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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Episode 15 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Episode 15
Katarina was depressed she hate being helpless, but she can’t help it. Gabriel was being turtored it the cruelest of ways, it pained to know she can’t do anything about it. The last time she was this emotional was years ago when her mother was murdered in cold blood. The incident made her heart cold and ruthless. It was during this period that Adewale drilled her into an agent; she possessed all the qualities.
Her conscience repriminded her, she was first to know about Gabriel’s real identity, yet did nothing about it! If she’d taken proactive measures the situation wouldn’t have been this messy.
“here you go ma’am” a voice interrupted her flow of thoughts.
A waitress stood beside her, holding a tray. A bottle of jordan and a wine glass half filled with the wine were in the tray.
“i didn’t ask you to fill a glass. Get me a Jordan with sealed cork and an empty wine glass!” Katarina tittered arrogantly.
“yes ma’am” Cynthia replied, feigning fear.
The glass of wine fell off when she was meters away from the target. She did it on purpose, the drink contained a dangerous drug. It tortures its victim to death, its antidote was very rare and not well known.
The active plan was to drug the target, plan A had been jeopardized.
Cynthia didn’t just empty the glass to save innocent lives who may be foolish enough to drink the wine. It was also a coded message to sean.
Sean got the message, ciara failed, he was to man plan B.
The glass that fell galvanized some audience. Some people were already gossiping about it. Henry came with a broom and plastic dust pan.
He stooped to clear the shattered glass.
“see? I told you to rest, you were too stubborn. Thank your stars madam isn’t around”
he repriminded with a blend of disappointment.
Cynthia held her chest, heaving softly and making sounds of someone about to vomit. She placed a hand over her mouth.
Henry looked at her in a funny way. It wasn’t enough that she broke a glass, she also want to vomit!
Cynthia motioned her other hand to him. She left for the rest room. Henry shoke his head he was done sweeping, he made for the trash bin, in the club premise.
katarina paid him no attention. She was silent like a dummy. The only action she was engaged in was drinking, drinking and drinking!
She was on the verge of emptying her bottle of wine.
The strange dude kept pestering her with questions. She’d let him seat with her after giving a flimsy excuse.
“miss, whats that on your forehead?” his question followed series of unimportant questions.
“none of your business” Katarina replied.
“it just appeared. Its spherical and red in colour” sean replied.
Katarina raised her ipad over her face such that its blank screen could reflect her face. She was shocked at what she saw. The aim of a sniper was in the middle of her head. Her eyes followed the supposed sniper but saw no one.
Sean smiled wryly.
“50 cal. M107 sniper. One shot, one kill, its silenced” he intimidated.
“a snap of my finger and boom. You’ar in hell, you wouldn’t want that, katarina. Where is Gabriel being held?” he quickly added.
Who was this stramge dude? He even knew her name!
“4you have ten seconds…1…2…3”
as an agent she was trained never to be scared of death. Albeit she wasn’t ready to die. Her emotions was getting the best of heq.
“is it in crystal or elsewhere!…7…8..9”
“T.E.N” Sean raised his hand and made his fingers for a snap. Katarina held his hand.
“in a underground, in crystal”
sean dropped his hand. She meant to speak , he was faster.
“that would be all”
he got up to leave. The aim was still on her forehead. Katarina looked at him as if to ask questions.
“you’ll be off the hook in 10minutes.
sean dqove for several minutes, he halted on a bridge. A lady was leaning on the metal bars of the bridge. She opened the car and sat in the front seat with Sean.
She threw a folded sniper in the backseat.
“whdre is the waiter suit?”
“threw it in the river for the fishes” ciara replied.
She had also washed the makeup powder that made heq skin darker.
Sean stepped on the accelerator. Ciara wound down the windows completely. She loved the fresh air caressing her skin.
Nathan feigned a frown as he studied the contents of the book he was holding.
He scanned the book for about three minutes he then looked at the teenager seating next to him their gaze met, chukwuma looked away shyly. Disappointment surged through his vein. He felt he had disappointed Nathan again. Maths was really a hard subject, he always boycotted it in school.
