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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Episode 17 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
Ciara was done viewing the estate. She had jotted some points. She was impressed at the computer intelligence they galvanized. It was difficult breaching the underground panel. She had been trying to hack into it for over thirty minutes, luck wasn’t by her.
She held her ipad, thousands of green codes ran to and fro on its screen, making faint beeps.
She sent a crafted email she hoped they would accept. Her cell phone buzzed. It was a text message from sean.
” the house is bug, most definitely dark horse corp listened to our conversation. We’ar infiltrating by 0200hours”
Ciara smiled. She now understood why sean asked for operation time, it was to take the organization by surprise.
“where are you?” she texted back.
“don’t bother about me. We’ll stick to the ideal plan” sean replied almost immediately.
It was 01450hours already.
Ciara opened her bag of tools. She strapped two knives to the sides of her leather tight fitting trouser. Two silenced astra A-60 semi-automatics were tucked under her waist. She fixed a pink ribbon to her hair, allowing some strands of it to mask her face.
She picked other gadgets before making her way out of the balcony.
Sean glided down a rope he landed with a soft thud in the building serving as DHC headquarters. Memories of moments he spent with Katarina flashed in his subconscious. He grinned as he recall the times they spent as dark horse agents.
He quickly shove those thoughts away, his emotions shouldn’t interrupt with the operation.
The compound was well spaced, guards on patrol paced around with heavy duty guns. Sean knew he can’t make it through without raising alarms. He crawled behind royal palms and flowers.
The flowers ended meters away from the main entrance, the building had adequate electricity, he would easily be spotted if he goes beyond the flowers’ shadow.
Sean looked around, he counted ten seconds then jumped into a swimming pool. The splash attracted the guards.
Guards numbering to ten paraded the pool top floor, all pointing their guns to the water. The reflection on the water surface exposed parts of seans body. The guards made hand signs to each other.
Robin had white earpiece tucked in his ears. He was listening to blues from his ipod. He leaned on a swivel, silver russian pistol dangled on his index finger.
“boss!” Roy screamed. He had been speaking but Robin was too engrossed in music to hear.
Robin jearked, he removed the earpiece and turned to face Roy, the computer operator.
“what is it?”
“i think they are here” Roy replied.
“who are where?” Robin asked indifferently. It was still hours away from 5am.
Roy pointed to a computer screen. A lady was on the elevator. She turned to face a cctv camera and shot it. Just then the video seized. Robin sighed angrily, he smacked a clenched fist against the desk.
“why are you just telling me?”
Roy was intimidated with the way Robin sounded. He was silent. He edged closer to the computers transmitting crystal’s surrounding.
All five computers displayed wallpapers rather than cctv footage.
The cctv system was tampered! Roy wiped trickles of sweat from his face, he started inputing some commands with the keyboard.
Robin paced round the room. All entrances to crystal was heavily guarded. He wondered why guards didn’t relay the code red.
He pressed and hold the ‘0’ button on his device, speed dailing Abu’s phone. It rang severally, abu wasn’t answering. Robin flung his phone, not minding where it landed. He stormed out angrily.
sean was under water for 90seconds without raising his head. He had switched off the pool’s inner lights. It spared him some camouflage. He had expected the guards to fire foolishly, they didn’t. The paced round the pool top floor, waiting for him to make the first move. They really got something on their sleeves. Sean reasoned. He had to device an alternative plan.
He moved noiselessly under water. He tied water resistant bangers across diagonals of the pool.
He swam to the extreme end, removed a wireless control from his jacket and clicked on a red button. The bangers went off in quick succession, raising meaningful amount of water on the pool floor, the guards didn’t see it coming the impact of water and bangers threw some of them. Sean hopped out, he quickly ran towards a small entrance by the side.
Ciara shot the camera with her silenced pistol. She clicked a yellow button, the elevator began moving northwards in a steady motion. She sneaked in unscathed the time sean jumped into a pool; attracting most guards to himselft.
The elevator moved for five minutes, it suddenly hung midways. Its door didn’t open. She clicked some buttons, yet the door remained locked. Ciara was baffled.
“foreign device detected. Initiating defence mood” a voice said from the elevator. Ciara was confused she had breached the security system. This shouldn’t happen.
ciara was sweaty, the room was getting heated each passing jiffy. The elevator had a special defense mechanism. Its temperature raises beyond human resilience whenever it detects a bug or its programmed for such.
