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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Episode 18 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
A green cab with white stripey lines by the side drove steadily down the street. It was brought to a halt near the ‘crime investigations department’
Nathan and letty stepped out of the cab. They both walked some distance away from the cab.
Nathan held Letty hand in his. Their gazes locked as they stared into each other’s eyes.
Nathan smiled, he broke the gaze contest.
“today would be your first day. Don’t be nervous okay? Show them the best employee just arrived”
letty chuckled. His words sounded sarcastic. She had no formal experience, her little research showed becoming a good investigative reporter is as time consuming as it is to root out crimes.
She was ready to learn the ropes. Investigative reporting had always been her passion. Her mum had even complained about it countless number of times. To the old woman, that line of job was for the male folks.
“thanks honey. I have to go before i run late” she replied.
Nathan drew her closer for a kiss. She offered her cheek instead. She smiled. She was used to his public display of affection.
“love you” she muttered and waved him goodbye. Nathan watched her till she vanished from his sight. He returned to the cab for a ride back home.
Letty walked her way to the main office after seeking directions from a receptionist. The department wasn’t exactly what she envisaged. She’d imagined thousands of people working in various units. Pangs of reality proved her wrong.
She ran into a dark complexioned man. His looks could kick you into thinking he was a special officer. Perhaps he was, he wasn’t on uniforms so she couldn’t tell.
“good morning” he was first to greet.
“good morning sir” Letty replied.
The man smiled.
“you must be miss Leturah”… He paused, she nodded he continued.
“i’m officer Joe. I’ll take you to your wing” he stretched his hand for a shake.
Joe led her to a large room, sectioned by curtains, at most doors.
He showed her round the room. It was the investigation team’ base. Reporters also had their wings in the same room.
Bankole stepped out of his office. All workers in the room saluted in respect. Letty joined the bandwagon.
Bankole eased the off.
“good morning everyone” he paused for their response then continued.
“i hereby introduce to you a new member on our team–Miss Leturah Timothy”
the team members gave rounds of applauses.
Bankole shed more lights on the team’s service to the society he stressed on Letty’s roles then gave his speech a period.
Three hours after the introduction. Letty was in her wing, busy with a desktop computer provided for her.
Soft knocks on her desk seized her attention.
She raised her head, two officers stood beside the desk–Joe and Ebuka.
“sorry i did that. You were so engrossed that you didn’t hear us” said Ebuka.
“so, do you like the environment?” Joe chiped in.
Letty nodded. “its conducive”
Ebuka cleared his throat.
“you know its part of your work that you publish our investigations on the police journal. We have many cases, we’ar currently investigating a murder case. It’ll be nice if you go with us to the morgue for the doctor’s report” he explained.
“uhm..okay ” she replied. They were about stepping out of her wing when it occured to her she wasn’t with any writing materials.
She leaned on her desk and picked a blank piece of white paper and a silver ball pen.
The three walked to the morgue section. Letty’s heart beats doubled. She was allergic to dead bodies.
The first corpse she saw was her father’s. The thoughts of a morgue made those bitter memories cruize her mind.
“what happened to your wrist?” Ebuka asked joe when he saw a weal on the latter’s wrist.
Joe covered his wrist with his other palm.
“nothing” he replied indifferently. Knowing fully well that Ebuka would make jests of him should he find the truth.
Joe wondered why the mysterious witch handcuffed him. He woke without the cuffs and nothing was stolen from him.
The dose of aphrodisiac made him hate s-x at that moment. Geez if he lay his hands on her, he would make sure she rot in hell!
Ebuka opened a huge glassy door. They all walked in.
“most new members are scared of corpses. If you fall in same group, just stay at an earshot distance” Ebuka implored softly.
“i guess i’m different” letty replied. Trying to sound confident. Deep down, her heart raced like a hare.
They exchanged pleasantries with the supposed doc.
“what are your reports, doc?” Ebuka was straight to the point.
The doctor coughed. ‘excuse me..i uh’ he coughed again.
‘sorry i’m having cold’ he replied within coughs. Letty had a reason to smile. So doctors also have cough?
“apart from the knive stab. Tox screening shows some amounts of plutonium in him” the doctor explained.
“isn’t that a dangerous element? Could it have caused his death? Joe asked.
“its 50-50. Basically, murder object is knive” the doc replied.
“plutonium? We could start investigations from there” said Ebuka.
The body in the morgue is Jayden’s
What next?


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