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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Episode 13 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
They stood on a relatively elevated platform they were both holding swords and their eyes tied with blindfolds. Ciara was by the left, facing Sean. The duo were panting heavily they just ended a round. Ciara frowned in her subconscious. She held her sword straight up, running above her head. Sean defeated her in the first round she wouldn’t make it easy peasy this time.
She advanced towards him with a speed like that of a toddler excited about running. Sean maintained his position. His eyes did the job of monitoring her leg and arm movements.
She struck, he countered with his sword. A sword drift ensued between them.
Sean wasn’t really attacking, he only defended. He wondered where the signet ring was.
The forensic team didn’t find it, it was clear the colonel too was in search of it. Sean had watched the colonel giving an officer a brown envelope. He also secretly spied on bankole’s conversation.
The ring fell in a park lot, any tom d--k and harry could have picked it. Sean reasoned. The ring had a tracker on it, so far, no one had tampered with the ring, otherwise he could have tracked down the ‘culprit’.
This theory made him believe the ring fell in the hands of an experienced individual. Who definitely was after the ring.
Who could it be?…
Sean’s mind drifted with his thoughts Ciara took advantage of it. There was no way she could beat him with the sword, she edged closer and shot him an upper cut.
Sean saw it coming, he backflipped but it wasn’t in time, her fist brushed his jaw.
“that was hard” he said rubbing his jaw slowly.
Ciara smiled satisfactorily. She’d taken her ‘revenge’
‘you’ar not superman, sean’ she thought to herself.
“that was a stroke of luck” sean muttered confidently as if he read her thoughts.
“huh?!” she exclaimed. Sean was full of surprises, sometimes she wondered if he was human or some new homo species.
“a message was left for you” she continued.
Sean filled a glass of wine, he sipped a little.
“what does it say?”
“a piece of pendant. Awkwardly, i found a king of spade in it”
Sean seemed alerted.
“a lion pendant?” he asked swiftly.
“how did you know that?”
“its not a gift! Its an encrypted message” sean explained and quickly added
“give it to me the way you met it”
ciara picked a gift box from a table, handing it to him. She was puzzled, she didn’t decipher what michael meant.
Sean tore the box open, he raised his brows, seeing how the ‘presents’ were arranged.
Just then his phone rang. ‘speaking of the devil’ he whispered before answering.
“yes…you didn’t have to do that…i’d be in Russia when the ring is found”
sean hung up.
“it was from Borya’s men….”
“this is about the ring isn’t it?”
sean nodded his reply. He quickly changed the topic, there were more important things to do.
“did you check the house?” he asked.
“Gabriel isn’t there. Everything there seemed intact” Ciara replied. Earlier today she went to Michael’s private residence to check on Gabriel after they’d waited for hours without hearing from him. Quite unusual!
“this confirms your suspicion. Lets go with your plan” Ciara surrended. She was in strong argument that Gabriel wasn’t kidnapped, sean had maintained his point. With the look of things he was right.
“get the silver brief case. We’ar going out; taking the truck” sean replied.
Letty’s mum was diagnosed to have a tumour growing in her brain. An urgent surgery was needed to remove the growth before it spread beyond control. The surgery would cost arms and legs, Letty gave the doctor half payment for the meantime. She’d emptied her bank account including her mum’s what was remaining was nothing to write home about. She was able to raise a million naira with Nathan’s assistant. He’d given her four hundred thousand naira. It was a good thing they wouldn’t have to fly to india, the expenses were relatively cut off. Surgery team would commence operation by monday max.
Nathan carressed Letty’s hair gently, the were seated in the hospital.
Letty’s kid brother was with them. The boy was slumbering.
“Letty, lets go home please. Your mum would be fine, i promise” said Nathan.
Letty rose her head. Her mum was taken to the operating room minutes ago. She didn’t want to leave. If she had things her way, she would stay in the operating room.
Nathan felt her plight he passed through same thing when his mum was in coma.
“chukwuma still have exams to write. Seeing you strong would give him the strength to study. Lets go home before its dusk” Nathan continued, seeing letty refused replying. He pronounced ‘chukwuma’ in a funny way.
Letty dragged herself up, the all walked to the car. Jenny was also with them, she’d came with the automobile.
What next?


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