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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Episode 14 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer
'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Bankole was the unit chief of crime investigation unit in Abuja. The department investigates all sort of crimes from domestic violence to homicides to financial crimes to high profile crimes and more deadly, massacres. His skills and intelligence earned him the position, he was the youngest chief in the history of police heads. Bankole had pinned 126 criminals, dislodged a crime syndicate and had handed two corrupt top notch politicians to the economic and financial crime commission (EFCC)
bankole and the IG had the same vision–to wipe crime from the darkest parts of Abuja.
Bankole didn’t find the ring, he wasn’t perturbed, the colonel could easily get himself a new ring.
Piles of document were the main occupiers of his huge mahogany desk. Each document contained different cases, some had been solved, others closed many other cases were hanging, with little or no clues to them.
His office had see-through-glass windows. The one by his left offered him a good view of the city, a little squint through the inner windows he saw his sobordinates engaged in their various tasks.
The officer pressed some buttons on the intercom.
“see me in my office” he spoke into the telephone then dropped it.
Five seconds later, his door creaked open. Officer Ebuka walked in.
“you called me sir?”
Bankole nodded, he motioned Ebuka to sit on a leather chair opposit him.
Ebuka perched gently on the chair. Not only his was on edge, his mind also wondered the reason for this sudden meeting. Hope its not another querry?
“you look tense! Have you done something wrong?” bankole teased.
“what? Erm…no…erm…i was wondering why you called me” replied Ebuka.
Bankole rubbed his temple with a ball pen.
“you closed the case file of the body found at a river bank. Right?”
“i want that case re-opened. Send me details about the autopsy also ask the doctors to conduct fresh tests”
Ebuka wondered why Bankole want the case re-opened. It happened months ago, there was no clues to the murder. The only thing they had on it was a knife stab.
“sir, remember no one even claimed the body, how would we begin investigations?” Ebuka reasoned.
” we stopped investigating because we had many cases then. Time may fly, good thing about clues, they never die….”
“…all you need to do is trace the dark trails” Ebuka and the chief chorused one of their slogans.
Both men smiled.
“tell Joel to make ready the editor’s desk. She’s resuming by Monday” Bankole instructed.
soft music blared from loud speakers placed strategically in the club. Red lights made the hall dim, although with a careful look you would identify people.
Sean looked around the club in his covertible. He moved his head stylishly, he appeared to be looking for someone. A waitress walked over to him, she bent placing a glass of drink before him. Her left ear was inches away from his chest.
“she just arrived. Seated 225-degree from here” he whispered rapidly into her ear.
She kept the drink and rose up. Ciara was clad in a white-black stripey waitress gown.
He hair was packed in a pony. She left sean, her eyes dilated in the direction stated by sean.
She saw the target, a smile crept on her lips.
Henry was a waiter in the night club. As usual they had lots of costumers. He knew how best to attend to them. As a matter of fact, he was a ‘cosumer friendly waiter’
a young lady just walked in, she was alone he guessed. He picked the menu and started towards her.
Ciara saw a waiter walking to the target it wasn’t good, she should be the one attending to the ‘costumer’
she caught up with him, tapped him gently on his back.
Henry turned to face her, the face was familiar, he studied the tag on her chest to confirm, a look of confusion crept on his face.
“Cynthia? You called in sick. Are you okay now?
‘cynthia’ smiled in a friendly way.
“i’m okay, thanks for your text messages. They were a soothing drug” she replied.
“my pleasure, hun. We would talk later” he smiled satisfactorily and turned to leave.
“henry!” cynthia called. She’d read the name on his tag.
He halted then turned to face her again.
“a costumer is waiting” he cautioned.
“let me” was her reply.
“you’ar not strong. You shouldn’t have resumed work. Just rest for now. okay?
Cynthia shoke her head in the negative.
“i appreciate your care. Seriously i’m fine”
“is there no waiter service?” a lady’s voice interjected their conversation.
Cynthia winked at him.
“fine, yot win”
henry gave up.
Cynthia grinned.
What next?


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