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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Episode 16 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Officer Joel closed the bathroom door behind him. A yellow towel was tied over his waist. Water dripped from his head to his face and down to his sparesely hairy chest. He was 5’9ft tall, well built for a police officer. He was handsome though not so stunning. Thick tribal mark ran from his nose to his left cheek.
Joel’s gaze shifted to the lady lying on his bed. She smiled seductively at him, he winked back provocatively.
He got a hard on without him realising it.
He took few steps towards her. A knock came on the door making him halt momentarily.
“who is there?”
He waited for ten seconds, there was no reply. His mind was playing tricks on him he thought.
He sat next to the lady, carressing her half unclad body.
The knock came again. This time Joel was furious. The look on the ladies face showed she too heard the knock. Which implied someone was actually by the door. He remembered bolting the main door. Had someone broke in? How is it even possible?
“i said who is there?!” the response he recieved was more knocks. The officer was pissed beyond limit. He picked a baton from beside the bed.
“no one would disturb” he assured the lady and strode to the door, opening it carefully. He squinted through the narrow opening, he didn’t see anyone. He stepped out to the inner corridor, his eyes searched every corner of the corridor as he took gentle steps.
“officer Joel! Who are you? Show yourself!!!”
if his idea was to intimidate the intruder, then it was a flat failure.
He felt a tap on his shoulder. Joel knew someone was standing behind him; he saw the shadow.
He turned quickly, stricking the intruder with his baton.
She grabbed it and sent him an upper cut with the free hand. He took involuntary steps backward, his baton fell off.
Ciara gave him a kick before he recovered from the ‘upper cut effect’ instead of falling, he gained composure. He punched her, she dogded, his fist brushed her shoulder. In two succession, she kicked both of his legs, sending him off balance.
Ciara stepped on his lower waist. She twisted his hands backwards and handcuffed it.
At first Joel thought his lady friend was the attacker, he just realised she wasn’t. He marvelled at the skills of the she devil that attacked him. He couldn’t make out her face, she was light skinned, strands of hair covered her face like a professional killer. He shivered at the thoughts of her being an assassin.
He laid on the bed stark naked he felt a pang of shame, beside him was his supposed bed warmer. His hands were cuffed to the bed post, he struggled to free himself he only succeeded in hurting his wrists. He resigned to fate, many thoughts ran through his head.
Ciara emptied the contents of a small syringe in his neck.
He panicked!
“what’s that?” he asked in a pitiable tone.
“powerful aphrodisiac. Doubles your s-x urge.” the assailant replied and continued.
“you stand the chance of losing him if he’s not satisfied” she directed her words to the lady crying on the bed.
Cira exited the room and locked the door. She headed for the highest balcony with her bag of tools.
Officer Joel’s house was a good vantage point. It was a storey building, more importantly, situated two houses away from crystal estate.
She set up her telescope in the balcony, it offered her a clear view of crystal like a movie.
She would have executed her operation without disturbing Joel. But he could raise an alarm which was potentially dangerous. She was viewing and taking notes. Her phone rang. It was sean.
“how far have you gone?” he asked immediately she picked.
“few guards on patrol in the main entrance. We can take them out with a sniper. Still hacking into the underground panel”
she replied.
“what time are we infiltrating?”
she frowned at his question. He set the time himself, he shouldn’t possibly forget. Maybe he was testing her.
“05:00 hours” she replied.
The line went dead without his reply. She dropped her phone an continued what she was doing with her ipad.
Robin was in the situation room with some of the computer experts in DHC. The team leader was showing him the progress they’ve made.
Their conversation was interrupted by a sharp beep. All men were on alert. A red signal was blinking on a transmitter device.
Robin looked at the team leader as if to ask for explanations.
Roy, the team leader moved his swivel to the transmitter.
He cleared his throat.
“200HZ…the bug in the officer’s house is recording a conversation” he explained.
“put it on speaker” said Robin, his interest was piqued.
“….few guards on patrol in the main entrance. We can take them out with a sniper. Still hacking into the control panel of the underground….05:00hrs”
the transmitter stopped. It was a lady’s voice. It sounded faint, which mean she was on a phone conversation or whispering to someone.
Robin grinned devilishly. This would be his first assignment outside the underground. The boss promised to make him a top agent when he successfully trag Gabriel rescuer or rather rescuers.
He glanced his wrist watch, the time was 23:16 hrs. They should be expecting visitors in 284 minutes.
“keep all the cctv cameras active” he commanded then dailed the boss’ number, relaying the latest information to him.
Agent Abu and Bronswort arrived the underground in two minutes.
They shoke hands with Robin and left for a room far from the situation room.
“its Agent K not involved?” Robin asked realising Katarina wasn’t a part of the strategies they’d drafted.
Abu shook his head in the negative.
“the boss kicked her out of this” he replied.
“get more men to guard the entrance.
You, Robin would be in charge of the underground. Bronswort would oversee the control panel.
I’d be with Gabriel. Any questions?” Abu asked.
There was silence. He guessed the agents understood.
“we’ar taking them alive no matter what” Abu cautioned.
What next?


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