He would be seating for mathematics examination tomorrow, Nathan had been tutoring him on basic topics they found re-occuring in wassce mathematics past questions and answers booklet
After about thirty minutes of the lesson, Nathan gave him some equations to solve. He failed the first attempt. Nathan corrected him before issuing further exercises.
Nathan scribbled some words on the paper and handed it to Chukwuma who collected it reluctantly.
He glanced to check his score. ‘perhaps 0%’ he thought to himself.
“waow” i did it!” chukwuma jubilated, punching the air excitedly. 95%! He was surprised he got almost all answers correctly.
He paused as if he remembered something.
“why then, were you frowning?” he asked seriously.
Nathan smiled. “it was a trick to get you edgy. I’m marvelled at how fast you learn”
“thanks Nathan. You know, i understand you more than my math teacher”
Nathan was not just glad because the teenager got the answers right but more because he’d brightened the latter’s mood.
“lets do a little of bearing”
chukwuma searched through the table of contents of his math text book for the topic Nathan suggested. He found it after a few minutes of search. He quickly turned to the page.
Nathan edged closer. He drew a compass point on a plain piece of paper and started his explanation from there.
Letty took her bath for the night. She felt refreshed and stronger. She got her beautiful frame clad in a white tank top and green bumshot. The fragrance of her body spray announced her presence when she walked into thd living room. Her brother was on a couch punching his calculator, obviously solving math problems. She ignored him. Her eyes trailed searchingly in the room. She wondered where Nathan had gone.
“where is he?” she asked interruptedly without atleast taking a seat.
Chukwuma closed his text book. He raised his head.
“Nathan left already. After recieving an emergency phone call”
Nathan had opted to spend late hours with them to keep them company since their mum was in the hospital. Letty was glad about it, she even prepared his favourite meal. Unfortunately, he left without caring to inform her.
she fell dejectedly on a couch. His presence had always made her bublee. ‘It’ll definitely be a long night’ she thought.
The lady got up to leave the living room, on a second thought she asked. “what emergency is that?”
“i don’t know” her brother replied bluntly. He was already playing witg his phone.
“did he say anything about coming back?” she asked with a glint of hope.
“yes, by noon tomorrow”
her brother’s reply bursted the little bubble she had left. She strode to the door adjoining her room.
“taaddaa” a familiar voice screamed. She stopped on her feet and turned towards the direction the voice came from.
Chukwuma smiled wryly at her. She frowned. She’d anticipated seeing Nathan.
She hissed loudly. “crazy”
just then someone pushed the chair. Nathan crawled from behind it with a smile.
She didn’t realise when she threw herself on him for a hug that lasted about a minute.
Chukwuma chuckled and exited to his room. His sister really do love the dude, the look on her face earlier made him laugh the more.
Letty and Nathan spent hours talking and watching movies. She offered him the meal she’d prepared. It was almost cold albeit still edible.
The time was few minutes past 10pm
Letty wanted Nathan to sleep over, he turned it down, promising to visit the next day.
“would you staqt work by monday?” Nathan asked. They were on the street trying to get him a cab.
Nathan’s phone rang before she could reply.
He quickly answered.
It was his mum, they spoke at length. Suddenly his smile turned into a frown. His mum asked to speak with Gabriel. She’d been trying to contact him, he wasn’t answering.
Nathan was quiet for a few seconds.
“are you still there?” madison inquired.
“erm..mum, Gabriel is fine his fast asleep. You speak with him tomorrow” he quickly lied. Frankly, he met Gabriel only once, that was weeks ago.
“why is he not answering my calls?”
“he’s a bit busy with work these days. Bye, take care” he ended the conversation before she ask further questions.
A car drove past them crazily, almost knocking letty, she was closest to the road. Nathan was proactive enough to pull her from the main road. The both of them staggared backward, almost falling.
“are you okay?”
letty could only nod, her heart beat increased she thought she would die.
“those rascals” Nathan cursed the people in the car, unknown to him it was sean and ciara
What next AYNIERs?


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