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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Episode 21 | All For You (Season 2)

The story titled "All For You"story was written for your great pleasures by our guest writer 'INVINCIBLE'.No

part of it should be reproduced
in any form or copied to other sites without the approval of the writer.For more info contact Aynaijablog CEO.
“It so beautiful. Can i have it?” ciara asked pointing to the ring.
She took few steps towards him.
“i’m afraid not ma’am. I gotta go now” he answered with a fake smile.
He walked a few paces towards the exit door. He stretched his hand he placed fingers on the door knob.
Soft taps came on his shoulder when he was about opening the door. He abrubtly. The lady CEO stood a foot away from him. He was surprised. He hadn’t heard as much as her footsteps. The smile on her face wasn’t there anymore, she didn’t look menancing but her expression sparked horrendously.
“what do you want?” he asked.
She spared him no reply. She grabbed his free hand she twisted it hard.
He winced painfully. He angrily detached his other hand from the knob. He threw her a punch she caught his hand mid-air.
She knew twisting his hand would push him into defending with the ringed hand. Exactly her purpose!
She pulled both hands backwards, nathan stooped his head to gain balance. He clenched his fingers, making it hard to romove the ring.
“i don’t wanna hurt you. Let go of the ring”
nathan scoffed.
” you don’t wanna hurt me? What are you doing?”
“let it go!” she barked angrily.
Nathan wasn’t willing, his fingers remained clenched.
she twerked an artery on his wrist. She was gentle not to cause permanent damage but fierce enough to inflict pain.
Nathan groaned loudly he hadn’t felt such magnitude of pain before. His muscles spasmed, he unclenched his fist. His body suddenly became weak and heavy.
Ciara removed the ring she let him down slowly.
She studied the ring intently. It had the star craft trademark. She smiled happily.
Nathan crouched to a mini flower vase. He picked it aimed perfectly and threw it on her.
The vase struck her hand and broke into tiny pieces. Some fragments of it splattered on her face. The ring tripped. Nathan swiftly picked it, he ran out while Ciara was wiping her eyes with a pink handkerchief.
She rubbed her eyes gently removing tiny fragments from it.
Nathan was out of sight! She strode out of her office. She stood akimbo thinking what next to do. Glint glow had multiple exits stakes are high she wouldn’t get him before he leaves the building.
“the intercome”
she said to her secratary.
The secretary handed her a wireless intercom as instructed.
She placed the intercom on her palm and inputed some digits on its keypad.
“its me. A white american dude in red polo shirt and black jean trouser would be at the gate soon. Don’t let him go.”
she said into the telephone.
“dark curly hair, fairly built and average height?” a male voice asked from the other end.
“exactly. Have you spot him?” she replied.
“yes ma’am. But he left moments ago ” the security chief answered.
“how mobile is he?”
“a minute please…okay..there we go! He is on a motor bike” the voice replied.
Ciara ended the call. She gave her secretary the intercom.
“i’m going out. I may not return today”
she informed and left the wing. She sent Sean a text message as she walked into the elevator.
Abu held a white nylon as he walked into shoprite’s car lot. He ‘wandered’ in circles checking mirror and reflective surfaces of cars.
He did this for two minutes. When he confirmed no one was on his trail, he clicked a button on a small remote control his car beeped twice, each beep was accompanied by red brake lights.
He opened the door and flunged the nylon on the passenger seat while he sat in the driver’s position.
His phone rang, he quickly answered.
“the ring’s tracker remaind active for over five minttes. Its still active”
“reroute the transmission to my phone” he replied then started his ignition.
He was out of the car lot when his phone vibrated.
He clicked the GPS sent to him, the page was refreshed. A map pop-up displayed on the screen with a red indication blinking on it.
The ring was 8minutes ahead. He drove speedily towards the ring location.
Nathan removed his helmet, he secured it on the bike and jumped down.
“pawn shop” he soliloquized a red inscription on the huge building. He smiled happily as he walked into the entrance.
He planned selling the ring today but decided to visit Gabriel first, with the hope of getting some cash. His plans were crashed! He didn’t see Gabriel, worst he almost lost the ring. He wouldn’t take a two-nil-defeat. The ring had threatened to slip countless times. The ring was precious, he craved to keep it as souvenir but the ring seemed to be a hot cake. He was scared he would wake someday and realise its gone.
The best alternative was to pawn and get it back later.
“you’re welcome to our store sir”
a pawnbroker greeted.
“how is the business?” Nathan asked.
“thank God sir. How may we help you?”
the lady broker asked.
Nathan caughed.
“i wanna pawn this”
he unbuttoned his b----t pocket and brought out the ring.

“how much is it worth?” Nathan asked impatiently.
What next?


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