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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Episode 20 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No
part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
“get me pictures from the scene”
bankole commanded and continued fliping pages.
Officer Ebuka reached for a long brown envelop from the table. He scribbled through it noisily, removed three pictures and handed it to bankole.
Bankole studied the materials meticulously. The first picture captured a body by a river bank a careful study of the othe pictures revealed faint trails of a vehicle tyre.
“the victim must have been thrown from a vehicle. Narrowly, a big vehicle. Do we have lab results?”
bankole asked.
“yes sir. Lab analysis prove the trails are from an industrial vehicle. Something like a hilux ” officer Joe answered
“why did the murderer stab his victim after injecting him with plutonium? The chemical alone can kill instantly” Ebuka wondered aloud.
Traces of plutonium were found in Jayden’s wounds. Its either the murder weapon had a dab of the chemical or the murder was executed in a plutonium plant.
It was mind bugging that after six months no one claimed the body. Officer bankole had the victim’s face displayed on various tv stations, with the hope of tracing his relatives but no one claimed responsibility.
“was there any gang fights from 8 months back till date?”
bankole inquired.
Ebuka was silent, his expression showed he had no accurate answer. Luckily the police system had been upgraded with technology. Investigation histories lay just clicks away. Ebuka punched some commands in his phone. He was logged into the police portal. He inputed the search code. In less than 30 seconds results of related crimes for the said date were displaying on the screen. He scanned througg it rapidly.
“there was a gang fight in maitama six months ago” he replied.
Bankole’s interest piqued. Exactly what he was after!
“yes, what are the details?” he asked with a tone of impatience.
“a clash between cult groups. The capons were fighting over a lady”
“another dead end!” joe exclaimed exhaustedly.
Bankole sighed. His countenance changed to the negative.
“investigations are like ships in the mediterranean invaded by northeast wind. Sometimes you row to unwanted areas, eventually the strong ship sails to its destination…”
Joe hissed inwardly. Their boss had started another stage of lectures. Bankole seized every opportunity for that as if they were still in police academy. Nevertheless, the officers preferred him to the previous chief. Bankole was always involved in their activities because of him, they’ve magnified in tactics of crime solving. Something to be greatful for!
“sir, perhaps we can get list of companies manufacturing the chemical?” Ebuka asked wisely.
“thats beyound our jurisdiction. Joe would accompany you to get the intel from NAFDAC” Bankole replied.
*NAFDAC branch office, two hous later*
Ebuka and Joe alighted from the car. They walked to the main gate, they flashed their I.Ds, they were granted access.
Ebuka led the way as they strode to drugs/chemicals department.
Officer Joe marvelled at its elegance and perfect architectural design. He wondered what it’ll be like to have an office here.
The environment was just too good he thought silently.
A tap on the shoulder caterpulted him to reality. He was startled. He bit his lower lip angrily he was determined to punch the culprit but thought against it after realising it was officer Ebuka.
“would you atleast behave? You’re acting like a kid!” Ebuka repriminded softly.
Joe frowned, he was mute. He guessed Ebuka was right he had been gobsmacked starring at the structures and beautiful ladies moving to and fro.
“the director’s office is over here” Ebuka continued, pointing to a small office.
“how did you know?” joe asked.
Ebuka chuckled.
“the secretary” he replied.
The men shared pleasantries with the director upon reaching his office.
“take your seats officers” said the director.
“to what do i owe this afternoon visit?” the man continued.
“we are investigating a case involving plutonium. Your cooperation would be vital” Ebuka responded.
“we would need the list of companies registered to trade the chemical” Joe quickly added.
“officers, that would be a little difficult. Almost all major industries make use of plutonium” the director replied.
“don’t you have a database for this? All yot have to do is give us the list. Its bulkiness is ours to deal with” Ebuka replied, raising his voice.
“i’ll see what i can do in two days”
“make it two hours. We’ll be back later” Joe replied.
The director sighed. “i’m not promising you”
Nathan smacked his fist on the desk slowly but angrily. He was tired of the secretary’s insolence. He’d been waiting for minutes yet she wasn’t responding as expected. He wanted taking it the soft way, she was to rude for that. He fast losing his patience. Who is she anyway? The receptionist warmly directed him to the CEO’s office. Upon getting there, he wasn’t allowed to meet the CEO simply because he had no ‘appointment’
Nathan bit his lip angrily.
He was in glint glow central branch to figure things for himself. He knew Gabriel lied about being the owner of the company. He wondered why his brother did that. He was more disturbed that Gabriel stole Michael’s identity.
Maybe Michael actually owned the company before his death. Nathan thought silently.
“sir, its a strict order. I can’t let you in unless my boss know about your coming” the secretary said, prying into his thoughts.
“tell him he has a visitor and its urgent”
Nathan replied.
The secretary let out a short chuckle.
“my boss is a she!. Mister its obvious you don’t know her…”
the intercom rang. She answered instantly.
“yes ma…okay ma” she said and dropped the telephone.
“you can go in” the secretary said reluctantly.
Nathan envisaged the Gabriel to be the CEO the secretary proved him wrong. He contemplated going in. An idea struck him, he smiled, he pushed the door and stepped in.
A fair skinned lady, plausibly an american welcomed him with a smile. She motioned him to sit.
Nathan sat gently, the CEO looked younger than what he pictured.
“good day ma’am” he greeted.
“how may i help you, young man” ciara replied.
“i would love to meet your president. I’ve got a business proposal” he lied.
“he is out of town. So, what are you into?” she asked.
“its kinda confidential. Why don’t you give me his contact so we’d communicate?”
“its also confidential” ciara replied.
Nathan heaved a sigh. This wouldn’t work. He thought. He rose from the swivel chair.
“in that case. I’ll wait for his return. When would he be back?” he starred right into her eyes, he slipped a paper from her desk. Knowing ger attention was diverted.
He smiled. He inserted the paper in his jean trouser.
“where did you get that?” she pointed to the ring on the hand he used in ‘stealing’ the paper
“huh? What are you talking about?” Nathan asked
What next?


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