisily. It was a good thing she’d ironed the ‘important’ ones. Power outage was becoming a routine these days yet electricty bills were high in the fog. She wondered if there was any difference between fueling a power generating set and paying light bills.
She straightened strands of wrinkles on the skirt, switched of the home thearter system. She took her clothes inside and hung them in a wardrobe. She fell on the bed, exhausted. She did the home chores alone today. Chuckwuma her kid brother left for school early. He was writing his final senior certificate exams. He had physics practicall scheduled for 9am but left home much early.
The thought of him reminded her to cook. She imagined his angry face when he comes back and lunch is not ready.
The kid ate like a gluton and complained like a parrot. She smiled, she could relate to him. He was even lucky there was food in the house unlike her secondary school days–after the demise of her father.
She would return from school and go hawking, sometimes with emty tummy. All those moments were now history. Nothing last for ever!
Her phone rang from the living room. She got up from bed and walked to take it.
The caller i.d forced a smile on her face. Her heart still limp and race whenever she was around him. Eargerness exploded in her veins as she answered Nathan’s call.
They spoke for nearly thirty minutes, they’d lost track of time, laughing and gisting. Leturah hung up after giving Nathan a phone kiss.
She dropped the device and walked to the kitchen.
Letty got a job as an editor in the publishing department of criminal investigation unit headquarters in Abuja.
IGP Nwabodo played a major role in this feat, her good qualifications was a plus in earning her the position. A minimium of 5years experience was required albeit the demands were dissolved when Mr. Nwabodo came in. She would be starting by monday. She’d recieved the necessary documents guiding her position. It was a good news to the entire family, her mum jubilated, praising God nonestop.
Letty was glad, she would help in boosting the family’s finances Nwabodo and his family were indeed God sent!
The lady was pealing yam, her phone rang interruptedly. It was a strange number, she hesitated to answer.
She eventually did, as the caller was persistent.
“what?!…my mum? Jesus christ. I’m on my way”
she hung up in a panick.
Her mum fell unconscious.
She ran out to her mum’s shop located across the street. Many thoughts ran through her mind, she recalled her mum complaining of mild headache lastnight.
WhAt next?


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