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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Episode 12 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Mr. Adewale punched some buttons on his wheel chair. In reaction, the room became gloomy, its lights went off except a large square shaped area on the wall. The box brightened, its screen permeated an amber colour.
Adewale turned the mobile wheel chair to face it.
“amber mood initiated. Command to proceed” a male voice said.
“Zbot its me” Adewale replied the computer, he didn’t have the luxury of time for formalities.
Only him knew of zbot, no one enters his room, he don’t trust anybody to that extent. Even his agents come in when asked and depart the moment he was done with them.
It was his central room, everything about him revolved here.
Zbot made a ‘hiss’ that sounded like gases were released through a narrow outlet.
A door wall slided open. Revealing a flight of stairs leading downward.
Adewale got up from the chair, he stretched and bent his legs like a footballer warming for a crucial match. When he was done, he stepped on the stairs. The door automatically locked, lights in the room revamped and the amber screen turned white, blending with the wall paintings.
The staircase glided at constant speed. It led Adewale to an underground system. The boss had not been silence for nothing, he was secretly building a formidable army.
He could no longer trust his top agents; katarina is consumed by emotion, the real Michael is gone. He had only agent Abu left.
Even Abu was still under observation.
Two men were in a sword fight. Displaying their great dexterities. They were members of the crack Jack team.
Adewale watched them for some seconds their combat wasn’t so attractive. He continued walking. Rows of bed were at the extreme end of a room in the underground. Few men laid fast asleep they were done with the day’s training and were sleeping under the effect of rozerem.
A large screen with human brains rotating on it hung above each person’s bed. Adewale saw the percentages of their I.Q, physical combat and emotion control. Quite impressive he thought to himself.
He strode to an adjoining hall which had the inscription “BTK” flowing atop it in italic green prints.
It was an underground yet the hall was heavily guarded. The guards greeted as he moved past them.
His foot made clangs with the cutting-edge glassy floor announcing his presence.
“Hello boss” Robin greeted.
Adewale nodded slightly. Typical of him, he hardly spoke but when he speaks, everyone listens with acute interest.
Robin followed the boss in his ‘tour’. Adewale trotted to the inner part of the hall. Gabriel sat tied down on a chair, he was obviously unconscious.
“what have he vomited?” Adewale inquired.
Robin wore a disappointing look.
“he is proving stubborn sir” the tall, dark skinned, generously muscled Robin replied.
“stubborn indeed” Adewale soliloquezed.
Gabriel really must have a thick skin to accomodate all tortures by Robin, the leader of BTK team (bind, torture and kill team)
The room was equisitely furnished, a huge plasma tv hung on the wall, attractive itallian leather couches rested on the floor, its interior deco was high in the fog.
The room reeked affluence and tasted like terror.
Men in military shirts and combat trousers stood in different positions. Majority of them moved on the inner balcony, a few others were on the floor. All holding heavy duty guns, not for the people in the room, one could easily mistake it for a military cave.
General dominic, the minister of defence sat on a chair beside Abu. A round table filled the gap between them and Adewale.
Mr. Adewale wasn’t a bit intimidated by the heavy security. His lady body guard could take down fifty men in one peace, she was trained like a machine, he could count on her.
Silence ruled the atmosphere around them. Adewale nodded to his lady body guard. She decoded his message and stepped aside. She was a personal body guard, she moved him around whenever he wanted to go out though he wasn’t for a fact paralysed.
The lady walked into one of the military guards. His face was as ugly as mean. He looked at her, she looked back. their gaze locked for some seconds. He wanted her to give way, but she would do no such.
He was still looking at her when he felt a sharp pain on his foot. The lady had stepped on him with her pinned stilleto heels.
A look of pain crept on his face he moved away. She grinned.
“the poison would spread round your body. Take raw lime juice for antidote. You have twenty minutes, you can choose to die”
she whispered swiftly into his ear as she moved past him.
The thick cloud of silence hovering in the room was so strong that the deaf could feel it.
Adewale heaved a sigh he hate being kept edgy.
“why did you call me out? i’m kind of allergic to toys moving around me.” he said referring to the guns held by Dominic’s guards. “Speak now or i leave” Adewale continued.
What next?


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