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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Episode 2 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures and please by Aynaijablog guest
writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No part of it should be reproduced in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.EPISODE 2
Location: Crystal, Abuja, Nigeria.
Gabriel lay on the bed shoulder straps running from his shoulder to his abdominal region, five electrodes were attached to his shirtless chest.
The electrocardiography monitor beside him was reading almost straight lines. Not good, but an improvement! Doctor Allen was done examining his patient for the day, he removed the stethoscope lopes from his ear, letting it dangle.
He stole another glance at the monitor, smile of warmth escaped his lips. He was good at his job, no wonder he was rated best in his association.
“his vitals are okay. He should be as fit as a fiddle, pretty soon” the doctor muttered, satisfying Katarina’s curious eyes. The lady nodded in affirmation, it was obvious on the screen.
“can i get your digits, so we can…you know….”
“time to go doc” Katarina replied, cutting him short but sparing him a wink.
Doctor Allen smiled. “do you have a boyfriend?”
he asked seriously.
They were already by the elevator, its door slided open.
“why did you ask?”
“i’m just curious…you know, a pretty girl like you…”
“curiousity killed the cat. Take that to heart doc” Katarina replied with a smile.
Allen was breath taken, that smile was capable of melting mount everest!!!
Katarina removed a blindfold from her back pocket, handing it to him.
Allen stared at it strangely as if it was a piece of dung.
“do i always have to wear this?” he frowned, pointing to the blind fold.
Katarina was silent for seconds.
“the deal stands” came her reply.
Doctor Allen was one of the best in his field, he trained in the united states, there he also practiced for five years.
The young doctor was hired to take care of Gabriel. He didn’t oppose as the pay was mouth watering. He however didn’t delight in the fact that he had to be blindfolded, to and fro.
He was always picked from home blindfolded, the blindfold was removed in same elevator before stepping in, and he would wear it back after performing his check.
Who were this people? Why were they hiding their residence? The stubborn lady would answer none of these. He took comfort in his handsome reward.
Allen reluctantly wore the blindfold. Minutes later, Katarina lead him to the compound, a driver was on standby.
“see you on monday” she tittered. Angry Allen only nodded.
Mr. Adewale pressed a button from among the numerous ones on his wheel chair. One would actually wonder how the man got to memorise their functions. He must be a level A pro.
The mobild wheel chair responded instantly! Its inner tyres were mobilised. It moved towards a glassy door, the pressure sensitive door slided open. He rode into the first aid room, Michael laid on the bed, with drip water tickling into his system. Adewale pressed a small oval shaped, red button, the wheel chair vibrated to a halt.
Michael had been unconscious for days, Adewale wondered what actually happened. He didn’t believe Katarina’s report. The man’s trailing eyes focused on a tattoo carved on Michael’s skin, just below his shoulder blade.
He raised his brows, the horse head wasn’t perfectly drawned. He knew this ’cause he’d singlehandedly gave Mike the tattoo. Did why would Michael cancel it and draw another? What was this ‘boy’ up to?
Mr. Adewale’s stream of thoughts was interjected when he heard footsteps, behind.
Katarina walked into the room and sat on a leather couch.
Adewale heaved. “K, what really happened?”
“i already told you, we were ambushed”
Adewale scoffed. “ambushed?! By who?”
“I don’t know, they wore masks, besides it was dusk then”
Adewale stroke his tongue, making strange sounds.
Who was this coward of an enemy? Why are they after Michael?
That explains why Michael’s tattoo was changed, something was fishy, he would find out for himself!!!
Abu smiled wryly, he moved away from the wall, he’d eavesdrop on their conversation. Good thing Katarina didn’t suspect him. Aaaaarrggghh that Michael is really a die hard. The guy just wouldn’t die!! He punched the air angrily as he left for his room.
What next?


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