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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Episode 19 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
sean smiled as he stared at Gabriel’s well treated wounds. he moved an index finger to and fro the bandaged facet. Gabriel was fast asleep, his wounds were treated by Ciara. She was a professional medical doctor. She’d met with sean during her university days. Their friendship was quickly ignited. It rowed beyond the platonic rails but came to a sudden halt when michael was sent as an undercover on a surveillance mission in Iran, his cover was blown, the CIA operation was almost jeopardized. He was held up in Iranian high security prison for six months. In the interim, he lost contacts with Ciara.
All efforts to reach him were abortive, she gave up hopes of ever seeing him again. However the long hands of fate bridge them together again. Ciara was hired by Evgeni to nurse Michael to life following his facial surgery.
Sean heaved a sigh. ‘sweet memories’ he thought and chuckled. He left the bed for a swivel chair. He sat next to a huge glassy cabinet. A bowl of nitric acid rested on it. Sean wore thick handgloves, he picked a glass rod to stir the solution. His lab was filled with various chemicals, most were potentially dangerous.
He was currently developing a TNT explosive.
Ciara walked in distractedly. Her shoe made noisy contacts with the floor as she walked. She dropped a white nylon on the cabinet.
“isn’t he awake yet?” she asked after taking a seat.
“i don’t think so. Maybe you gave him too much anaesthesia” sean remarked bluntly. He was more engrossed with the chemical.
Ciara glanced her wrist watch.
“i didn’t” she defended.
“the ring’s tracker was triggered today. I traced its last location…” she quickly added and paused to observe his countenance.
Sean’s interest was pique. He stiring the acid and turned to face her.
“did you find it?” he asked with a big pang of hope.
She dipped two fingers in her pocket. She brought out a slim gionee e7. She swiped its screen thrice. An application launched instantly.
Sean watched with rapt attention. He was a bit disappointed. He thought by dipping fingers in her pocket she would show forth the ring.
“lattitude 9.0, longitude 7.50-degrees”
she read aloud. Sean edged closer. She zoomed the image. A single lane interhouse road appeared crystal clear on the screen.
“this was the last location. The ring wasn’t there when i arrived ”
ciara explained.
“this confirms its still here in Abuja. Reverse the street camera footage to…” he paused, glanced the time on her device then continued.
“three hours back”
ciara logged into the police system, she bypassed the gateway using cyberghost to hide her IP adress.
Twenty seconds later the live footage was streaming on her device. She reversed it to exactly three hours before.
“make it short…shorter…its okay…okay…no…reverse abit” sean demanded in a low tone.
Ciara did as instructed. She gave the video a close up, for clearer view.
Silence beclouded the lab as they watched the footage. The ring fell when a cab drove past. A teenager who shouldn’t be above 17 picked the ring and walked away– out of camera range.
Sean heaved a sigh.
“the kid probably gave someone in the cab” he suggested.
“the way he bypassed camera makes it suspicious” ciara replied.
She reversed to footage twenty seconds back. She zoomed to the zenith but couldn’t make out the faces of those in the cab.
“you know about the ring?” a weak voice asked from behind. The both turned in synchrony.
Gabriel sat on the bed, resting his weight on a pillow supported by the bedpost.
“you’ar awake! How are you feeling brother?!” sean exclaimed excitedly.
Gabriel groaned. “a little okay”
“how did you know about it?” ciara cut in.
“i’m i supposed to?” Gabriel asked rudely.
“i was turtored on account of it!. What sort of ring is that?” his voice, this time was more tender.
First it was Evgeni then Col. Kassim and now Adewale is involved. What connection is there between these people?
Sean pondered over and over again. He couldn’t understand how Evgeni, an European mafia boss got involved with informations in Nigeria.
DHC top agents and team leaders assembled in the huge conference room. They had been here for over thirty minutes yet the heavy cloud of silence hadn’t been preyed. The boss rarely summounds emergency meetings each time he did, there was trouble. His silence kept the agents tensed and edgy. He was studying the reports they submitted. So far, he hadn’t uttered as much as a word.
Abu scratched his itchy beard. He had failed a majaor mission. The boss don’t accept failures, they were instant tickets to hell. Abu secretly panicked! He didn’t have much report. Michael was just too smart. It was easy tricking the whole organization because he knew the nitty gritty.
Abu bit his lower lip regretfully michael scored another point. He must pay in thousand grands.
The boss cleared his throat distractedly.
All attention flooded to him.
“you all have a common excuse–taken by surprise. Thats rubbish and unacceptable! I’m giving you a chance to prove your worths. You all know what you need to do.”
“yes boss” they chorused except Katarina.
“team leader Roy” the boss called out. Roy bent his head slightly. His heart raced against his ribs. he rubbed his sweaty shaky palms together. He knew he was the major failure in the operation. If the computers functioned perfectly, Michael wouldn’t have infiltrated.
“yes boss?” he replied.
The room was gloomy, he couldn’t point out the boss’ expression. Disappointment and horrendous would be a close guess.
“from your reports…” the boss began. Roy swallowed hard. Beads of sweat materialised on his forehead.
“you tracked the ring?” the boss continued.
Roy heaved a sigh of relieve.
“yes sir. Its bug was triggered. It lasted only three minutes, after that, i lost trail of it. The last location is Aguiyi Ironsi street” he explained.
Abu clicked a button on the round conference table. His finger print was recognized and relayed. His information appeared on the boss’ smart computer.
“yes, Abu?”
“the ring fell on a street 8 hours after Michael rescued his brother. What i think is, Michael had the ring, it fell while he was driving, he realised it and a boy to pick it” Abu suggested.
The boss nodded. Showing he comprehended the message.
Agent Robin tapped a similar button on the table. The boss permitted him to speak.
“i also think Michael has some connection with officer Joe”
said Robin.
The boss hibernated into silence. He pondered their opinions for some seconds. The possibilities were acute.
“meeting dismissed. Katarina stay behind” came his reply
Nathan dailed Gabriel’s phone for the fifth time. He got the same response–the line was switched off.
He wondered what his brother was up to.
He studied all videos and pictures from the events at the party.
The man posing as Michael Robertson was actually Gabriel.
Nathan could make out their facial differences despite the fact that they were grossly identical.
He’d asked his mum about it, they had no close relative bearing sean.
Gabriel was definetly up to something, he couldn’t point what it was.
Nathan heaved a sigh. It wasn’t a complete sad day for him. He almost lost his jewel, a ‘good samarithan’ found it just in time and gave it to him.
The jewel was the only rope of survival he was dangling on. He’d spent all his money footing Letty mum’s surgical bills. He don’t have significant cash left. The only option he have now is to pawn his beautiful jewel—a ring he found at the party weeks ago—he was certain its price would run into millions. He really was greatful to the teenager that found it earlier today.
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