Ciara swiped the screen of her ipad twice. She clicked an app and leaned on the elevator wall, waiting for it too launch.
15 seconds drifted away the app hadn’t launched, its loading as usual was taking time. The heat was getting unbearable. Ciara paced about, ocassionally smacking the wall around her.
Her white hankerchief was already drenched in sweat.
The app launched after two minutes. She heaved a sigh of relieve.
The door slided open when she was still working on the application. She heard footsteps behind, she turned abruptly.
Robin grinned evily. He pointed an SMG to her.
“hey pretty. I need you to follow me. Your hands behind your head”
he commanded authoritatively.
His finger was on the trigger and the gun pointed to her. She had no choice but to oblige. They both walked out of the elevator, ciara led the way as commanded.
Robin followed closely.
He relayed his achievement to Abu via a text message.
Ciara walked on the hallway, she had no idea where he was taking her. Albeit she could imagine what to expect.
Ciara stopped walking. Robin frowned.
“keep moving”
“i’m tired” ciara replied.
Robin bit his lower lip. This girl is really a stubborn type. She deserve some tapping. He thought.
Ciara heard his footsteps she waited for him to be close enough. She turned and grabbed his gun holding hand. She pushed it up, they struggled with the gun for some seconds. A gunshot was heard, robin pulled the trigger. the SMG was pointed upwards.
Ciara withrew a pin from her hair, she thrusted it in his neck. He became weak, she kicked him, he fell with his back to the ground.
Abu laid on a chair beside Gabriel’s unconscious body. He wasn’t worried about the agents, the could handle themselves even though taken unaware. His last straw is to get Michael. The underground had two access doors, Michael wouldn’t be stupid to come through Adewale’s room. Abu was confident Michael would break in through the alternative entrance. He sat next to the door, he was on alert and ready to attack.
Ten minutes passed, nothing happened. Abu was patient for another five minutes yet Michael didn’t show up.
He concluded Michael had gone to save his partner from Robin.
A knock came on the door. Abu grinned exactly what he anticipated. Some lower agents moved to the door, Abu motioned them to leave. He squinted through a narrow view to be sure its Michael. Just then there was an explosion on the door.
Abu fell sideways. The other agents didn’t make any move, they were temporary blinded by the light grenade sean threw.
*twenty minutes later*
sean made it out with Gabriel. The latter was already awake though obviously weak. He was losing much blood. A stray bullet struck his thigh while escaping.
Sean looked at him, he was drenched in a pool of blood. Sean looked away uneasily.
He glanced his device for the uptheenth time, a red indication blinked on it.
Ciara hadn’t left crystal, he had a bug on her.
He was disturbed. He shouldn’t have allowed her go after Adewale.
Ciara was a former FBI agent, he wondered how Adewale could get her so easily.
Groans from Gabriel jerked him to reality.
Sean blinked his teary eyes, tears didn’t drop. He had waited for thirty minutes.
Gabriel wound need to be treated. He ignited the engine and speed off.
It was a few minutes drive. Soon they were home. Sean helped Gabriel lay on a couch. He strode to the mini bar. An angel-like statue was on the cabinet. Sean twisted its wrist. The statue turned its head, it visibly breathed green rays on the cabinet. The rays formed an outline of human hand on the cabinet. Sean placed his right hand on it. Immediately his finger prints were verified a loud noise erupted the room, it sounded like a moving train. The wall by the left divided open, revealing an elegantic apartment.
Gabriel watched with awe, he didn’t see this the previous time he visited.
Sean stared into his mobile device hopefully. The bug was still in the same cordinates. It blinked at interval. Ciara was either in a fight or being beaten. The latter was more realistic. If she was in a fight the bug should move beyond an inch.
“are you okay, brother?” Gabriel asked in a worried tone.
Sean forced a smile. “yeah. Yeah i’m fine. Lets check your wound”
sean replied he left the device on a couch. They both walked to a lab in the ‘new’ apartment.
A lady sat before a towering mirror. She was dressing her wound.
She winced loudly.
“ciara!” sean exclaimed. She got up and hugged him tightly.
“i was scared…” she shut his mouth with a kiss. He drew her closer and leaned on a glassy table.
She kicked his leg, sending him off his feet. They both staggared and fell on a stretcher; still locked in a kiss.
What next?


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